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I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Hi, guys! Good morning! How are things?

I can’t believe it’s already Thursday – and, whoa, August 3rd! This summer is seriously flyyyyyying by! Earlier this week, we took a trip to Cape Cod. We spent a couple of nights at our friends’ house and had so much fun with them. Our boys are just over a year apart and get along really well, so it was nice/hilarious to see them play together. Plus, the adults have a lot in common and we all just had a blast together!

Since it’s just about Friday, it’s time for the next edition of What I’m Loving Lately where I share what I’m especially loving this week. I have quite the round-up with a few details about my next new endeavor, which is balancing my hormones. Oy. They’ve been messed up for such a long time. Read on for details + what I’m loving this week! 🙂

Train Like a Pro –  I was recently selected to compete in the Massage Envy “Train Like a Pro Challenge.” Over the next few weeks, I’ll be using their all new Total Body Stretch to increase my flexibility, mobility and performance, and, hopefully, keep my muscle imbalances in check. (I have scoliosis and related annoying injuries.) I want to train for a half marathon this fall, so my goal is to be able to run for 90 minutes without injury before I commit. Keep an eye out for more updates. In the meantime, please VOTE FOR ME over on the Train Like a Pro website. It only takes 2 seconds! TIA! 🙂

Ok, so that hormone stuff… my hormones have been messed up ever since Qman was born. I tried to let them do their thing and balance themselves – I even worked with an RD for awhile to try to fix them – but I eventually got so frustrated, I went back on the pill. Since the fall, I’ve tried 3 different pills, all with their own crazy side effects, and I’m finally over it.

Kelli is one of our Registered Dietitian coaches at Designed to Fit Nutrition and a number of her clients have had success with her seed cycling protocol and their hormones, so she’s working with me again to help balance mine. I’ve also been doing a lot of reading on hormones lately and highly recommend WomanCode and The Hormone Cure. Both books provide helpful diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations, which I’m taking into account along with Kelli’s suggestions. I’ll be sure to update you guys in a few weeks with how things are going.

woman code hormones

I’m Not Letting Ulcerative Colits Slow Me Down – I’m so honored to be featured on Everyday Health!

Reebok CrossFit Grace – I’m a die-hard Reebok lover, but I just could not get behind their Nano 7. They just weren’t fun to CrossFit in. I actually went back to wearing my Nano 6s for awhile, but then they started to fall apart, so it was time to try the Graces, and they’re awesome! They’re super comfy, supportive, but flexible, and FUN to CrossFit in! 🙂


The Silent Marriage Killer More Deadly Than Sex & Money – Loved this article. It has definitely made me think twice about my expectations, especially when Mal is annoying me for no real reason. Haha!

Tega Skyhook Magnetic Wooden Blocks – These blocks are SO COOL! Quinn plays with them all the time – we actually might buy him another set! And the proceeds go to a good cause!

Best “Shitty” Choice – This is a DTFN video series where we pick the best of the worst when dining/eating out. Linked to this post is our most recent video from Dairy Queen, but you can watch the rest of them on our Facebook page!

Banza Mac & Cheese – I know I already blogged about Banza, but we’re obsessed with it in our house. Qman likes it, and I’ll often add ground chicken or turkey along with some veggies to it for a meal that Mal will eat too. It’s basically the only time all three of us eat the same meal, so it’s a winner with the Hauperts!

banza mac & cheese

Cord organizer – Our “technology” drawer was getting out of control, so we bought this cord organizer to keep things nice and neat. It’s been awesome so far!

Question of the Day

Ever had to deal with wacky hormones? Any advice for me?

P.S. Last chance to enter my thredUP giveaway to win a $250 shopping spree. I’ll pick a winner on Monday morning!



  1. I have a box of Banza that I need to break in to! Thanks for the reminder there. Not sure which pasta flavor to go with though! I love those shoes! Who knew Reebok had running shoes?! I never look at theirs!

  2. What a ride you’ve been on with your hormones. I experienced some change after having my son and it was a challenge, but eventually returned to prepregnancy balance. I always appreciate your honesty and openness to sharing.

  3. So I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 28. I was 130 pounds at the time so I had “thin PCOS.” Basically I had more testosterone in my system than normal which made it almost impossible to get pregnant the first time. I went through fertility treatments successfully but the endocrinologist had me limit carbs and it REALLY helped. I try to follow a ketogenic diet now. Hormone issues suck. I’m on the pill to help regulate myself.

  4. Can you elaborate on what you mean when you say your hormones are out of whack? I also have PCOS and my symptoms aren’t as typical as others, so it was initially difficult for me to get answers. If you feel comfortable sharing your symptoms or levels that are off it may help readers.

  5. I’ve had elevated cortisol and been estrogen dominant for the past couple years — I finally balanced all of my hormones this past year by adding in prescription-strength bio-identical progesterone cream. Worked like a charm and I feel like myself again!

  6. I love those shoes 🙂 Would love to find a pair for myself! Also, need to get my hands on that Mac & Cheese! As for hormones, I use oils morning & night (ones that support in those areas)!

  7. I need to read that WomanCode book!! And that mac and cheese looks so yummy! Way better than my usual kraft mac and cheese.
    Have a great day!

  8. I dealt with hormone imbalances for over 3 years and I also looked into seed cycling. It was a long road and really, really tough realization but it came down to less strenuous exercise and eating more food (especially fat). I believe our Fitness obsessed society encourages women to undereat and overtrain, wreaking havoc on the body and suppressing the hormones we need. It was really helpful to meet with a reproductive endocrinologist (you don’t have to be trying to conceive to see one) and it was so so helpful. It might be worth looking into if you’ve been unsuccessful with other treatments. If you try the seed cycling, I’m curious to see if it works!

    1. I, too, have struggled with hormone issues for years. I ran in high school and college and occasionally if I got too thin I lost my cycle. I never had an eating disorder, but if my weight dropped too low or I was doing too many miles- period stopped. Terrible side effect so on all pills.

      At 19 I started leaking milk from my breasts and learned I had a small pituitary tumor. Wreaking havoc on hormones but not big enough to operate. Dealt with that for 5 years and then without other meds, but not a lot of exercise, conceived my daughter. We have 3 kids under 6 and I was on bedrest for 5 months with the last for a very bad placenta. I nursed all of them for about a year. The last year I have started doing tabata and running again and am pretty lean and strong…but I walk a fine line. In February I bled to 40 days because my estrogen was so low that my uterine lining was too thin and couldn’t stop my body from bleeding…which led to iron deficiency- and I am still having effects such as hair loss from that dip.

      Anyway- all this to say, I think keeping a good balance of exercise and decent weight is truly important for body balance…but I am still really struggling with hormones…hot flashes, canker sores in mouth at ovulation, getting a cold before almost every menstruation and feeling so run down- almost like my body tries so hard to produce a cycle my immune system plummets- and these have been lift long issues for me.

      Love to hear others ideas, suggester diets, books to read, etc. thanks for bringing up this important discussion.

      God bless.

  9. I have rheumatoid arthritis and I tried 3 pills, the patch, the ring, Implanon, and Mirena. They all made me crazy. Like, 9 months of straight period, raging mood swings, and fatigue so bad I thought I was getting another autoimmune disorder. Oh, and I still cramped with all of them! I ended up getting a bilateral tubal ligation in Nov 2016 after years of crying and confusion. It was my best decision. I have been able to balance back out and I know everyone in my life is happier for it. There’s no wrong answer, everyone is different. Good luck! 🙂 Oh, and I have followed the AIP to gluten free diet and most in between.

  10. woops it sent before i finished. meant to say impressed by how much you’ve been able to do fitness wise while figuring out the hormone stuff!

  11. Disclaimer – I am 25 and do not have children nor do I have plans for getting pregnant for 5-10 years. I was on a combination pill (estrogen/progesterone) for about 5 years until I started experiencing serious migraines with aura. My GYN immediately took me off that pill because apparently it isn’t safe (high blood pressure, risk of stroke, etc) to take a pill with estrogen if you have migraines that effect your vision. I had an IUD (specifically Skyla) put in and I’ll never look back, until I want to get pregnant of course! I realized on the pill with estrogen, I was in a mental fog and emotionally stale. I now feel so awake and aware and far less irritable. My blood pressure is down too which is great because I am predisposed to high BP. I have no clue as to the specifics of your hormone problems but I will sing the praises of IUDs for days! It really works for me.

    1. LOVE my IUD as well. While there are hormones in Skyla and other hormonal options, it is a much much smaller hormonal load than an oral pill which needs a bigger does because only a small amount of hormones make it to your uterus. The IUD can deliver a smaller targeted dose where it counts. I too feel a lot better without taking oral hormones and LOVE my hormonal IUD@Anna:

        1. The chance that their IUD was working and hadn’t gone past it’s expiration date and they actually became pregnant is very very low and in fact much lower than using the pill. If you’re nervous about accidentally becoming pregnant your chances are higher by taking oral medication. I would be very wary of taking personal accounts as evidence or motivation for your own behavior

  12. Hormones have become more and more of a hot topic, so I’m always interested to read different experiences/perspectives!

    I’ve experienced amenorrhea for almost 4 years now and I’ve spent a lot of time reading from naturopaths, RD’s, listening to podcasts, etc. but haven’t used one personally for nutrition counseling. Currently I’m waiting to get into a reproductive endocrinologist because my last two GYN and PCP have all refused to fully test my hormones (despite having been given a weak diagnosis of”atypical” PCOS a couple years ago). I don’t know how your doctor feels of course, but it seems that the answer from the medical side has continually been “take this birth control, when you’re ready for kids there are fertility meds” and from the more holistic side, “just stop exercising, get rid of stress, and eat a bunch more”. Feels like there has to be something in the middle- I’m sure plenty of women can “fix” their hormones with the help of fixing their diet, but the supplement game gets tricky (and expensive) Looking forward to reading more!

  13. I wish I had hormone advice for you but mine have been (and still are) wacky. I actually have a history of ovarian cysts and endometriosis and I’m on a 3 month cycle pill right now which took over a year for me to not spot or bleed through out the whole thing (TMI?…sorry). I can’t say I like the pill I’m on or being on BC in general because I do think it may lead to greater issues down the line, but it does seem to be keeping my periods from being so super painful and heavy so for now, I’m dealing with the other BC side effects.

  14. Good luck with the hormones. I know as a nurse those can affect your entire body in some major ways. I don’t have any advice except when you are ready for a dessert splurge try the new Celebration cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory. Its like cheesecake and funfetti cake made a fabulous baby together. Love!

  15. I recently went back on the pill for health related issues. I hate it. I have acne, spotting & have gained weight since starting it a few months ago. Please update us about your seed cycling!

  16. Yup, out of whack hormones here! So much related to the gut, pregnancies and the pill when it comes to Thyroid and hormone balance in general. I’m still researching myself, but have become more and more aware as I went through more pregnancies and one miscarriage and used to be on the Pill for a few years. Sadly, I think a large majority of women have out of whack hormones thanks to these factors and a lack of knowledge on the issue. Fortunately, I am seeing the issue of hormones and Thyroid growing in popularity, at least in the natural health world !I’m not sure what all you have looked into, as I have not read those books, but just in case, I would recommend checking out Dr. Jolene Brighten and The Organic Dietian. I love how they look for the “Root Cause” a big reason I lean towards naturopathic remedies/doctors over others. The Pill might regulate someones hormones, but does that mean its the answer? I personally don’t think so, especially when you consider all of its side effects. The answer should be related to what caused the hormones to be out of balance in the first place! Anyways, I thank you again for being open and sharing your journey as you go through all these things I know many of us are also going through! Can’t wait to learn more about your journey! 🙂
    https://drbrighten.com/the-pill-thyroid-connection/ (can also search for other “Pill” or “Thyriod” related articles, she has a few!

  17. I’ve read the Hormone Cure and have taken one of her webinars. Also have followed Alissa Vitti’s blog for a while. I feel like they were helpful, but I definitely haven’t maintained the recommendations. One thing I will add is that acupuncture may help as well. My acupuncturist specialized in fertility, reproductive health, pregnancy, and other hormone-related imbalances. Granted, I was doing many things at once, so it’s hard to say THIS is the thing that will help, but that hour of pure relaxation sure felt great 🙂

  18. Don’t even get me started on the pill. It massively screwed up my hormones. I ultimately found going off the pill and doing non-hormonal IUD worked best for me. Unfortunately, I had to remove it last year due to a polyp, and had to go back on the pill. Now I feel horrible again back on the pill.

    Kelli’s seed cycling protocol is actually from our naturopath who I referred her to. Kelli originally reached out to me after reading about the mess I was going through with my hormones on my blog and my struggle to get answers from doctors. I referred her to my ND who gave us that seed cycling protocol. I swear if I hadn’t found my ND, I would never have gotten things under control. She does consultations via the web in case you’re interested in meeting with her. I know how frustrating it is to not get answers.

  19. I absolutely haaaate the pill. I remember the very first time I took it, I was ill for hours and turned into an angry beast. It was wild. I haven’t been on BC since (this was in 2013), but I do have hormonal imbalances. I can often tell when I’m out of whack. I’ve been contemplating making an appointment to chat it out, but I know a doctor would only recommend the pill, which is an absolute no for me. I don’t even want to experiment and “find the one that works for me” at this point, you know? My family has a history of PCOS, though I don’t exhibit the typical symptoms. I think I’m too fearful to find out for sure!

  20. I’m so happy to see you posted about hormones! I swear I’ve had trouble since I stopped breastfeeding my oldest over 9 years ago. The pill has always been my doctors answer. But I’m done with it! It’s a relief to see so many others are feeling the same way. I’m reading the Womancode right now. I dabbled in a keto diet for a few weeks and felt great, but found it really hard to maintain. Thank you for sharing and can’t wait to hear how things go for you!

  21. Curious if you’ve experimented with Paleo or trying the AIP diet to help with hormonal balance? There are many claims that it can help especially if it’s a thyroid issue.

    1. I did the Paleo diet for years and strict AIP for 4 months for GI issues. I was on oral contraceptives then, so it’s hard to know for sure, but I definitely didn’t have all of these weird side effects back then!

  22. Sorry, one final comment! The day of your cycle (if somewhat regular) is crucial in interpreting hormone levels so make sure whatever doctor you see knows what of your cycle the labs were drawn on!

    In terms of birth control pills, if interested, adjusting the dose of the ethinyl estradiol usually helps with the breakthrough bleeding and changing the progestin often helps with the side effects. I personally take Yaz and love it! I also have acne and found it works pretty well. However, during residency, my acne went out of control so I also took Accutane (and that really cleared up my acne! A miracle drug).

    Best of luck to you!

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