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Start beta testing FREE workouts as part of Carrots ‘N’ Cake’s new muscle-building program, StrongMadeSimple 2.0 coming April 19th, 2020

You’ll get one new workout every Monday delivered directly to your inbox!



  • Starting on March 8th, I’ll email you a new beta workout to try. Each workout will take about 30-45 minutes and will require two sets of dumbbells. I recommend that one set be heavier (20-45 lbs.) and one set be lighter (8-15 lbs.). If you’re in the market for some dumbbells, I like the one from AmazonBasics because they’re affordable and top quality.
  • You’ll have the week to try the workout and respond back with feedback, before the next one goes out the following week.
  • For each workout, I will email you with the specific questions I’d like for you to answer (it will literally take 1 MINUTE to give feedback). You’ll respond back to the specific workout/email so that I can keep track of what feedback goes with what workout.
  • And, finally, the full 12-week STRONGMADESIMPLE 2.0 workout program will open for enrollment on April 19th. BUT as part of this beta test group, you’ll have the opportunity to get it at an awesome discount and earlier than everyone else. Stay tuned for more! And in the meantime, get March 8th on your mental calendar for some workouts! I CANNOT WAIT to get your feedback!


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