My Favorite Kind of Lunch

GREAT lunch today! :mrgreen: I love meals that have lots of variety to them– like big salads with all the fixings, followed by something sweet. That’s definitely my favorite kind of meal!

Today, I headed to Dudley House (in Harvard Yard) for lunch– and I went straight to their Extreme Salad Bar! The selection of salad toppings is pretty impressive!



  • Grilled salmon
  • Roasted cauliflower
  • Roasted beets!!!
  • Quinoa
  • Edamame



My stomach is so full of veggies now!


I finished-off lunch with a sugar cookie from the dining hall.


I also grabbed an apple for later, which I’ll probably pair with a soy milk latte from the Cafe Gato Rojo. I love the combo of latte + fresh fruit as a snack. Is that weird?



Foodbuzz Awards

I’m sure you guys have seen this all over the food blogs: Foodbuzz has announced its 1st-Annual Foodbuzz Blog Awards!

The categories:

  • Best Overall Blog
  • Best New Blog
  • Best Wine Blog
  • Best Cocktail/Spirits Blog
  • Best Baking Blog
  • Best Food Photography Blog
  • Best Visual Blog (graphic design)
  • Best Writing Voice
  • Best Healthy Living Blog
  • Best Green/Sustainable blog
  • Best Family Blog
  • Best Recipe Blog
  • Best Blogger Humanitarian Effort
  • Best Community Blog Effort
  • Most Humorous Food Blog


Blogger you’d most want to:

  • Take to dinner
  • Cook a meal for you
  • Be your personal Sommelier
  • Create you a cocktail
  • Watch on Food Network
  • Watch on Iron Chef
  • See open up their own restaurant
  • See their blog made into a movie

Check it out and vote for your favorites! 😀

Fall Giveaway

Check out Megan’s Sweet Potato Scone Giveaway! Mmmm!

Weigh In

A reader recently asked me what I thought about the photographs of Lizzie Miller in Glamour magazine (September 2009). Instead of responding directly to her with my opinion, I thought I would open up the topic for discussion on my blog.


Some people have viewed Lizzie as a beautiful woman, comfortable in her own, but others have called her photos “shocking!”

What do you think about Lizzie’s photos in Glamour?


  1. I love salad bars with lots of veggies. My local WFs has an awesome selection so I enjoy going there and picking a bit of everything.

    I love that picture because it looks normal. The fact that she didn’t sit up to flatten her stomach is awesome.

  2. It seems as though the smaller the media gets – the bigger society gets. I applaud the photo for showing real life! Perhaps if we can show “real” in the media then the pursuit of health wouldn’t seem so impossible for the ever growing number of overweight people in America. I was honestly disturbed by The Biggest Loser show last night. I love the show and the lessons that it tries to teach… though still media with promotions and rating to consider etc… It was just one more “in your face” example of the crisis going on in our country. Anyone who cares to read a “healthy living blog” is more sensitive to stick thin pictures and therefore we applaud Lizzie’s efforts – I know I do! There needs to be a shift to REAL in all things – REAL as in NOT stick thin, but REAL as in health crisis – people dying – and health care costs soaring – which sooner rather than later we will all be paying for. But that is an entirely different discussion =)

  3. I LOVE roasted beets. And I think Lizzie Miller is gorgeous! She is glowing. No one is perfect, and I think the media puts this image in our heads of what perfect is. I’m glad she did this. It’s REAL!

  4. After losing 100lbs… my body looks just like Lizzie’s, so I was very happy to see a picture like this in a magazine.

    What really bothered me, was all the negative comments on the Glamour site by truly ignorant people.

    One of my ‘favorites’ was: “She needs to do sit ups”

  5. First, I love the combo of a Cafe au Lait and an apple. It’s the perfect snack combo in my opinion.

    Second, I think it goes without saying that Lizzie is absolutely gorgeous. The only thing “shocking” about her is her beauty. Of course, I agree with everyone that it is refreshing to see someone who is not stick-thin with the confidence to be photographed nude for a national magazine; I also want to point out, though, that while Lizzie’s body may be more like an “average” woman, her face is anything but! I also want to add that, while I completely understand what everyone is saying when they use the term “real woman,” (and couldn’t agree more that it’s important to acknowledge that most people are NOT model-skinny!), it’s important to remember that the stick-thin and morbidly obese are *also* real women, as well as everyone in between. I just don’t want us to get too caught up in this idea of what a “real” woman looks like or should look like, or the idea of what ANY body *should* look like. I hope that makes sense!

    And, finally, more power to any woman confident enough and comfortable enough in her own skin to be photographed for a national magazine, especially in the nude! I hope she knows she rocks!

  6. Mmm grilled beets? Sounds tasty!

    This is going to sound really cheesy, but I was reading this magazine while pumping it on a cardio machine and almost burst into tears. I was like FINALLY a happy, sexy, and healthy woman in a magazine who looks like me!

  7. Soy Latte’s + apples are my FAVORITE snack!!

    I think Lizzie Miller is gorgeous, and it’s so ironic that you posted this today because we just discussed this EXACT picture today in my Human Development class.

  8. I think it is inspiring when any woman, no matter what her body looks like, has the courage and confidence to pose nude in a photo that isn’t strictly intended to titillate men. This is a gorgeous photo, and no, I don’t consider it shocking at all. I agree with another poster who said that Glamour doesn’t deserve high fives all around for publishing the photo, though. As a magazine that caters to women, it *should* publish more photos of what the majority of women look like. Same goes for practically all women’s magazines– so few of them showcase photos that represent a range of body types, and when they do, they are often so self-congratulatory that they defeat the whole purpose of their ’empowering’ message.

    I wish there were more magazines (fitness ones definitely included!) that didn’t so often resort to ridiculous levels of airbrushing, and were more willing to use a wide variety of models, of all shapes and sizes, in their spreads. I firmly believe that the ‘average woman’ (the intended audience, right?) would respond very positively to this!

  9. I honestly loved the photo because no kidding that is exactly what I look like! I have this excess stomach skin that drives me nuts but to see someone sitting there with the exact same thing and a smile on their face? Amazing.

  10. i love the pic – but think its crazy that she’s “overweight” anyone who has ever had a kid will tell you that often you get that little pouch…i’m only 24, have one child & have that pouch…its a bummer but not the end of the world!

  11. I love that picture! I actually don’t like chubbier tummies, and I really really like that mine is flat, but I like how she looks. Happy, satisfied, good in her body. I admire her for that

  12. WHY is this shocking? I’m guessing 85% of anyone reading this blog would have a little “flap” hanging over when they sit like that. This is why I’ve mainly cancelled my subscriptions to most women’s magazines. I still get Oxygen because they portray women with muscles…not everyone finds it attractive but I do!
    Adventures in Tri-ing

  13. The part I always end up focusing on is her amazing smile. It radiates the exuberance of laughter. I had to look twice to see what the big deal was the first time someone posted it.

  14. Tina, what do you think of Lizzie? You didn’t say. 🙂 I think she’s beautiful but that we all still have a looooong way to go. I have to always remind myself to start with a little self-acceptance.

  15. I hope that came out right — I meant that the media, our perception of ourselves, etc., has to be a little more forgiving and accepting and that this photo is a good start — but that’s it — a start!

  16. I think Lizzie is absolutely gorgeous! Since I happen to have that very same little “pooch,” it makes her very relatable and she represents women like me who may not have the perfect flat tummy and perfect tight abs, but they’re still gorgeous in their own way!

  17. I think Lizzie is absolutely gorgeous!!!! Not every one is a size 0 with not fat and it’s great to see someone who loves thier body show it off! GO LIZZIE

  18. Props to Lizzie!!! We need to see more “real” women in magazines. I have a two year old little girl and I don’t want her growning up with unreasonable expectations. I want her to be healthy and happy.
    Your salad looks so good! I love a salad bar that thinks outside the box. 🙂

  19. Your new apartment is gorgeous! Best of luck in your new home.
    I think those Glamour photos are beautiful. I can’t really imagine what is shocking about them!

  20. You lunch looks amazing! YUM!!

    Kudos to Lizzie for posing!! She looks amazing & there is no need for the crazy retouching that goes on with most photo shoots. Good for her!! She is setting a great example for the young girls/women out there today striving to be “thin”.

  21. I was reading this blog when my boyfriend sat next to me and first said, “why are you looking at this naked girl” I then read him the blog and then we went to the link reading that article also. I think it is sooo impowering when woman do these kind of things. None of us are perfect. And it is great to have those fit celebrity role models but it is also great to accept ourselves for how we are! I have been working this whole year on building more confidence in myself and this is my biggest issue. And women like Lizzie always help me remember that even though my stomach isn’t as flat as it could be I am trying and to be thankful for how healthy that I am!

  22. Miller is beautiful, but in a way that’s exactly the point: A picture of a professional model (which she is) looking beautiful should never be a surprise. People talk about how “real” she is–and yeah, she has a pooch–but she’s still being paid to look gorgeous, you know? It was hardly a revolution on Glamour’s part. (I wrote more at length about this on my blog here:

  23. Although I agreed with most of what the article had to say, I don’t agree that being a size 2 or having a modelesque body makes you like a boy. I am a size 2. I look girly and I feel girly.
    Some of the commenters in the article mentioned how they were happy to see a HEALTHY woman…..just because a person is size 2 does not make them unhealthy and vice versa. I am in the best health of my life and I’m petite.

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