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Good morning!!

So, this week… slowest week ever?! Jeez Louise, it’s dragging, and I’ve been a day ahead all week long. Tuesday felt like Wednesday. Wednesday felt like Thursday. Meh. I hate when that happens. But, we’re getting close to the weekend, right? And, hey, Cinco de Mayo is tomorrow, so that’s something to look forward to. Well, just wanted to say ‘hello’ and share some adventures from our life lately.

Smiling pug face = the best <3

So, over the weekend, we discovered a new local restaurant with a great outdoor patio called Arrow in Pembroke. (A few people messaged me on Instagram for details, so I figured I’d share here for the local readers.) The food is just so-so (it’s your typical bar food), but the atmosphere is awesome. It’s a perfect spot for summer if you’re from the area!

A photo from Saturday night: Qman and his (girl)friend sitting on the coach, eating chips while watching Paw Patrol. Cutest thing ever!

I’m doing an elimination diet (LEAP) with Kelli, one of our DTFN coaches. (It’s a separate test through her business.) I’m working on a post about the first couple of weeks of the diet, so I’ll share details next week. Breakfast pictured below: Rice + peanut butter, ground chicken, and mango. Super random, but it worked! 🙂

Lately, I’m really trying to disconnect. After this winter’s sh*t show, I’m focusing more on my family, friends, and doing my best to not work at night and on the weekends. (I still work in the early morning a few days a week, but I actually kind of enjoy working at that hour.)

I’m sticking to a consistent workout routine. Finally! Squeezing in quickie workouts at Norwell Athletic Club a couple of times a week has been key. I’m in an our in 30-40 minutes! I’m also loving the 3:30 PM class at KFIT. I can pop in for a workout and then pick Quinn up on the way home. I’m still a member at CrossFit (timing/childcare/distance just doesn’t work right now), and we typically go as a family on Saturdays. The people there are just too great to stop going all together. We’d miss them so much!

Lately, we’re “fake sleeping” just about everywhere. I’m glad that the tradition lives on!

We’re also forgetting our manners at dinnertime. #puglife

Dave and Marie (!!) and their girls and puppies are coming to visit this weekend (can’t wait!), and I’m planning to make these wings again. They’re so friggin’ good, guys!!

I’ve also spent some time (finally) decorating our house. We moved in nearly two years ago, and I’m just getting around to doing it. I actually added another frame to the mantel, a photo of Quinn, to go with the one of Mal as a baby that was already there.

Above: French Cow art is from Crate & Barell// sideboard is from Wayfair (on sale for $799 right now!) // everything else is from Homegoods

Above: All Homegoods + wedding gifts

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend a blogger event at Lifetime Athletic in Westwood. Holy cow, it was epic. I’ve never been to a gym like this before. It was basically a resort/country club with every fitness class and activity you could ever ask for. It was also super kid-friendly with the most amazing childcare center (i.e. karate classes, tumbling room, the biggest climbing jungle gym ever), an indoor kids’ pool as well as an incredible outdoor pool with water slides and the whole shebang. It would be SUCH a fun place to hang out this summer!

And the FOOD from the LifeCafe. Holy hell. So many healthy options and truly something for everyone! I ordered the Chef Dodge Bowl with grilled salmon, artichoke, roasted yellow tomato, squash, zucchini, red & yellow peppers, red onion, broccoli & cauliflower rice with citrus-garlic aioli, and it was phenomenal. It was restaurant-quality and easily the best meal I’ve ever had at a fitness club! So impressed!

I also had the opportunity to take a 30-minute Barbell Strength class, which was awesome. It was basically Body Pump, minus biceps and abs, but with a lot more pep to it. The class actually had three instructors: one calling out cues and the other two checking for good form/assisting members– and all three of them were having such a good time! Their interaction and chemistry definitely made the class a lot of fun! Oh, and as I write this post, I am totally feeling muscles I haven’t felt in awhile. It’s crazy how much you can do in a short amount of time if you’re efficient with your workout!

And, finally, we got to take a LifePower Vinyasa class (with Kristen – noting her name because her music choices totally made the class), which was done in a semi-hot room. I loved the format of the class and LOVED the music. I feel like most yoga classes have that spa-like, hippy-dippy, nature sounds music, but the class we took had contemporary/modern/awesome music that made me want to STAY in class instead of wanting to leave after like 20 minutes because I am so bored. It was honestly my favorite yoga class to date, and I definitely want to take it again soon! (My gosh, my hips need it!) Speaking of which, Lifetime gave me a guest pass for the next two months, and I’m so excited to take Mal and Qman. I know they will love it too!

Question of the Day

Have you ever been to a Lifetime? 

What’s your favorite group exercise class? 

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