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Eating breakfast so late this morning totally messed up my lunch-making mojo. When I went to pack my lunch to take with me to NuVal, I wasn’t very hungry at all. Nothing seemed appetizing with a recently-filled belly. 😕 But, I knew that I would want something to eat while there, so I packed a light lunch. (Apparently, I already used this post title back in October 2008, which is why this one is called “Light Lunch 2.” I love reading old posts! 😉 )

To start, I loaded up on nutrients with carrots, celery, and red bell pepper crudites.


Then, I had a vanilla-flavored Siggi’s yogurt with Uncle Sam cereal mixed in.


And, finally, I threw in an orange and Vega bar.


Light, yet satisfying.


Marathon on My Mind

So, I’m debating running a marathon in the fall. After running a 1/2 marathon with bursitis last spring, I vowed never to run long distances again. But, now that my hip is better and my body is stronger, I’m considering crossing this life goal off of my list. Am I crazy? I sort of think I am, but this goal will always “haunt” me, ya know? At the same time, however, is it worth possibly injuring myself again? Has anyone overcome an injury to run a marathon? If you are a marathoner, do you think the time, training, and pain (???) is worth it?

P.S. See what I bought at the grocery store this week over on Trading Up Downtown!



  1. I have thought about running a 1/2 marathon in the near future but I’m just not sure running is for me. When I do go outside for runs just to get some exercise in it always ends up feeling a lot more like work than it does when I’m taking some kind of exercise class or something.

    The idea of a full marathon is soo daunting to me. I don’t know if I could do it!!

  2. I’m training for my 5th marathon (Boston!). Two of my four marathons were BQs. I’ve overcome Achilles tendonitis before my second marathon, ITBS before my third, a stress fracture (3 weeks before last year’s Boston…grrr), and most recently a slip-and-fall that resulted in a bruised tailbone and a bulging disc in my back. I’m still running and on track for Boston (fingers crossed!), so I’m living proof that you can overcome inury and run a marathon.

  3. i’m currently training for my first ( in may!) and mid way through developed runners knee. but now i still have a little pain, but i can’t wait to cross the finish line. I think if it is a life goal to go for it, so you don’t regret it!

  4. I’ve never run a marathon…currently training for my first 1/2 in May. I’m loving running and have had lots of serious talks with friends and family about running a full marathon in the fall. It is on my bucket list and I feel mentally ready right now, which is really important for such a huge undertaking. I loved reading all the comments from other runners because it gave me more to think about, too. If I register, I’ll be shipping up to Boston for some training runs with my cousin….feel free to join in!

  5. Tina it is great to see your interested in running a marathon.

    I completed my first marathon in January after running a half marathon in November and getting the running bug to attain higher goals.

    The training for a marathon is time consuming, tiring, and at some times tough but the sensation and personal experience you take away from the hard work, the days you have your long runs and the ultimate experience of the marathon will last forever.

    Marathon runners are crazy there is no doubt about it but I recommend going for the gold and doing it one time so you can cross it off your list because ultimately if you put your mind too it, train smart, and run it to finish you will walk away with a life changing experience.

  6. Hey Tina, Sounds likes you’ve kind of already made your decision regarding running a marathon this fall. But, still wanted to leave a comment because this is a subject I love to discuss. I have ran four marathons so far, including Boston and an ultra-31.02 miles. The first marathon I ran, I was very nervous and followed a strict plan. I loved everything about it. I met some great people during training and one ended up being a bridesmaid at my wedding. The marathon experience is one you cannot explain except that it is by far one of my greatest accomplishments and greatest highs of my life. While it sounds like you are planning on a half this year, I urge you to think about running a full in the future- you would do awesome!!

  7. I’m a marathoner and I love the distance. I think that you should talk with your doctor first. Training for a marathon takes a lot of time and I’ve learned a lot from the two that I have run. My first marathon I was very strict about my running and my second I over trained. I qualified for Boston and I’m going in April. Right now I’m running less and training smarter. I love this distance and it’s not for everyone and I don’t believe everyone should run it. My next goal is an ultra. I really think you should check with your doc before even thinking about it.

  8. I would be cautious. You have already done a half-marathon, which to me is just as worthy an accomplishment, but you did incur some injury in the process. Your idea of bumping up your mileage and seeing how you hold up is a good one. There is no need to have an all-or-nothing mentality. The most important thing is that you remain fit and healthy throughout your life. I did one triathlon a year and a half ago and while I thought I would go on and do more, I decided that pushing myself to the extreme was not for me. I enjoy the variety of workouts I do and that to me is more important than slogging through.

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