1. So many people are going through big life changes right now! I just quit my job(s) in August for a new career path… best decision ever!

  2. can’t wait to hear sup!!
    ps…if anyone wants to check out my blog its absgirl.worldpress.com i just made it
    i’m a dietetic student hoping that i can attract some readers!

  3. Congrats! I’ve been wanting to resign from my job for at least the past 5+ years. I assume your resignation has something to do with the good news you’ve been dangling in front of us like a carrot …. hmmmm…. Can’t wait to hear all about the good news.

  4. Tina, we’ve been waiting all day! Give us the details! 🙂 also – i’m horribly jealous that you got to quit your job to presumably pursue blogging or something else fun as your full time job! lol

    maybe i should start a blog…. haha

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