The Friday 5

Hi, happy Friday! One week until Christmas! Woohoo!

It’s time for another round of The Friday 5! Today, I’m sharing my go-to AIP-friendly snack, Quinn’s favorite drink lately, the best protein powder (really!), a fun TV show, and about the Dutch hormone test. It’s quite the mix today. You can watch or read The Friday 5 below – have a great weekend!

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1. Homemade Plantain Chips

I am obsessed with air fryer plantain chips. I’ve been eating them pretty much daily. I use both green and ripe plantains, and think they are equally delicious (the ripe ones tend to be a bit sweeter, of course). I simply drizzle with olive oil and salt and then pop in air fryer for 10 minutes until crispy. I also have a dehydrator, so I may try that next, but you can probably make these in a regular oven just fine, too. I eat them with with mashed avocado, and it’s the best snack – so filling!

2. Nuun a.k.a. “Fizzy Things”

We had a bunch of Nuun leftover from our half-marathons days, and so Mal started drinking them. Then Quinn got into them! He doesn’t drink soda or much juice, but it’s been a great way to Quinn to get more water in right now (since all he wants is milk or egg nog lately). The Nuun tablets are full of electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals, and add a little bit of fizzy flavor to your water.

3. SFH Coffee Whey Protein

This is the best protein powder! Unfortunately, I’m not drinking it while on the AIP diet, but it’s seriously delicious. Adding the coffee flavor to your coffee – OMG, it tastes like a creamy coffee milkshake. I have been a big fan of SFH for years, and this coffee flavor is like non other (not artificial tasting at all).

4. Broad City

I blew through this show! It’s show fun. It reminded me of Girls on HBO, but it’s better – the girls are hilarious! It follows their life in NYC, and it actually reminded me a bit of my post-collage days in Boston. The show started just as a web series and then it got picked up by Comedy Central. It gets political and feminist towards the end, but I loved it!

5. Dutch Test

The Dutch Test is a hormone panel test, and it gives you so much valuable information! It tells you about your sex hormones, cortisol (stress levels), how your liver is working, how your body is detoxing, as well as info on melatonin (which is linked back to your gut). It’s so simple to do. You simple pee on five different test strips, let them dry, and them ship them back in the provided envelope. I did the Dutch hormone test this past summer, and it gave me some really good insight. My hormones were definitely out of whack. Since then, I’ve been actively working on my hormones, and many of the symptoms I had have diminished. No more tender breasts, heavy periods, mood wings, acne, etc – I feel so much better! I’m doing the Dutch test again now to check back in and see how/if things have improved. I also offer this test to my 1:1 nutrition clients.



  1. The plantain chips look great and they come at just the right time because the air fryer I ordered is slated to be delivered today! I’m so excited to try it!

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