“Issues” In Our Marriage

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hello, hello!

I apologize for slacking on my weekly meal plans lately. It’s been so frickin’ hot on the South Shore lately, I haven’t done much cooking. We don’t have AC in our house (just the bedroom), so the thought of turning on the oven when it’s 90-something degrees outside is just not appealing at all, so I’ve been winging it with our meals lately. Basically, there hasn’t been a lot of meal planning going on.

We had a bunch of random food leftover from last week, and I didn’t want any of it to go to waste, so I incorporated a bunch of things into meals for this week. Here’s what’s on the agenda:

  • Sunday: Ground turkey with Brussels sprouts, peas, and avocado
  • Monday: Mixed green salads with grilled chicken and avocado
  • Tuesday: Sweet potato, chickpea, and bacon salad (recipe coming soon!)
  • Wednesday: Out to dinner
  • Thursday: Chicken Bacon Alfredo
  • Friday: Anniversary dinner
  • Saturday: Wing it

weekly grocery haul

Speaking of the weather being too hot to cook…

Health News & Views

Too hot to cook? I know the feeling. The Northeast has experienced some serious scorchers in recent weeks, so instead of cooking dinner and suffering in my steamy kitchen, I seek out no-cook meals that can be eaten in the heat and thrown together in just minutes.

Here’s one of my favorites that only calls for 5 main ingredients: artichoke hearts, chickpeas, grape tomatoes, capers, and fresh mixed greens- all of which are nutritious, flavorful, and satisfying. And the best part about this recipe is that it only requires one mixing bowl to prepare. No need to turn on the oven!

No-Cook, Eat-in-the-Heat Dinner Recipe

“Issues” In Our Marriage

So, when Mal and I were with his family at Finale the other night, he totally threw me under the bus with an “issue” in our marriage. We were all chatting about what to order from the dessert menu and then, almost out of the blue, Mal says to everyone:

“You know what Tina does that drives me nuts? She eats all the chunks out of the ice cream, so I’m left with the boring stuff.”

It’s true. Sometimes, I do that. But, Mal and I hardly ever have ice cream in the house, and when we do, Mal eats it all in one sitting, so I don’t get any anyway. Even still, my ice cream eating behavior was really bothering him.

ben and jerry's ice cream

Mal went on to say dramatic things like “my heart sinks when I open a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and realize the chunks are gone.” Ha! He even called me a “spoon bender” at one point because I go in with a spoon and dig around for the chunks. I mean, the chunks are the best part (chocolate chip cookie dough… hello!?), so I don’t bother with the boring ice cream. Same goes for cupcakes: I’d much rather eat the frosting top than the boring cake bottom.

IMG_2074 (600x450)

Mal had the whole family cracking up, so, of course, I didn’t mind him airing out our dirty laundry. Clearly, we have a lot of “issues” in our marriage. Haha!

Question of the Day

Do you have any of these kinds of “issues” in your relationship?

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  1. Our “issue” is that we’re both equally laid back. When we go out we just go back and forth with “what do you want to eat/do?” and “whatever you want”. It gets pretty annoying but it’s hard to say anything when I do the same!

    1. @Xai: This made me laugh because me and my husband are the same. We are also very laid back, so sometimes it does gets annoying to figure out what to do or where to eat.

  2. LOL – we have all kinds of those “issues”. My husband constantly leaves drawers/cabinets open which drives me insane. One morning about six months after we were married I walked into the kitchen and ALL of the drawers/cabinets were open – like Poltergeist. He did it before leaving for work to get a kick out of me. It was pretty funny. And I constantly have clothes on our dresser that need to be put away. He isn’t a fan of that. 😉 We all have our “things”!

  3. The chunks are clearly the best part. If I didn’t want the chunks I would buy vanilla. Hahaha! I especially like to dig out any kind of candy chunks. Mmmmmmmmm……

  4. Haha that is so funny!!!! Our issue is picking somewhere to eat–I seriously think we need to keep a dice or something in the house (and car) for meal ideas on it! lol!

  5. I’m not a huge ice cream person anymore but I used to be notorious for fishing out the chunks. I may or may not have transferred that bad habit to cupcakes too – ate two frosting-laden tops off of cupcakes this weekend, mmmm.

  6. Haha- we have the same situation in our apartment right now. No AC except for our bedroom so we can actually sleep comfortably at night. Cooking has been a bit challenging these days. We have to keep taking breaks to jump into “the cold room” and cool off for a bit when the ovens on lol. We’ve been grilling a lot too- so at least we can go outside and get some air

  7. I cannot stand to share a pint with my husband! I eat mine kind of shaving it off the top so it’s smooth and even. He digs a giant hole straight to the bottom.. drives me nuts!

  8. HAHAHA i do the SAME THING…dissect every chunk out of my pints too and usually end up tossing some the “boring” stuff….or adding my own chocolate chips or m&ms or broken up cookies! (maybe mal could do that?) just tryin to help out 😉

  9. Doesn’t everyone prefer the chunks in ice cream and the frosting on cupcakes?! I feel like there is a dessert store opportunity in that somewhere… “Just the Good Stuff,” selling ice cream that’s all chunks and cupcakes that are mostly just frosting!

  10. A huge “issue” I have with my husband is that he’ll claim he doesn’t want a treat from the store, then when I buy some chocolate or something for me, he eats most of it! I might start hiding things from him!

  11. When we have to grab fast food, he says that I always take the fry box with the most in it, leaving him with the smaller amount. 🙂 He loves to poke fun at me, pretending that he’s all upset. Haha!

  12. haha! those “issues” are so relatable!! I’m sure you realize how fortunate you are – and what a testament to your relationship it is – for ice cream eating habits to be one of your “issues”. I know I do!

  13. Hahaha, that is hilarious! I mean – who wouldn’t go for the cookie dough? Thanks for the hint, my boyfriend finishes a pint of Ben and Jerrys in a sitting and when I’d like to take a scoop or two it is already gone. Next time I am going to try the Tina tactic and just pick all of the chunks out first 🙂

  14. I’m not very good at putting caps back on things and it drives my fiancé nutty. One time I did not tightly put the cap back on the laundry detergent and it leaked all over the back seat of his car..eek! Needless to say, I do make a better effort to put caps on things, lol
    Food wise, he doesn’t really like leftovers and that drives me nutty! So I will eat the leftovers and he will get take out!

  15. Haha, nice. Fortunately we don’t have any ice cream “issues” since he’s the one who likes fruit in his ice cream (blech!!) and I just stick with brownies and cookie dough in mine. We do have problems when picking a place to eat… He’ll ask, “what do you want?” And I’ll say, “I don’t know.” And he’ll name off two restaurants to which I’ll say, “no.” And then he gets frustrated and says, “Well, I just named a bunch and you said no to all of them. So YOU just pick a place.” So dramatic…like he just named off 15 places or something… Haha!

  16. This is hard to talk about since I’m an emotional/binge eater…but oreo ice cream? It has HUGE oreo chunks (actual cookies in it).
    A 2 Litre tub.
    11 pm
    A lot o nights
    Eat all the cookie chunks first. Then proceed to the creamy vanilla ice cream to wash down the cookie chunks.
    Oh my god.
    oreo ice cream or Twix or Snickers ice cream…or cookie dough…etc…


  17. One of the big “issues” my husband and I have is that he finishes the ice cream before I get to it. I try to get really strange flavor combinations so it might deter him from eating it, but he still does. And he will never eat a salad or a vegetarian entree. ha ha! As a punishment I will never get his favorite ice cream flavors: Peanut butter and chocolate and mint chip!!!

  18. One of the “issues” we have is that he only needs a little bit of sweet and he likes to savor his desserts. So, when we go out for ice cream he’s happy with a teeny tiny small where I want the regular ole medium. If we have some dessert at home he takes an hour to eat it while mine is gone in 60 seconds 😉


  19. Hahaha I definitely used to do the same thing, get the chunks out and then i’d be done with that pint of ice cream!

    I hope to find a husband some day that I can have those types of “issues” with! Y’all are too cute!

  20. yes! my fiance always asks to have a “bite” of my food, but his “bite” is the biggest bite ever. he’ll “bite” my sandwich and inhale half of it in a single go. it’s insane! we always joke about it!

    1. @mary @ minutes per mile:

      This drives me crazy! If you want a bite, take a reasonable sized bite and don’t mess up my sandwich. My ex used to eat a bite, inhale half of it, and then basically let my sandwich fall apart! AGH!!

  21. haha this is similar to our ‘issue’: I always steal food off of my fiance’s plate. He gets soooo irritated. But he always eats the last cookie/piece of cake/scoop of ice cream/etc that I am saving so we are even in our annoyance 🙂

  22. When I was younger, I use to suck the ice cream off the cookie dough, put the cookie dough back into the bowl and wait until all the ice cream was gone until I ate it. Idk why my mom use to let me do that in public but it was delicious. Maybe he should get to the junks first 🙂

  23. We all have these issues I think! Our biggest one right now is that I’m gluten free and he’s not, but he still drinks all of my angry orchards..and insists that I still buy real beer! We don’t have an AC in the apartment either – no cook meals are a lifesaver!

  24. hahaha this is too funny! I do the same thing! But my boyfriend and I found a balance with Half Baked B&J ice cream, I dig for the brownie and he goes for the cookie dough! I’m totally a spoon bender too!

  25. I do the SAME thing with the ice cream….except for mint chocolate chip (my favorite) I eat as much ice cream as chocolate chips with that flavor! I’m not married but my boyfriend is more of a sherbet person. More ice cream for me!

  26. Yes yes yes! I knew there had to be someone else out there who would rather eat the frosting than the cupcake! I’d rather just have a spoonful of frosting and leave the cake to the birds.

    As for ice cream, that is my all-time favorite dessert. I don’t pick the chunks out, but when it comes to swirled caramel or marshmallow or chocolate, I have been known to scoop it out of the container so that I make sure to get the most of the swirls. Guilty.

  27. Have you tried putting the bottom half of the cupcake on top of the frosting? Then you have a cupcake “sandwich” with frosting in the middle!

  28. Oh my gosh that’s hilarious I do the EXACT same thing.

    I worked at a homemade ice cream store for 7 years which meant a lot of sampling of ice cream and I’d always keep my eye out for the chunks.

    Plain flavor with no bits, chips, swirls or chunks? Count me out. I like healthy cookie dough to cream ratio.


  29. I’ll take the ice cream over the chunks and the cake over the icing any day. Who am I kidding? I’ll probably hand you the whole cupcake!

  30. Every married couple have experienced these issues and if not they will eventually be faced with similar issues. This is something all marriages will encounter because you have two personalities that are clashing when neither wants to give in to the other. We eventually find middle ground and realize that we must do our individual part in order to reach a place of peace within the marriage. I have been married almost 24 years, and we are at a place in our marriage that is peaceful. We still have the minor issues, but at this point they don’t rub us the wrong way as they did in the past. I believe by the time you reach the 20th year issues of this type are overlooked more by both of you because it’s not as important as it appeared to be in the earlier years of the marriage. If you want to have a good marriage, you must be willing to put in the work. The work of a marriage is a full time job plus overtime, weekends, and holidays, and the pay sums up to be peace, fun, and a loving experience. The key to having all of this is to continue the work, so the bottom line of MARRIAGE is a never ending work in progress.

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