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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, guys!

I spent most of today work, work, working, so I figured I’d pop in for a quick post before I shut down my computer and made dinner.

So I don’t know about you, but I am totally obsessed with Instagram. Of course, I love posting photos, but I also love seeing other people’s pictures too, especially the pug ones. (I follow a ridiculous number of pug accounts. I know. I have issues. It’s cool.) Anyway, here’s a recap of my weekend according to Instagram!

Five Guys burger with all the fixings. Oh my goodness, this hamburger was so amazing. I’ve been craving red meat lately (chicken suddenly isn’t appetizing??), so this burger totally hit the spot. Five Guys definitely does something special with their burgers… and French fries. Helloooo!


So much green juice! I’ve been craving green juice like crazy lately and making it just about every day. I made a pear-apple-cucumber-spinach mix this morning, which was incredible and, according to Mal, “pear-y refreshing.” He is so witty.


Oh, how I love Curtis Ps. Curtis Ps are 1 power clean + 1 front lunge on the right leg + 1 front lunge on the left leg + 1 push press at the end. Those four movements together count as one Curtis P, and I love how challenging they are.

At Open Gym this morning, Mal and I did a variation of a WOD with Curtis Ps that our box did yesterday:

4 rounds for time with a partner:

40 calorie row (~600 meters)
20 Curtis Ps

Mal and I split the row (approximately 300 meters each) and then took turns doing the Curtis Ps (5 at a time) each round. I started with 75 pounds for the Curtis Ps, but I had serious Bambi legs and was wobbling all around, so I dropped down to 65 pounds, which was much more manageable. We finished the workout in 30 minutes, anddddd my legs are going to be sore tomorrow! Yowsahs.


My dog is super cute; my husband is super weird. I think this photo says it all. #photobomb


A healthy breakfast for the first day of the Get Healthy, Stay Healthy Challenge. I started my food journal this morning (on MyFitnessPal), which included a delicious egg, bacon, and cheese sandwich on an English muffin and a glass of freshly pressed green juice. Are you in for the challenge?!


I said goodbye to an old friend. I traded in my beloved Camry for a new car this weekend. It was bittersweet.

My Camry was my first big purchase of my adult life almost 10 years ago, and she’s been with me through so much: treks to Vermont to visit Mal when he was still in college, commuting from Littleton to Chestnut Hill (<— traffic nightmare), adventures in Southie, road trips all over the Northeast, and every else along the way. Man, I’m going to miss that little car, but it’s time for her to go. She recently needed a lot of repairs, and we need more space for Baby Haupert. So long, good friend. (Oh, of course, I am super excited about our new car. We pick it up on Thursday!!!)


Questions of the Day

In your opinion, who makes the best burger?

Did you start your food journal for the Get Healthy, Stay Healthy Challenge?

Have you ever been really attached to a car?

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  1. I’m 13W4D and chicken sounds HORRIBLE!! But red meat – watch out!!! I had steak on Thursday, hoping to satisfy the craving, but it only intensified it. So I’ve talked Hubby into going out for steak to celebrate NYE!

  2. Two months ago I sold my 14 yr old car that has been with me for 12 years and got a new one (well, a 4-yr-old new :-)) so I feel your pain. it was very hard to part with the old 🙁

  3. I love Five Guys burgers and I had the same issue when I was pregnant…chicken and turkey were so unappetizing, and I had a sudden need for red meat like every day which is weird because I was a vegetarian for years and never craved red meat. To this day, a year after being pregnant, I still can’t stomach ground turkey or chicken unless its hidden really well.

  4. Congrats on the new car! I bought a new car in August after having my Corolla for 10 years and was looking at either the Forester or a Toyota Rav4. My husband has an Impreza, so was pushing for the Forester, but I ended up going with the Rav4. And of course, the first thing people started saying, especially my in-laws, was “the new car would look really nice with a carseat in the back!” Ha!

  5. Congratulations on the new car! I bought a ’14 Forester in May and already have nearly 13k miles on it; I love it so much. =)

  6. I was definitely attached to my little Nissan Sentra! We brought my daughter home from the hospital in it. <3 Plus – It was the first time I owned a car that I DIDN'T have a car payment on it! lol

  7. Did you get a Subaru Forester!? My ’99 Toyota 4Runner is on its last leg (poor thing) and my husband and I have been on the fence about getting another, newer 4Runner or a Subaru Forester. My husband is very pro-Subaru, so I am thinking that’s what I will get sometime this year. Let me know how you like yours! 🙂

  8. My husband and I have his and her’s Subaru’s too! Mine’s an Impreza and his is an Outback. We love that we can go anywhere with them and the dogs fit great!

  9. I recently read on a juicing website (the Hungry for Change blog) that they recommend you not have juice with breakfast. Instead, they say to have it on an empty stomach and then wait at least 20 minutes for your body to really soak in all the nutrients. I think their logic is that you remove the fiber on purpose to help your body digest the juice nutrition better, so by eating breakfast with your juice, it’s somewhat negating that effect. Thoughts?

  10. I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds it hard to part with well-loved vehicles. Every time I’ve traded a car in (or donated it to charity, as I did with the last one), I’ve cried a little, thinking about all of the adventures we had together. Of course the brand new car that you drive off with helps that feeling pass pretty quickly! 🙂

  11. You will LOVE your forester. I got a 2014 a couple of months ago and love it… Super spacious and drives like a charm. Both my husband and i drive subarus and we love them!

  12. Even though my 1997 VW Jetta was rated as one of Consumer Reports worst cars to ever buy, I ignored and bought my little green Jetta from CarMax in 1999. It was my first major purchase and I loved zooming around in it. …And while it did give me lots of trouble, I was sad to say good-bye in 2010 when I purchased my much more reliable Hyundai Elantra. The Elantra is a pretty awesome car but I’ll always love my first. 😉 I’m jealous of your Forrester though…just don’t say anything to my Elantra about it!

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