My Morning Routine

Meghann’s post about her morning routine inspired me to write my own. I also get quite a few questions and comments about my morning schedule, which typically includes exercise, breakfast, and blogging. So, here’s how I pack it all in:

AM Workout at Healthworks

5:05 – Alarm goes off, get out of bed, check email, drink water (I’m always parched in the morning!)

5:10 – Get dressed, pack for gym, sometimes I will have a small snack if my stomach is grumbling

5:15 – Head out the door, walk to T station, wait for T

5:25 – Take T across the city to Healthworks

6:05 – Arrive at Healthworks

6:15 – Exercise

7:20 – Shower

7:25 – Towel off, get dressed

7:30 – Partially blow-dry hair, put on make-up and jewelry

7:40 – Take the T work

7:50 – Arrive at Starbucks, order coffee

7:55 – Eat breakfast, check email, blog

8:25 – Walk to work

8:30 – Start work day

My Bedtime

If you’re curious about what time I go to bed, I start “thinking” about bed around 8:30/9:00 PM. I’m almost always in bed by 9:30 and asleep by 10:00. If for some reason, I don’t get my act together by 10:00 (or I can’t fall asleep), I will skip my HW workout and exercise at home or in the evening. Exercising at home is fine and dandy, but I get a much better workout at Healthworks. 

My Tips for Getting Your Butt Outta Bed

Breakfast and Workout

I was up late last night booking plane tickets and blogging, so a super early morning workout at HW wasn’t happening. I did, however, managed to squeeze in 30 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of strength training at the gym in my apartment building. I find that if I don’t have a lot of time to exercise, I often end up pushing myself harder to squeeze more into the short workout. I also turn up the intensity, which usually results in a challenging and sweaty workout for me! 

Breakfast this morning was a bowl of oats with banana, wheat bran, ground flaxseed, and Barney Butter. The BB got all melty and delicious from the heat of the oats. Holy yum! 

With ice water and iced coffee to go… 

Question of the Day

Are you a morning person? What is your morning routine like?


  1. I am definitely a morning person – I love the clean slate feeling (AND breakfast is my favorite meal of the day!). I usually make sure that I get enough sleep and if I do, I like to either get up a bit early and do yoga or go for a run. Lately, I’ve been doing yoga and then saving my run for the afternoon when I find I have more energy. I love the feeling of getting yoga in before work and always have a “yoga glow” after. 🙂

  2. Thank you SO much for posting your routine! I hope others will start doing this and I can get some more inspiration, because I’m not a morning person at all and I wish I were. I’m lucky if I can get out of bed by 8 and to work by 9… but I’d love to start exercising in the morning.

  3. I feel like my morning person-ness comes and goes in waves. For a few weeks I’ll wake up before the alarm and then I won’t be able to drag myself up for a few days. It’s weird! I need to find a pattern!

  4. My morning routine does understand the time 5 am! It usually starts with my alarm going off at 6:30 or 6:45, and I promptly turn it off, and go back to sleep until anywhere between 7 and 7:30. Then I get up, shower, eat, maybe blog, make lunch, get dressed, and get into work any time between 8:30 and 9:00. I really don’t do mornings – evenings all the way!

  5. I’m a total morning person:
    4:30am — dh’s alarm goes off
    4:45am — walk dog 20 minutes (one mile)
    5:15am — eat breakfast
    5:45am — elliptical or stationary bike for 60 min
    7am — shower, dress, get daughters ready, pack car, etc
    8am — walk dog a second time (much shorter walk)
    8:15am — drop younger dd at school
    8:30am — start work

    I try to get to bed by 9pm, but usually can’t fall asleep until about 10 (talking with dh, etc)

  6. 5:30 alarm goes off
    5:45 jump out of bed and wolf down 1/2 a luna bar
    5:50 take puppy out quickly
    6:00 head to gym
    6:15 on machine
    7:15 in shower
    7:45 out the door to the subway with hair (ideally) straightened and clothes on

    I pack up all of my stuff the night before including laying out work out clothes. I have to shower and change at the gym otherwise if I came home the pupster wouldn’t want me to leave again, probably 🙂

    <3 your blog!

  7. Many mornings I get home from work at 8am and promptly pass out. Sometimes I manage to eat some cereal before that. My “morning” begins at about 3pm when I wake up eat some more cereal and then head out to work at 6, not bothering to work out because I’ll just be tired all night. I really wish I had a normal schedule.

  8. i’m a total morning person. my husband thinks im kinda crazy, but i love getting up early for a morning run/workout. perfect way to start the day!

  9. What I find amazing is that you don’t head for the coffee pot first thing!!!!! I am not a morning person. It takes me about an hour to feel ready to do anything productive.

  10. It was great to see what your morning routine looks like. I am in awe of all that you accomplish in such a short time. I am a total morning person as well. I like to be up by 6am: eat breakfast, exercise, shower, and then out the door. This usually takes me like 3 hours!

  11. Wow, thanks for sharing the routine! I really have a hard time getting up in the morning, and especially working out first thing. However, the thing I realize is that my decision on whether or not I’m going to get up at 5:30am really begins the night before when I decide what time to go to bed.

  12. I’m not a morning person but I’m beginning to believe I should be. I feel like my nights working are getting later and later and my mornings getting less bearable. Definitely want to grab the bull by the horns and make my health regimen work in the morning too so I have a reason to get up.

    Loving this blog so far. Great motivation and tips. Definitely saving this to my favorites.

  13. I wish I could get myself up for the gym in the morning! I definitely find myself making excuses to skip the gym usually around 3p during work… Thank you for all of your motivation, tips, and positivity!

  14. I love this!!! I used to not be a morning person AT ALL. But once I started drinking coffee and working out I find it easier to get up! I don’t work much at the moment so I dont get to the gym usually til noon…but once my summer schedule kicks in (aka work all the time!) gotta be there by 9:30..this will definately help! I know if I dont work out in the morning before work, I wont get it done..expecially since some work days will be 12 hr days! ( i work in 2 very busy clothing stores in a small resort town!)

    Thanks for posting this!!!

  15. I’m going to college in the fall and this post definitely speaks to me. I find that, even now, if I don’t get a workout in in the morning I’m never up to it later. (such a bugger!) But, I’ve gotten better at forcing myself out on the road for a run after dinner(probably not the best time, but at least I get something done, right?). Work also throws me for a loop. I generally at least do 50 minutes of yoga every morning; however, this routine is getting boring to me. I need a way to spice up my workout routine! Any help?

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