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I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

It’s that time of year again: goal-setting time!

I love setting goals for myself””always have, always will! They keep me accountable, motivated, and, of course, I feel so good when I accomplish them. That said, here are my goals for 2014!

Give birth to a healthy baby

My #1 goal for 2014 is to give birth to a healthy baby. Eating right, exercising, getting quality sleep, not stressing about the small stuff”¦ anything and everything to give this baby the best start possible.

Have a fit pregnancy

I want to stay active all 9 months of my pregnancy. Of course, I’d love to CrossFit right up until my due date, but we’ll see how feasible this is as the months progress. I also have a current goal of doing 10 pull-ups per week, but again we’ll see how that goes in the coming months. I just want to stay as active as possible for as long as possible.


Turn our guest room into the most adorable nursery ever

So long guest room. Hello, nursery! I’ve been pinning nursery ideas on Pinterest for weeks now, and I can’t wait to redo this room of our house!


Separate work and home”¦ for real

Ever since I started CNC almost 6 years ago, I’ve struggled with separating work and home life. I go through periods of time where I feel like I have a good balance between the two, but then I find myself checking my email in the middle of the night or waking up on Sundays at an ungodly hour just to get a jumpstart on the coming week’s work. Basically, my mind is totally and utterly consumed by work, so it takes away from other important parts of my life. Things just get unbalanced and ultimately make me an unhappy person.

A few things I plan to do to help me achieve this goal:

  • Work five days per week with two days totally off
  • Stop checking email at 5:00 PM during the work week
  • Limit time on social media to 30 minutes in the evenings

Finish book #2 without having a mental breakdown

Book #2? Say whaaaat?! Yep, that’s right. I’m a crazy lunatic and agreed to write another book. Please pray for me. Details soon!


Slow down; stop and smell the roses

I’m the first to admit that I don’t have an off button, and I know that I sometimes miss living in the present because I’m so focused on getting to the next thing””whether it’s tackling an item on my To Do list or planning for the arrival of Baby Haupert. I have trouble simply enjoying the act of doing something (and the little things in life), so I want to be more present in 2014. Basically, slow down and take it all in.

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Question of the Day

What are some of your goals for 2014?



  1. Oh I can’t wait to see how the nursery turns out!!! When will you find out if you’re having a boy or girl, or are you even going to find out? Or maybe I’m behind and missed that news 🙂 Happy New Year!! I think my main goal this year is to stress less, and log off the computer more!

  2. That’s an amazing list! I think mine would be to make fitness a priority. Revive my blog from the dead and do the best I can to make something out of it, train for another marathon, and travel overseas. Hey maybe I should do a goals post! When you sit down and think about it, it makes it feel very real!

  3. Great goals! I’ve had a very difficult end of the year, and I received a text from my cousin saying “You’re my rock, Chel. Stay strong. Without your path, I never would have learned my own. I love you.” So I decided instead of making physical goals this year, my goals are to be a rock for others, stay strong for myself, and keep walking my own path.

  4. What a great list! My major goal is to have a healthy running year-I’m nursing an IT band injury and I’m dying to get back to running with healthy legs. I also am doing to try to slow down this year as well, and just enjoy the small things 🙂 Happy New Year!

  5. Great goals! Its so important to stop and take some time for yourself. Once this baby comes, everything changes and you will have a lot less “me” time so enjoy the simplicity of things now. After having my baby 13 months ago, I can’t imagine a moment of life without her but there is a lot less time for “me.” I really don’t mind but I think its important to really try and enjoy these last few months before your baby gets here because they are the last months as a family of 2.

    I am so happy for you about trying to stay fit! I wished I would have exercised more and stayed active. I think it would have helped with a lot of the physical discomfort I felt the last few months. Plus, maybe I wouldn’t have gained 50 lbs 🙂
    I wish you an amazing 2014!

  6. Love this! I am working on my goals right now but I am dividing them up between personal, running/fitness, and career. 2014 has a lot of changes coming but I am looking forward to them and welcoming them with open arms!

  7. I am with you on the first three. Normally my goals are all about losing this and toning that. This year I just want to be healthy and grow a healthy and happy baby. My little one is due the beginning of July. I also want to stay chill. I haven’t been losing my mind over little details and going crazy about this pregnancy. I want to stay chill.

  8. I’m so excited to see what you do with the nursery! I bet it’ll look adorable, as you have great taste. This year for my blog I really want to increase reader interaction, I want to race more and try a new form of fitness every month. I also want to plan 1 new meal to try every week. As for my personal life, I want to settle into our new townhouse and actually decorate (this is happening in March) so it feels like home.

  9. I had no idea you had a FIRST book! I’ll have to do the google and check that out! Very cool! My goals are to run a marathon, go to bodypump 2x weekly, read a book (or more) every month- (maybe yours?), visit a few friends that live in various states, spend deliberate time with family at least once per month and definetly to eat more clean for my body, eliminating mostly all processed food and sugar. I start today!

  10. Your goals sound challenging but attainable – good luck with them.
    The last 2 years have been pretty stressful foe me, so I want tocan’te 2014 the uear of destressing and stop worrying about things I can’t control.

  11. Goals for 2014 for me– get through moving in to the new house and renting out the old house without going insane. AND hopefully add to our family this year as well!

  12. Goals for 2014:

    1. Start a family!
    2. Run a 10k at 6 months preggers….for some reason this sounds awesome!
    3. Start my new position at work, cannot wait!
    4. Stay happy, healthy, and as stress free as possible

      1. @Tina:

        Oh, well I wasn’t clear. Yes, they are! I was referring to your comment about not being present. A baby forces you to be in the moment in many ways. And yes, your priorities will shift a bit. (I am a single mom so you will have more help than me of course) but finishing a book is going to be hard at first. 🙂 Not impossible, but it’s amazing how fast the day goes now with a little one.

    1. @Maegan Crandall: Being in the moment is extremely important and relevant with a new baby! With my son I was so scared and overwhelmed and so intent on just keeping him alive (lol) that I am sure I missed out on some of the little moments that make having a newborn so exquisite. I am due at the end of May with my second and am looking forward to staying in the moment much more.

      1. @Jessica:

        Yes! Everyone always tells me to stop and enjoy my little girl because soon she will not be so little. And yes, here she is almost one already! I do miss her small baby body and her need to depend on me completely. She is now off and almost walking and wanting to be independent. The year literally flew by… so yes soak it all up 🙂

  13. Great goals…the good news? Baby forces you to slow down, I’ve really had to learn this since Caroline was born two months ago. And it’s amazing. I actually deleted my work e-mail account from my phone when she was born so that my maternity leave was actually just that! So FREEING! 🙂 and Huge congrats on book#2!

  14. My two biggest goals this year are to run my FIRST FULL marathon and to get my home organized.
    I’m focused on these two things because:
    1. I’ve been running for over 20 years and I have not crossed a full marathon off my list yet. I’m currently training for a March marathon.
    2. By not being organized I cause myself a lot of unnecessary stress. We live in a small house and organization is key! The chaos makes me feel like giving up!

  15. I think that my blog name says it all about that smelling roses moment 🙂
    The joke on a side, this year will be very challenging for me. If everything wourks out I will defend my PhD thesis, publish a paper, look for a job (maybe even find it 🙂 ), we are getting our first car and my boyfriend just got his first grown up job! My new job could include moving and I want to do my first half marathon too! Bring it on 2014!

  16. One of my biggest goals is to stay in the present too. I am always looking into the future and I wish I could be more in the here and now to enjoy these times!

  17. I love all of your goals because they are realistic! I hate reading ones that are ridiculous and can’t happen, but yours all have a meaning and will help in the long run. I love it. I cannot wait to see that nursery! Are you guys still putting an addition on or is that on hold for now?

    1. It’s on hold until we really need the space. We have a good 4-5 years before we need to decide if we’re going to add on or move, so we’re saving up and considering all of our options until then.

  18. These are some really fun and exciting goals! I’m so excited to keep reading about all your adventures in tackling each one of them 🙂
    Some of my goals for 2014 include graduating from high school, going to college,, being less anxious, keep growing as a blogger, and slowing down and enjoying little things as well!

  19. Can’t wait to follow your fit pregnancy journey! I’m always so impressed when women continue to workout and stay fit while pregnant. I feel like when the time comes all I’m going to want to do is lay on the couch and eat chocolate truffles. ha!

    Happy New Year, Tina!

  20. These seem like pretty great goals and I can’t wait to see how the nursery turns out! Once Baby Haupert arrives, you will be surprised how easy it gets to “not sweat the small stuff” and just enjoy being in the moment. Once you have that adorable baby in your arms, it’s hard to get bothered by anything!

    And with a great support group, you can still accomplish everything your heart desires and still be an awesome mom. 🙂

  21. So I am also due in June (the 21st) so I’m glad to follow your pregnancy. I followed your photo credit to Dr. Lindsey Mathews’ birthFIT blog. Have you found any other pregnancy resouces for fitness/nutrition that you really enjoy? I have been on the hunt.
    Happy New Year!

  22. These goals look great! I struggle with keeping work life and home life separate too, since most of my work is done right in my home office. I often make a schedule (literally written out with time slots and everything) for my week days just to make sure I don’t get distracted with “house stuff” when I’m supposed to be working, or vice versa in the evenings.
    2014 will be such a big year for you!

  23. I love the goals! For your last one, I read a quote a long time ago that seems to be so relevant with your new addition: “Listen earnestly to anything your children want to tell you, no matter what. If you don’t listen eagerly to the little stuff when they are little, they won’t tell you the big stuff when they are big, because to them all of it has always been big stuff.”

  24. Great goals!! I think they’re all pretty attainable but challenging enough that they aren’t a given.
    My goals for this next year are to lift more (both in poundage and frequency) bc I love the way I feel when I do, but I often push it aside for cardio and to start dating again. I got divorced last year and took the time between when he peaced out and actual divorce to be single and focus on rebuilding myself, but now I think it’s time I get more aggressive about it. I’m getting scared the longer I wait, so I just need to do it! Not sure exactly what that means for me or how to carry it out, but at least I’m admitting it, right?? Happy New Year!!

  25. 2014 is going to be such a great year for you! Can’t wait to see how that nursery turns out. 🙂

    My goals are fairly simple for next year. There are the few basics: drink more water, expand my fitness horizons and run a few races. But I’d also like to focus on my blog and watch that grow as well.

    Have a happy NYE! 🙂

  26. My goals for 2014 are to be a healthy and fit mom for my 5 month old, I want to be a positive influence on his life. I also want to finally run a 10K.. it’s yet to happen but it will.

  27. Congrats on the pregnancy and for aiming to stay fit throughout! I did crossfit until month 8 1/2 and had such a great labor and a beautiful healthy baby girl…with sick triceps, lol.

  28. Awesome goals! I also want to focus on living in the moment. I took a great yoga workshop this year where we talked about letting go of judgment, expectations and competition in our practice, so I want to carry that over into my everyday life.
    I really like your new work guidelines. Having just started a blog, I can definitely see how it could take over! Thanks for the ideas and happy new year!!

  29. Great goals! I like how you defined each one then explained steps you will take to accomplish. My biggest goal is prepare for my wedding this coming December! Are you having a boy or do you not know yet? Pinterest addict that I am I noticed that alot of the stuff you are pinning looks boy!

  30. Love all these goals, Tina! I personally have a feeling you’ll naturally be able to separate work and home more easily when your little one comes along. It’s crazy how having a baby instantly changes your perspective and priorities in life. That’s just been my personal experience. 😉

    And YAY! So excited for your new book launch! Loved your first one!

  31. Love your goals for 2014! Great inspiration and got me thinking about my goals. Among some of my other goals, I’m going to follow you (and also because I’ve been thinking about it) and try to limit my social media time to 30 minutes a day. Can’t wait to see how your nursery turns out too!

  32. My goals for this year also include to find more balance between work/school and my personal life. I burned myself out during the last half of the year with too many commitments and no time for myself. It got so bad that I looked forward to taking a shower every night because it was just about the only time I had to do something for myself during the day. I also really want to plan some adventures, whether they are in-town or out of the country. Life’s too short to not do exciting things. I’m really excited for your second book–congratulations! Also wishing you a healthy pregnancy!

  33. Congrats on the book deal! With a baby on the way, I imagine your goals relating to work/life balance and slowing down to live in the moment will be ever more important! Regarding pull-ups, do you know what the general guideline is for when you shouldn’t do these anymore? For Bar Method classes, they suggest that pregnant students skip the stall bar stretch (hanging on it) but I’m not sure at what point in the pregnancy that is applicable.

    1. Personally, my doctor said I can do any exercise/movement as long as it’s comfortable for me, including pull-ups, sit-ups, Burpees, etc.

      1. @Tina: thanks! I’m not expecting (yet!) but my SIL is. I’m looking forward to hearing about your fitness regiment throughout your pregnancy as my SIL and I both live around Boston so any reviews/suggestions would be most appreciated! Thanks and happy new year!

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