Lazy Sunday —> Project Sunday

I woke up yesterday morning with the plan of having a lazy Sunday. I ate Eggnog Pancakes in my PJs and then lingered around the house drinking Marylou’s Milky Way iced coffee. Eventually, Mal and I motivated ourselves to take Murphy to the dog park for a “nature walk.”



After the park, we came home and made lunch, which was toasted ham and cheese wraps.


And some holiday M&Ms. I ate the handful below X 527.


After lunch, Mal watched football and played video games while I wandered around the house aimlessly. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to spend my afternoon”¦ and then it came to me: paint the front door.


When I hung our Christmas wreath last week, I noticed how nasty our front door looked””all dinged up and dirty””so I asked Mal if I could paint it. He’s happy whenever I want to paint because he doesn’t have to do it, so he was on board.


And off to Lowe’s I went to buy paint and supplies!


When I returned home, Mal was taping off the windows of the door for me. What a nice guy.


Thanks, Mal!


Then, it was time to paint. I went with “Very Black” from Valspar, which actually has some blue undertones to it, so it’s not a “scary” black (as I described it to Mal) compared to the other shades of black I looked at.




After painting the first coat, I took a break to snack on some peanuts. Lately, Mal and I have been plowing through pistachios, which are pretty expensive, so I opted for a cheaper shelling nut this week. Maybe we’re weirdos, but we both enjoy the activity of shelling nuts before we eat them. Peanuts are fun to eat, but a lot messier than pistachios, so, thankfully, we had a pug to “clean up” after us.


I waited about an hour for the first coat to dry and then did the second coat. I still want to do some touch-ups today, so I’ll show ya the final product this afternoon.



Sweet Potato Skillet with ground beef, spinach, and mushrooms was on the menu last night, but Mal offered to make Shepherd’s Pie for dinner, so I took him up on his offer and then planted my butt on the couch. I love cooking, so I do the majority of it in our house, but it’s so nice when I don’t have to do anything and delicious food just appears in front of me.

Mal made cheesy Shepherd’s Pie with potatoes, ground beef, and peas””and it was awesome!


I ate four servings of it!


Question of the Day

How was your Sunday: lazy or productive?


  1. I literally spent about 6 hours in bed yesterday. I did a long run Saturday that *drained* me and needed to rest up. I think I may actually take today off as well which is the first time I’ve taken more than 1 rest day in 6 months!

  2. Love the new door color! And that shephard’s pie looks decadently delicious. Did that sit okay in your stomach though? (I have some IBS issues so I’m just curious)

    1. Yep, all of those foods were okay with my digestive system, but UC is an autoimmune disease (different than IBS), so it’s difficult to tell which foods upset my system and which don’t when I’m not having a flare/symptoms.

      1. yes, i know it is autoimmune, but generally they don’t recommend dairy-containing or fattier dishes for either UC or IBS. it’s very individual-dependent though.

        btw thanks for the awareness post, and i’m sorry you received any negative feedback. ignore the haters!

  3. I have a test this morning, so after brunch I had studying to do. You should try picking up walnuts or pecans in the shell. They are cheaper than pistachios, but better than peanuts. Plus, they take a minute to shell so you won’t plow through them so quickly. Just a thought….

  4. I ended up making your Feta and Broccoli Tortilla quiche yesterday! Both my husband I had it for breakfast today, it was delicious and easy!

    Love the black door! I painted our front door black a few months ago…

  5. My Sunday was a mix of lazy and productive as I made it to the gym after work but then spent the rest of the day watching Christmas movies and relaxing. Though I have to admit, I’m hoping for today to be rather productive.

    I enjoying shelling peanuts too. I think what makes it so fun is that it helps SLOW you down and keep you from over eating as you have the time to figure out if you’re still hungry / full.

  6. I’m jealous it’s warm enough for pretty hikes and leaving the front door open. We got 3 inches of snow last night. It’s definitely feeling like Christmas around here though.

    I was pretty productive. Got lots of laundry done, all of the bathrooms cleaned, and organized a bunch of stuff. Always feels good to get stuff done!

  7. You’re brave to paint the front door black! I would’ve never have thought to! Where did you get your inspiration?
    I would love to make shepherd’s pie for dinner one day but am always intimidated by the amount of work it takes. Does Mal have any secrets for making his Shepherd pie?

  8. I ran a few errands and then worked on my stats report for uni for the rest of the day/night. I was so engrossed I completely forgot about dinner!

    I think that is a great colour for the door! I can’t wait to see the finished product!

  9. I bring a bag of peanuts in the shell with me when we go camping. When I am sitting my the fire, with a beer in hand, I tend to get the munchies. And being outdoors, I dont worry about the mess and they take a bit longer to eat than other snacks!

  10. I love the new door, it’s crazy how a little paint can make such a change!

    My Sunday was a perfect mix of lazy and productive. My nephew and niece spent the night Sat so in the morning I made gluten-free pancakes for them and snuggled on the couch till they got picked up. Did some yoga and laundry and then went to my parents house to watch football and decorate the family tree.

    I LOVE waking up on Monday with a clean house and all clean clothes!

  11. Ours was a little of both…we went trail running for almost an hour and then hit the gym for lifting (me) and working (Jared). Then we did partner mobility together, came home, baked, and watched a movie on the couch.

  12. The Shepherds pie looks awesome. My Sunday was half and half. I got up and did grocery shopping and some Christmas shopping, then came home and went for a run. But the rest of the night all I did was sit on my couch and watch tv so it was pretty balanced. I like being productive on Sundays to set the tone for the week, but it’s also the best day to just relax and rest.

  13. oh my gosh, that cheesy shepards pie looks amazing! And I feel like I always eat way more christmas m&ms than any other kind. My Sunday was fun but then awful… I was in Charleston and I had to wake up super early after my friend’s wedding on an island to drive back into the city for church with my other friend and her family, then wedding dress shopping for her. All good, right? Well then I got to the airport for my flight, was waiting in line to board, and then they told us our plane would be delayed 6 hours due to mechanical issues. I got home at 1am… yay. haha

  14. For the first time in months, this Sunday was actually productive!! We bought our frist house so we started packing up our rental and moving stuff to the new place!

  15. I love the black door so far! White front doors are pretty unpractical in my opinion… They get dirty so quickly! Plus, a pop of some color is always nice. Our Sunday was quite lazy. After we got home from church, I did a little baking, blog work, and then plopped on the couch for the rest of the evening to watch at least a handful of Parenthood episodes on Netflix. Pretty unproductive, but I think it was needed!

  16. Chicago had a rainy Sunday and I ended up getting SO MUCH done around the house. I had a list and I kept chugging along and making progress.

    I keep meaning to make Shepard’s Pie. My husband is South African and calls it “Cottage Pie”, but I’m pretty sure it’s the same concept. I don’t like the one he grew up with, but I think I can adapt it (Sweet Potato!) and make a dish we would both enjoy.

    Painting is hard work…Bravo!

  17. It was a combination of lazy and productive. I took the dogs hiking and gathered greens to make our front door wreathe, went to the gym, grocery shopped, and worked on my knitting projects for Christmas.

  18. I had the most productive Sunday EVER which is why I am having a lazy Monday : ) I went to a hot yoga class and then my mom and I baked cookies ALL day. I didn’t sit down until like 7pm when I sunk into my couch to watch a movie. Needless to say I slept great last night. I have quite the list of home improvement projects and I am just waiting until winter break to get them done!

  19. Mine was far too productive. Yes, it is possible. I work two jobs and spent almost my entire weekend (Friday night, most of Saturday, and all Sunday afternoon) at Bath & Body Works. On Sunday, when I wasn’t at work, I was at church for morning service, and our annual Song & Story Christmas show. When can I recover from a busy weekend? LOL

  20. Looks like one heck of a Sunday…we went Xmas shopping and only ended up with one gift covered! Your fam seemed to really knock out the projects…

  21. very productive! My boy and I went and got a christmas tree, ran to his office so he could do some prep work before a job today, hit the hobby shop (he’s creating a model train set, this was our 2nd trip to the store within 48 hours), then came home and decorated the tree and put up lights. Then it was meal planning and off to the grocery store. It’s sad that my Monday is less hectic!

  22. Dont think of it was 4 servings…thinks of it as one normal sized portioned dinner! It can make other people think they’re disordered considering your portion size (just pointing that out)

    1. @Katerina: I know your intentions were good but this seems like a “Damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t” scenario. If she hadn’t put that she ate 4 times the amount pictured, people would have complained that her meal was skimpy and disordered. If she says she ate 4 times the amount pictured and uses the word “servings” to say it, she is being disordered. It’s time likes this when I am glad that I am a blog reader, instead of a blog writer, because we all too often expect perfection from the writers.

  23. It appears that you and Mal make such a fantastic team. It is really beautiful to see a married couple that are partners and helpers for one another. You seem to push gender roles out the door in favor of a more equal approach. I love it.

    1. @Peggi: It’s just mashed potatoes, peas, and ground beef (all cooked separately and then layered together) with shredded cheddar on top and then baked in the oven until melted and lightly browned.

  24. I painted our bathroom. Now I can’t wait to find the wall hanging and light fixture. Spent an hour at Ikea but was not inspired. I love home projects ! Can’t wait to see the final version.

  25. I really need to paint our front and back door. Our house is so….beige right now. It needs a pop of color. 🙂

    Love shepards pie! I’ve never made it myself so this gives me the inspiration.

  26. I’m going to be painting my front door too! Mine is white and gets so dirty. I actually had someone quote me $80 to paint it and I thought that was ridiculous so I’m going to do it myself. Yours looks great!

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