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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, guys! Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!


How was your weekend? Or perhaps you’re enjoying a long weekend today? My weekend was nice and included some relaxation, CrossFit, friends, and good food”¦ all the makings of a wonderful weekend.

Friday night, I made some spicy green juice for Mal and me, which we drank during Happy Hour while catching up with our DVR.

IMG_0610 (900x900)

Confession: I miss drinking. There’s just something about enjoying a glass of wine or cocktail and relaxing on the couch on a Friday night. Drinking a spicy green juice was a fun way to mix it up, but not the same. And, of course, all I could think about was how delicious it would taste with tequila! Ha! I am such a boozebag.

On Saturday morning, I did “Jerry” at CrossFit with 29 other people (big class), but, truthfully, I wasn’t really feeling it. It was freezing outside (well, ok, it was in the 40s) and pouring rain, so I considered staying inside and just rowing for the entire workout. But once I saw everyone braving the weather, I bucked up and just did it, slow and steady. I was the very last person to finish (the final heat, Rx workout), and I came in at 27:00.

IMG_0614 (640x640)

On Saturday night, Mal and I went out to dinner with Elizabeth and Nick at Abby Park. Mal and I used to frequent Abby Park all the time when we lived closer, but we hadn’t been back in years, so I was especially looking forward to dining there. They have such good food!

To start, we shared some appetizers: crab dip with cheesy pita bread and the mezza platter, which came with chickpea hummus, edamame hummus, olive tapenade, sundried tomato tapenade, and grilled pita bread. Both were fabulous.

IMG_0633 (900x675)

For my entrée, I ordered the Grilled Asparagus Salad with a side of roasted Brussels sprouts. Also excellent.

IMG_0635 (900x675)

On the way home from Abby Park, Mal and I took a little detour to get froyo for dessert. SO GOOD!

IMG_0644 (900x900)

On Sunday morning, I met Kerrie at Open Gym to do “Numero Uno,” a CrossFit 781 benchmark workout that our box did earlier in the week. It was a good one, and we both wanted to see how’d we do on it.

Kerrie flew through the workout and finished in just over 16:00. Trying to keep up with her really pushed me, so I finished in 19:47. (I love that I’ll see this workout again, probably after Baby Haupert arrives, so I’ll be able to compare my times and hopefully improve!)


On Sunday afternoon, Mal, Murphy, and I headed to Kerrie’s house to watch the Patriots game with some friends.

IMG_0669 (900x675)

It was a dog party. These three are total clowns together.

IMG_0679 (900x900)

Sadly, the Pats lost, but Denver played a really great game. Now, we’re routing for the Seahawks!

Questions of the Day

How was your weekend? What’s the best thing you ate?

Running in the rain? Love it? Hate it?

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  1. Hmm. Best thing I ate this weekend? Probably my Cold Stone Creamery Sundae from Saturday night. Or wait, maybe the guacamole I made. Ok the ice cream wins…I don’t mind running in a bit of rain unless there is wind involved. I cannot handle wind. I hate it more than any other weather condition. It just makes everything that much worse.

  2. Looks like you had a fun weekend full of some delicious eats.
    I had a great weekend with my 14 month daughter. The weather in South Florida is just perfection so it was nice to spend as much time outdoors as possible. The best thing I ate were kabobs yesterday at my uncles house. They were grilled outside and just perfection!

    Running in the rain. Hate it. I live in South Florida so it rains all the time and the showers can last minutes to hours. I don’t enjoy being soaked especially for longer runs 🙂

  3. I was actually in Boston all weekend so eating a Mikes Pastry Canolli was probably the best thing I ate! I also got chicken saltimbucca with Gnocci at Beneventes in the North End.. yum!! Have you been to the Isabella Gardner Museum?

      1. @Tina: @Tina: @Tina: Oh man, I was recomended to it as well and it was seriously amazing!! I would definitely recomend it for you and your hubs. Its not like any old museum either- very unique and gorgeous! It costs $15 per ticket but that includes any type of of tour etc.

  4. I like running in a warm weather rain–especially after a hard run–it makes for a wonderful cool down. And the best thing I ate this weekend was a piece of chocolate roulade topped with berries from Whole Foods–holy moly it was delicious!

  5. Mmm…that hummus sounds great! I also ordered a side of brussels sprouts this weekend with my dinner and they were delicious! Bacon + cheese + brussels sprouts = amazing side dish.

  6. Those dog faces, to cute! The bad weather over the weekend made me feel like I was more than dragging in my workouts, missing the energizing sunshine! Yes go Seahawks!

  7. OH man, I’m 24 weeks pregnant and a few days ago I had about an ounce and a half of wine. ohmygosh, I think it may have been the single greatest tasting bit of wine I’ve ever had, holy cow. I totally get missing drinking – mocktails just aren’t the same!

      1. @Tina: Ditto on the wine…21 weeks here…I’ve been enjoying a very small glass of wine once or twice a week lately and just a few sips makes me feel like I’m not missing out. Even if I just pour a glass and have only a sip or two, it makes me feel a little more festive just knowing it’s there. Everyone feels differently about alcohol and pregnancy, of course, but I figure a little wine here and there is much better than eating processed junk food, tons of sugar, etc.

  8. Oh man, Numero Uno looks like no joke! And I totally admire you for pushing through Jerry even if you weren’t feeling it and it was raining. High fives for that!
    Best thing I ate this weekend: a delicious bowl of Greek yogurt, sliced banana, strawberry banana muffin, chia and hemp seeds, and sunflower seed butter!

      1. @Tina: That sounds delicious! I’ve been looking for a new juice combo 😀 Do you add an entire jalapeno for two servings of juice?

  9. I’m from Boston, but have lived in Seattle for 17 months. They are crazy here for the Seahawks. They have no basketball or hockey. If will be an exciting game.

    Best thing I ate this weekend was pizza at Serious Pie.

  10. Best thing I ate this weekend was my husband’s homemade (turkey) meatballs and sauce. So lucky to be married to a great cook!

    I am NOT a fan of running in the rain, but my husband loves it. Probably because I wear glasses, so I quickly can’t see where I’m going!

  11. Best thing I ate this weekend was Thai chicken noodle soup and summer rolls! One time I got stuck out in the rain when I was walking my dog and had to run home, does that count? Oh, and I definitely did NOT enjoy it!!

  12. Ditto on the missing wine…I actually don’t miss the taste, but the buzz…the nice, easy, slow feeling on a Friday of a glass of red while I watch Scandal on the DVR waiting for my husband to get home…sigh…

  13. I’m currently doing the 21 Day Sugar Detox which means no alcohol. It’s been hard and all I keep thinking is oh my gosh how will I ever do this for 9 months one day?! I miss my glass of red wine…especially after a long work week! Your mock tails are cute maybe I will try one!

  14. Is Mal not drinking while you are pregnant? Just curious as I think the last two times I read a certain post of yours, it seemed you were both drinking a healthy drink on a Friday night.

    I have 5 weeks to go and REALLY craving a large margarita on the rocks w/ salt! Ughhhh . I know it well be delicious and well deserved 🙂

      1. @Tina:
        I’m 18 weeks pregnant with number two and both times my husband just naturally cuts back on drinking since its less fun to drink alone. I don’t care if he does but it was something we enjoyed together. I miss it but to me its not worth the risk to have any. It can wait 9 months. I’m sure my liver won’t mind the break 🙂

  15. Seems like you had a great weekend! I loving trying new hummus, and yours sound really yummy!
    This weekend was spent working, long runs and food!
    I made some savory turkey burgers and they were amazing!
    I don’t mind running in the rain, but I don’t love it either 🙂

  16. haha that pic of the dogs is great.
    i don’t like running at all soooo running in the rain sounds like torture, haha. Glad you had a great weekend!

  17. I’m a Colorado native who lived on the East Coast for about 5 years (the Celtics are my team–that’s what happens when you date a Bostonian!) so I was really conflicted about the Pats vs Broncos since I now live back in Colorado. I would’ve been happy with either team winning but at least now I can be less of a traitor 🙂

  18. Ugh, I hate running in the rain! Especially in winter”¦ It’s just not going to happen. Best food of the weekend”¦ hmm, probably an amazing green juice from this cute new shop that I found. Unfortunately that was after a night of FAR too many drinks and crap food on the way home. Sigh. It was seriously probably enough calories to cancel out all of the week’s gym workouts. Ah well, back to the gym tonight.

  19. I wish I could share the best thing I ate, but it will be on the blog tomorrow!!! so stay tuned (: I LOVE running in the rain, well that is if its not too cold. California rain is so fun to run in because once you get moving you warm up, not sure if I would test my luck now that I am in colorado though!

  20. Sparkling white grape juice plus oj in a champagne flute! I miss drinking but am loving not being tired after a night out. Considering staying sober after I give birth. Well see may totally change my mind when I need a mental break from parenting 😉

  21. I agree with you about cutting out alcohol. It’s so hard! I did it for a while and I was miserable (I guess that makes me a boozebag, too) but I realized that I wasn’t going to RUIN my results by enjoying a glass of wine or having a beer. I never have more than a few so I love that I don’t feel like crap the next day and can still function to workout. The dogs are so adorable!

  22. Umm, have you tried the Cauliflower mash at Fat Cat?! WHY have I not gotten this before? I could have cared less about my salad, I could not wait to face plant into the cauli mash. OH MY soooo good!

    All the pups are too cute together!

  23. Aw Tina, the Seahawks?? Lol needless to say I was sad my team lost. Now I’ll just be watching the Super Bowl for the commercials.

    Btw, I cracked up at the word boozebag lol!

    I’m pinning that Crossfit workout, can’t wait to try it.

  24. I loved reading all the comments about running in the rain. I’m healing from a stress fracture in my ankle, and my last run was a marathon in NOVEMBER! It’s been a long winter with no running, but everyone has me so excited about running in the spring rain. I’ll be easing back in to running by then! 🙂

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