Here’s What Happens When a Screw Gets Loose

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, friends! How’s your day going so far?

Murphy and I just got back from a lovely trip to the dog park. It was such a beautiful morning, I just had to take him. I knew he’d appreciate running around and stretching his little pug legs””and, of course, sniffing and peeing on all sorts of new things, so we went for a ride in the car to the park.

Bare Cove Park

flowers at bare cove park

Murphy and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves this morning. I listened to the most recent episode of the Balanced Bites podcast and strolled along while he ran around and did his pug mayor thing.

A kiss for Murphy

Eventually, Murphy took a short break from exploring to cool off his butt in the ocean. He just hates having a hot butt. #pugpriorities

Murphy cooling his butt off in the water.

Bare Cove Park 1

We walked along the main path of the park to the water, so we switched it up and took an “adventure walk” in the woods on the way back.

adventure walk

I guess the “adventure” part of the walk made Murphy really excited because he spazzed out in the middle of it and ran around like a freak””growling, barking, and elephant butt-ing, even UP a hill. Mal and I affectionately refer to this pug freak-out session as “screw loose,” as in a screw gets loose in Murphy’s brain and temporarily malfunctions. Murphy even gets these crazy, googly eyes when it happens. It’s ridiculous.

I hope this video makes you laugh! It will definitely show you how weird my dog is! Haha!

Health News & Views

Sure, it’s easy to buy a bag of pre-made trail mix at the grocery store, but it’s a whole lot more fun to make it yourself because you can select exactly what goes into it. This means there’s no need to eat around boring peanuts or those weird sesame sticks. You can enjoy all of your favorites in a customized trail mix!

Added bonus: You’ll always have a healthy snack on hand. Just be sure the majority of your ingredients aren’t loaded with sugar and covered in salt. Aim for a ratio in your trail mix that is three parts healthy ingredients to one part fun stuff.

How to Make Great Homemade Trail Mix

Questions of the Day

What’s your favorite trail mix combo?

How/why does your dog/cat act like a freak?

P.S. Check out my newest post on The Laughing Cow blog: Make Cheesy Snacks Sweeter This September!




  1. Hmmm … I actually like the sesame sticks. I bought two different trail mixes yesterday because I’m heading out of town tonight (plane snacks!). One was sesame sticks, almons, and craisins; the other was chocolate chips, almonds, peanuts, and dried raspberries. Sweet vs. savory …

  2. I’m so jealous of your dog walks with Murphy! My dog is a freak 24/7. He’s a weim and has more energy than a cracked out squirrel. Going on a walk with him is pure torture. {enter: road rash as he drags me down the pavement}

  3. My dog gets the “Crazy Bugs” and does laps around our back yard running as fast as he can! It cracks my 2 year old daughter up 🙂

  4. We have a pug too, we call it “the zoomies,” and I have heard the pug-spazzes referred to as “pugtona.” There are very few times that it happens and actually makes sense…

  5. OMG Murphy! I love it!

    One of our cats does that. She gets most excited first thing in the morning. We don’t let the two cats sleep with us because one of them wakes us up at like 3 am expecting breakfast and we have to get up so early (4:45) that we don’t like being woken up any sooner! As soon as we open up that bedroom door in the morning, she runs up and down the hall, in and out of rooms like a bat out of hell! I love crazy animals!

  6. My dogs does that!! It happens almost every night after dinner, after a walk, right before bed. She goes and gets a toy, I throw it for her a few times, and then it’s just like something switches in her brain and she’s OFF!! Running laps around the house as fast as she can, panting, crazy eyes, etc… I just moved into a new apartment on Tuesday and she did it last night. It was funny trying to watch her zoom (I love calling it the zoomies!!) around the new apt figuring out where she could run at 30mph!!

  7. I’m so glad my dog isn’t the only one that does this! She’s not a pug, but she’ll just randomly get crazy hyper and run around like a crazy dog haha

  8. We have an above ground pool in the back yard and our dog sometimes just starts doing crazy fast laps around the pool. He goes at it like a lunatic and my kids laugh so hard!

  9. random question. I love murphy pics and updates.
    How do pugs do in general with potty training?
    i use to have a yorkie poo and she was not that good on bladder control if you know what i mean 🙂
    are pugs easy to train to go outside?

    1. Murphy is really motivated by food so he was easy to potty train. Even as a little puppy, he maybe had a half dozen accidents in the house (and none since then), but, of course, it depends on the dog and its owners (and how diligent they are with potty training). Mal and I watched him like a hawk when we were potty training him!

  10. Haha loved the video! My pugs usually go crazy late at night and so I often call it the late night crazies (I’m really creative with naming things as you can tell). But I also call it the pugtonas, butt tuck run and zoomies based on what I’ve heard from other pug owners. I also sometimes call it the scuttle run because I swear there are times where my pugs run almost sideways like crabs!

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