Macro-Friendly Meal Prep Dinner Recipes

You guys know I’m all about easy, macro-friendly recipes, especially if I can prep them ahead of time. Sunday is typically my food prep day in the kitchen, so the more meal prep ideas I have, the better! I really love starting the week with some of my favorite recipes at least semi-prepped, so dinnertime doesn’t feel as daunting, especially mid-week when I’m just not in the mood to cook. I sometimes lose my cooking motivation, so give me all of the macro-friendly meal prep recipes! Plus, it feels like I sort of have my sh*t together! 😉

I also love meals with a short ingredient list because, hello, who has time to round-up all sorts of hard-to-find ingredients or shop at a zillion different stores. Not me! Keep it simple, baby! Healthy eating doesn’t need to be difficult, so, below, I’ve shared my favorite macronutrient diet recipes. These are tried-and-true recipes that we make again and again in our house. There’s even a macro-friendly pasta recipe! The best part about them though is that they can be prepped ahead, so you can just reheat and EAT during the busy work week!

4-Ingredient Crock-Pot Chicken Ole

High-Protein Italian Pasta Bake

Instant Pot Garlic Honey Chicken

Easy Pizza Cottage Pie

The Easiest Chicken Fajitas You’ll Ever Make

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