Mal’s First Experience with Stitch Fix Men

This post is sponsored by Stitch Fix, but all opinions are my own.

If you haven’t heard already, Stitch Fix now offers styling services for guys!! Obviously, my husband was pumped to learn this fun fact because he actually has a sense of style! Ha! But, really, Stitch Fix is for those of us who have zero sense of fashion as well as those who have it!


Stitch Fix Men just launched earlier this month, so, to celebrate, they contacted me to see if the special guy in my life would want to test it out. Mal loves fashion and actually pays attention to it (I mean, he looks at the J.Crew catalogs that come to our house instead of just throwing them out like I do), so I knew he’d be alllllll about Stitch Fix MenStitch Fix also offered to waive Mal’s styling fee, so he really had nothing to lose. Plus, Mal is already a fan of these box-type clothing subscriptions because he likes owning the newest, most in-style pieces, so he was totally game!

SAM_1870 (1280x853)

Like Stitch Fix’s women’s clothing, all fixes are tailored to your guy’s budget and style. Stitch Fix Men offers the exact same personal styling service that we Stich Fix fans already know and love. Now, our boyfriends, husbands, brothers, fathers, coworkers, and more can enjoy everything we adore about Stitch Fix—tailored to his taste, needs, and lifestyle.


Stitch Fix Men stocks a range of established and emerging brands, such as Ben Sherman, Marine Layer, AG Jeans, Original Penguin, and Woolrich. (A Henley from Grayers in Mal’s first fix immediately caught his attention!) They also debut exclusive brands, developed in-house, based on male clients’ feedback.


Ok, are ready to see what was inside Mal’s first Stitch Fix Men fix? Oh, I bet you are! Top left to right (a la flat lay, of course):

  • Grayers Byron Double Cloth Henley
  • Hawker Rye Essential Wash Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Flag & Anthem Randolph Single Striped Tee
  • 7 Diamonds Journey Straight Fit Chino
  • Mavi Jake Slim Leg Jean


Mal was really excited about his first fix because, at first look, he loved everything– the quality, brands, colors—his stylist nailed his sense of style.

stitch fix men henley

The Grayers Byron Double Cloth Henley? It was a keeper for sure. (Mal actually smiled when he took it out of the box.) He loves a good Henley shirt and this one was top quality, soft, cozy, and perfect for his wardrobe. It was exactly his style. Keeper.

stitch fix men_henley shirt

Mal also liked the Flag & Anthem Randolph Single Striped Tee, which he said wasn’t something he’d normally pick out for himself, but he liked how it looked once he had it on. He liked that it was a little different from what he normally buys, so it was another keeper. Two for two!


Mal initially liked the Mavi Jake Slim Leg Jean, but he’s kind of particular about jeans. He prefers a more structured jean and these ones were a bit more relaxed once he put them on, so he ended up passing on them.


And, finally, the Hawker Rye Essential Wash Long Sleeve Shirt and 7 Diamonds Journey Straight Fit Chino were both pieces Mal really liked, but, unfortunately, both were a bit too big. Bummer. I liked them too!


Mal was also disappointed that neither item worked out. I told him to be sure to leave feedback about sizing, so his stylist can adjust for his next fix.


All in all, Mal had a great first experience with Stitch Fix Men. He kept 2 out of 5 items, and he already scheduled his next fix. He’s hooked!

Question of the Day

What guy in your life would enjoy/needs Stitch Fix Men?


  1. I’d love to get my husband to try it once. His birthday is actually tomorrow so maybe a delayed birthday gift?! (I have other gifts for him as well, haha). I did stitch fix quite a few times so he’s use to seeing the boxes arrive! And he’s got a pretty good sense of style so I’d be interested to see what they send him and what he thinks! Definitely liked the two shirts Mal kept, my husband also loves a good henley! And the Long sleeve shirt is something my husband would also like for work!

  2. My husband would definitely enjoy stitch fix! He really hates shopping and he could use some help with his style! 🙂

  3. My husband could definitely use it. He’s in the military, so it’s uniform most of the week, but on some occasions he has meetings where he can wear business casual. He looks great in a button up and slacks, but he could also use some help so he’s not just wearing CrossFit tees on the weekends!

  4. OMG I remember Mavi being popular and receiving my first pair as a bday present years ago!! Forgot they were even still around.

    I love a guy with a great sense of style and knows what he likes/doesn’t like!

    Looks like he did well! Still haven’t tried it yet.

  5. I haven’t heard of any of these brands, haha. I haven’t done Stitch Fix before because honestly I love shopping, but I’m curious – Could Mal have not exchanged those larger pieces for a smaller size? Or is it simply we’ll try harder next time?

  6. My husband got his first fix two days ago and LOVED it. Doubt I’ll ever get him to a mall again. He actually got that same checkered button down and henley!!!

  7. My husband just ordered his first fix. He can never figure out what to buy so when you said stitch fix was now styling men I thought it was a great opportunity. I’m excited to see what he gets. I’ve never done it myself but would love to. Someday!

    1. Definitely! The more info you provide to your stylist, the better (on each piece you receive… why you like/don’t like/sizing). If you’re on Pinterest, sharing your favorite boards/pins is helpful too.

  8. I’m not even going to tell my husband about this because he would like it too much and would buy everything haha. Maybe as a gift! I didn’t get StitchFix until I tried it and now I like it.

    1. That’s kind of like Mal. He does Truck Club and it costs a FORTUNE, so I’m hoping he starts to like StichFix since it’s more affordable! 🙂

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