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Hi, friends! Happy Monday to you! ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m a little behind with “day in the life” blogging, but I’m planning to catch up today and tomorrow – starting with a wonderful Quinn and Mumma day last Friday.

The fun kicked off at Goldfish for Quinn’s weekly swimming lesson. His usual instructor wasn’t there (and he lovvvveess her), so he was pretty nervous swimming with someone new. The staff at Goldfish were so sweet to him and eventually convinced him to climb in the pool for his lesson.

Once Quinn was in the pool, he had a great time! He even got a special ribbon for his “pulling paddle,” which he was especially proud of. He’s been working on using his arms more for swimming, and his hard work is paying off. Quinn is getting so much faster! ๐Ÿ™‚

After swim lessons, we headed home briefly for lunch because frozen yogurt was on the agenda for the afternoon, and Quinn was super excited! ๐Ÿ™‚ย We actually visited the yogurt shop near our old house in Weymouth. The Yogurt Bar was “on the way home” from CrossFit when I was pregnant, so we stopped there quite a lot. I craved cold, creamy foods during my pregnancy, so I ate frozen yogurt like it was my job. I was Paleo prior to getting pregnant and not eating dairy, so I’m pretty sure my body wanted ALL OF THE DAIRY to make a tiny Quinn skeleton.

While we ate, I told Quinn just how much fro-yo I consumed when he was in my belly. He opened his eyes wide and just smiled between bites. He was definitely in the zone! ๐Ÿ™‚ Other foods that I dominated when I was pregnant: Fresh fruit, saltines with Teddie peanut butter, and yogurt smoothies, which just happen to be some of Quinn’s very favorite foods (now that’s he’s out of my belly). Coincidence?

After our yogurt date, we headed home and played outside for quite awhile. We broke out the water table and bath toys for some fun.ย Even though it was a balmy 58 degrees, Quinn requested “warm water from the sink, not the hose” for playing. Smart kid! ๐Ÿ™‚

Question of the Day

I’m curious… Mamas out there: Do your kids like a lot of the same foods that you ate when you were pregnant?



  1. OMG, I so relate to this. I had really bad morning sickness pretty much the entire time I was pregnant. The only thing I could consistently eat and sounded good was bagels. I ate so many bagels. My son is now 3 and a half and going through a super picky phase and I swear he only wants to eat bagels ALL. DAY. LONG. So I really think this is a thing!

  2. I craved canned oysters and sushi with my daughter and she loves them both. Then went from pescatarian to a meat eater with my son, and the boy loves meat. It was definitely a thing with me!

  3. I ate multigrain Cheerios almost nightly when I was pregnant and my daughter has a food allergy called FPIES (food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome) and is allergic to oats!

    1. Carly,

      How old is your daughter? I have a 5-year-old daughter who had/has FPIES to several foods (oats, along with seven others). She reacted to my diet literally from day one when I was nursing, and she was 16- and 22-months when she had her last two acute reactions. While we havenโ€™t been able to hold any food challenges with her allergist to check to see if her allergies officially remain (not because her doctor isnโ€™t willing, but because our daughter is hyper-aware and incredibly emotionally sensitive so to this point has been unwilling to consume enough of any allergen other than strawberry in order to conduct a true food challenge), within the last year or so we have given her tastes of all of her allergens successfully without reaction. Some she doesnโ€™t care for, some she loves and will eat enough of them for us to feel comfortable saying sheโ€™s outgrown the allergy (meaning, for us, she can eat the amount that would be a typical portion size for her without incident). Either way, at 5 years into this journey, all I want to do is give some encouragement and let you know that it does get easier and there is real hope that these allergies can be outgrown within the first few years of life. Best wishes for your daughter and your whole family!

      1. Jamie, ugh that’s so hard! My daughter is 19 months right now so not at the point of doing a challenge yet but probably in a year or so. Thank you for the encouragement! It’s always nice to make a connection with someone about it because it is such an unknown allergy!

  4. I lived off of hardboiled eggs, PB and banana and cashews pregnant – my son is 4 and allergic to all.

    So insane!

  5. I am currently pregnant (13 weeks) and am so happy to read that you went from paleo to craving all things dairy. I went from being mainly diary free, to craving string cheese, fro-yo, and greek yogurt! It is the oddest thing, but its hitting the spot ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I lived mostly off of vegetables and fruit because I was so nauseous the whole time. My daughter is allergic to all fresh fruits and vegetables and can only eat a few of them cooked. ๐Ÿ™

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