EP51: Pregnancy and postpartum fitness for the female athlete with Kat Suchet of Hatch Athletic

Kat Suchet is the creator of Hatch Athletic pregnancy fitness; a pregnancy and postpartum resource for athletic women. She is a physiotherapist, a CrossFit athlete, coach and, most importantly, a mama who has been through it all. She’s dedicated her life to providing up-to-date advice on athletic pregnancy and out the other side, with a 12-week fully holistic postpartum training program designed to get the new athletic mom back to the barbell. The focus is on full transparency, mindset, mental health, patience and bulletproofing – both physically and mentally.


We also discuss the modern female athlete, one who is performance-driven and used to achieving results and having a certain locus of control over her body. When she falls pregnant, it can be a very tough adjustment, so Kat shares ways to nurture, educate, and empower her journey.

Hatch Athletic pregnancy fitness

Learn more about pregnancy and postpartum fitness for high-achieving athletes with Hatch Athletic’s FREE downloadable resources: https://www.hatchathletic.com/resources

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Carrots ‘N’ Cake journey with CrossFit and fit pregnancy 


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  1. This is inspiring. I’m 3 years postpartum now (does that even count??) and I am still dealing with the excess baby weight and loss of muscle / weak tummy. I am FINALLY getting my act together, and was on the prowl for inspiring blogs to follow… happy to have stumbled upon yours! <3

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