“Issues” In Our Marriage

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Hello, hello!

I apologize for slacking on my weekly meal plans lately. It’s been so frickin’ hot on the South Shore lately, I haven’t done much cooking. We don’t have AC in our house (just the bedroom), so the thought of turning on the oven when it’s 90-something degrees outside is just not appealing at all, so I’ve been winging it with our meals lately. Basically, there hasn’t been a lot of meal planning going on.

We had a bunch of random food leftover from last week, and I didn’t want any of it to go to waste, so I incorporated a bunch of things into meals for this week. Here’s what’s on the agenda:

  • Sunday: Ground turkey with Brussels sprouts, peas, and avocado
  • Monday: Mixed green salads with grilled chicken and avocado
  • Tuesday: Sweet potato, chickpea, and bacon salad (recipe coming soon!)
  • Wednesday: Out to dinner
  • Thursday: Chicken Bacon Alfredo
  • Friday: Anniversary dinner
  • Saturday: Wing it

weekly grocery haul

Speaking of the weather being too hot to cook…

Health News & Views

Too hot to cook? I know the feeling. The Northeast has experienced some serious scorchers in recent weeks, so instead of cooking dinner and suffering in my steamy kitchen, I seek out no-cook meals that can be eaten in the heat and thrown together in just minutes.

Here’s one of my favorites that only calls for 5 main ingredients: artichoke hearts, chickpeas, grape tomatoes, capers, and fresh mixed greens- all of which are nutritious, flavorful, and satisfying. And the best part about this recipe is that it only requires one mixing bowl to prepare. No need to turn on the oven!

No-Cook, Eat-in-the-Heat Dinner Recipe

“Issues” In Our Marriage

So, when Mal and I were with his family at Finale the other night, he totally threw me under the bus with an “issue” in our marriage. We were all chatting about what to order from the dessert menu and then, almost out of the blue, Mal says to everyone:

“You know what Tina does that drives me nuts? She eats all the chunks out of the ice cream, so I’m left with the boring stuff.”

It’s true. Sometimes, I do that. But, Mal and I hardly ever have ice cream in the house, and when we do, Mal eats it all in one sitting, so I don’t get any anyway. Even still, my ice cream eating behavior was really bothering him.

ben and jerry's ice cream

Mal went on to say dramatic things like “my heart sinks when I open a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and realize the chunks are gone.” Ha! He even called me a “spoon bender” at one point because I go in with a spoon and dig around for the chunks. I mean, the chunks are the best part (chocolate chip cookie dough… hello!?), so I don’t bother with the boring ice cream. Same goes for cupcakes: I’d much rather eat the frosting top than the boring cake bottom.

IMG_2074 (600x450)

Mal had the whole family cracking up, so, of course, I didn’t mind him airing out our dirty laundry. Clearly, we have a lot of “issues” in our marriage. Haha!

Question of the Day

Do you have any of these kinds of “issues” in your relationship?

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  1. This is hilarious! We have a similar ice cream problem…I really like ice cream and I have certain standards for how much to have in my bowl. My husband always wants to share mine instead of getting his own and I just can’t have it. Don’t mess with my ice cream!

  2. This is hilarious! I am SO that person that digs out the chunks! We don’t have ice cream in the house because neither of us can control ourselves around it, but when we get ice cream when we are out and abut, we usually have to each get our own, or we would run into the same problem as you and Mal. Cookie dough is my fav too!

  3. That is SO funny! When husband and I have ice cream, one person serves the ice cream and the other picks which bowl they want. That helps keep us pretty honest! 😉

  4. That is too funny! That would irk me too. That you got all the good parts first. I don’t have any issues as I’m not in a relationship. So I can eat all the ice cream goodies first without anyone complainin’. 😉

  5. hahaha I love this! Sounds like a serious issue 😉

    A huge issue in our relationship is that I never close anything. So, I’ll eat the BF’s snacks, leave them open, and then they go stale. Oops. Also, no matter what he eats, I need to eat off of his plate, and I always pick the best bite with all the good stuff. hehe.

  6. She who gets to the ice cream first can eat it however she wants – that’s the rule in my house! (and I chronically “pick” at ice cream).

  7. That is awesomely hilare!! Haha.

    We don’t have those issues w/ice cream b/c my husband hardly eats it….the one thing that is kinda funny is that my husband never finishes a bag/jar of something…he hates being the one to ‘finish’ it (b/c he doesn’t want me not to have it), so there are always slightly-almost empty bags, jars, etc around. It kinda drives me crazy, even though it’s really a sweet gesture. He didn’t even know he did it until I called him out on it. HAH!

  8. I love hearing about other people’s marriage “issues!” It’s fun to swap stories!

    We have a few good ones – like me picking out the M&Ms out of the trail mix bag, my husband eating dates (like all of them) straight out of the container before I get to do anything with them, etc.

  9. I always eat the best bites first and Ryan saves them for last, so when we share something like dessert, he gets all angry when all the good stuff is gone immediately (hello, whipped cream)! He calls me a “competitive eater” since I’m always out to get the best bites first! 😀 Hey, you snooze, you lose.

  10. The cinnamon graham cracker pieces in Bruster’s cheesecake icecream don’t exist to my husband. He’s never even tasted it because I refuse to share. He can have the cream. I want that crust. Oddly enough, I eat the middle of real cheesecake and only let him have the crust. I’m hard to live with.

  11. I always always always seek out the chunks of fun in the ice cream/yogurt containers….and cereal boxes. It was more fun to pick out the raisins from the raisin bran than just sit down with a box of raisins.

  12. That is hilarious! I only like the chunks too! I don’t eat ice cream all the often but when I do I search for the chunks. My hubby is a huge ice cream lover and also eats it all in one sitting. We just got some of the new Tillamook ice cream to sample and he’s been plowing through them before I can even taste it!

  13. I do the same thing–all of the good chunks are always consumed first–no saving the best for last around here! Although, since I am single, that just means that the next time I go in for ice cream, I’m left with all of the boring bits. :/

  14. Ha! That’s hilarious! The chunks are definitely the best part. You should either have extra at hand for topping or make your own ice cream with loads more so you both get plenty 🙂

  15. That’s funny, but that would drive me nuts, too!!!! I would suggest to Mal buying his own ice cream. Ben and Jerry’s is good, but they are lacking the chunks, so I’d go with a brand like Blue Bunny (do you have that on the east coast??). Peanut butter panic= AMAZING.

    I absolutely hate when there’s just a bunch of crumbs at the bottom of a bag of chips….but…at the same time I can get creative. I take the pretzel chips that are left at the bottom and mix them with melted peanut butter and chocolate chips. Ah-mazinnnnng!

  16. So funny! I’m totally with you on eating the chunks out of the ice cream! I mean…they’re by far the best part!

    Yup…my husband and I definitely have “issues” in our marriage. We both have these little non-nonsensical things that bother us about each other, but somehow we get by! 😉

  17. I’m sorry, I don’t think I read anything after “We don’t have A/C in our house” ……….. ????? woah

      1. @Tina: I may have to visit the Northeast soon and see what this is all about. Yall have had hotter temps than TN has in the past week… Also, someone informed me that my iced coffee addiction would be better suited for the North 😉

  18. Our “issues” in our long term love affair (9 years together, not married) is that I’ll buy ice cream for my man, and something different for me, then out of nowhere he’ll tell me he really likes the kind that I got for myself, and next thing I know it’s half gone already. He always wants what I get.

  19. I do that too… a lot! But as I live alone, it’s me who’s left with the boring icecream in the end so I have to eat it at some point lol!

  20. Ha, Ha! My b-f dips chips in the hummus and doesn’t scoop…more like he taps the chip in so there are all these weird lines in the hummus and he eats such salty chips that the salt sticks in the hummus. Minor in the grand scheme of things 🙂

  21. I’m on your side The chunks are the only reason I even buy the ice cream! My husband and I struggle with dessert in a different way: When we eat at a restaurant and share dessert, he eats ridiculously fast. I often have to ask him to slow down so I can be sure to get my half!

  22. I brought a spaghetti squash 2 weeks ago and I think mine will die because I rather die than have my own on as well.

    My biggest issue is that my SO eats all the ice cream in one sitting before I even get a spoon! And then doesn’t replace when he goes to the store. Good for my diet, bad for ice cream craving.

  23. I sneak food off my hubby’s plate when he isn’t looking or I will ask for “just one” m&m and eat all of his. Funny thing is I have been doing this for over 23 years and he is just now catching on. Guess my “food thief” skills are slipping.

  24. Haha, I do the same thing that bugs my husband. Except for me it’s the beef out of the beef stew and the pineapples out of the fruit salad. 🙂

  25. I’m sorry. I don’t get what the issue is. Doesn’t everyone do this?? I’ll never forget buying a half-gallon of cookie dough ice cream and digging through the ENTIRE thing to only find ONE chunk of cookie dough. I returned it. To me it’s abnormal to not dig for the yummy bits. And “spoon bender” is hilarious!

  26. Cute!
    Our ‘issue’ is that I will buy all the ice cream, chips, cookies, etc that my Husband likes/wants. Stock him up for the week.
    I then buy myself 1 bag of organic tortillas and its the first snack he digs into!
    Hey now!

  27. When my bf & I order pan crust pizza, I like the doughiest parts so I pick pieces out of the center! Its the best! I also tend to take a piece & just eat off the toppings/doughy layer of crust. For whatever reason there’s just too much bread for me…It drives him insane! 🙂 Now we have to order half & half so I dont disrupt his side of the pizza & I can do whatever I want to mine. That’s love!

    Also, whenever I can talk him into ordering a cookie/ice cream dessert at a restaraunt, he totally steals all the ice cream before the cookie is finished! I like to have a little bit of cookie & a little bit of ice cream in every bite whereas he will just go straight for the ice cream! Then – I dont have enough ice cream to finish up my cookie.

    Oh my! #firstworldproblems

  28. Haha this is hilarious.
    Our big ‘issue’ lately is that my husband (thinking he is being so thoughtful) wont ever finish anything in the fridge or freezer (ice cream, wine, milk etc) because he wants me to have some. Sound nice right?
    Well, this means that he will leave literally 1/8 tsp of something left in the bottle/carton etc. Drives me insane!

  29. I would kill you! The other day my sister bought a single piece of cake for three of u, (I mean, really?!) then she had the nerve to make her slice the entire top of the cake!! Meaning the whole frosting part was hers, then she cut the rest down the middle for me and our friend. Some balls on that one.

  30. Hahahah I do the same exact thing!!! I could careless about the ice cream, but I love the fixings in it. My husband started to choose ice creams that have small mix ins that I can’t dig out..like cookies and cream. I prefer the cookie dough..great chunks to get out! I’m happy to see that I’m not the only wife out there doing it:)

  31. Hahaha that’s so funny! I do the same thing. I pick out those Oreos from cookies ‘n cream and the cookie dough from cookie dough ice cream! When we go out for FroYo…just give me the toppings and I’m a happy camper.
    When is your anniversary? Matt and I will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary Saturday 🙂

  32. I do the same thing to the ice cream especially if my mom buys moose tracks which is my fave flavor. The chocolate fudge is the best part!:)

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