Why don’t the calories and the macros in MyFitnessPal match?

Why don’t the calories and the macros in MyFitnessPal match?

Fun fact! Did you know that food manufacturers are allowed to round the calories on their labels? They can round these numbers down as much as 20-25%. That means, the 1 cup serving of salty chips that say 100 calories may ACTUALLY have closer to 120 calories based on the macros.⁠ The macros in MyFitnessPal, which are based on the actual accurate macros that food manufacturers are required to publish properly, will often reveal this discrepancy.⁠⠀

This is why it’s better to eat more foods WITHOUT packages. ⁠Like oats for example. 1 cup of oats will always be 1 cup of oats (use your food scale versus a measuring cup for better accuracy). The macros and calories don’t change.⁠⠀
I recommend my clients track macros and not just calories. The macros will always add up to calories and they, and you too if you do it this way, will have a more accurate view of the day’s total intake.⁠ This means better results in less time.⁠⠀
Alcohol is an exception but more on that another time.⁠
So, how do you make the most of your MFP entries? ⁠Look for verified green check entries and always double-check them!⁠ Because MFP is a user-generated platform, there’s room for human error. The entries with a green checked marked are the most accurate and certified by MyFitness Pal.
Bottom line: Track using macros and use green check entries to log your meals in MFP.⁠ Do both of these and you’ll be on track to success!

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