Interview with Christmas Abbott

Hi, guys! Happy Friday!

Remember when I met Christmas Abbott at the CrossFit Games back in July? Well, I had the opportunity to interview her via email last week. So cool! Christmas recently competed in the Spartan World Championships, so the nice folks from Spartan helped coordinate our interview.

Without further ado, here’s what Christmas had to say during our Q & A!

christmas abbott

I know you eat a clean, Zone-esque diet, but what’s your favorite, going all out cheat meal?

Cupcakes!!! Preferably filled with custard. YUM.

What did you eat for breakfast today?

Three eggs, 1 1/2 sliced apple. 3 Tablespoons of almond butter. Water.

When you’re training for a competition like the Spartan World Championship, how do you mentally and physically prepare yourself?

I incorporate more strenuous running into my workouts. I try to work out outside and embrace the elements more.

What’s your pre-competition routine consist of?

I CrossFit regularly, yoga and running.

If you’re willing to share, who is your tattoo artist?

I have a few!! It depends on where I travel to. I haven’t lived in the same place all my life so my tattoo artist has changed. However, I seek out the best in the city and will travel for ink!

Will you share a little about your time overseas in Iraq? What did you do there?

I started as a “Laundry Attendant” and worked my way into Regional Supervisor for the Laundry. Before I left I was Camp Operations Specialist where I coordinated logistics to help maintain the camps sustainability.

What’s your biggest CrossFit “goat?”

Rowing! I conquered thrusters…now I need to conquer and love rowing.

What’s the hardest CrossFit WOD you’ve ever done?

Kelly – 5RFT of: 30 Box Jumps, 30 Wall Balls. I was only about a year into CrossFit and just a little more out of smoking. It was the first time I ever did a 24″ box jump. The guys I work out with (this was in Iraq) always said if you can do it one time, you can do it as many as it demands. The workout took me over 45 minutes to complete. But I did all rounds, all wall ball shots with the 20 pound ball and the 24″ box. It was a mental breakthrough as well as a huge accomplishment.

What’s your best advice for someone just starting out with CrossFit?

Enjoy yourself and learn the proper technique! It’s the foundation of your success.

What’s something people would be surprised to hear about you?

I was a vegetarian for eight years. I started eating meat when I was twenty and haven’t looked back!

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  1. It was great reading some info on Christmas Abbott since I don’t know a whole lot about her. I was a vegetarian too for 10 years. It wasn’t until about 5 years ago that I started eating meat again; although, I don’t eat red meat at all.

  2. Awesome interview.
    Rowing is something I love to do since I used to be a rower in high school, I never understand how people don’t love that machine as much as I do;)

  3. Hi, I enjoyed the interview it was inspiring. I am an older cross fitter with no lil to no athletic background. I often mentally defeat myself saying what I can’t do.


  4. I have such a girl crush on her, she is beautiful and inspiring. Kelly is my least favorite workout too, we are doing it as our comparision paleo WOD and I almost decided to not go through with the paleo challenge because I couldn’t imagine doing that workout again next month.

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