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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning!

Yesterday’s 24 Days of Togetherness was “watch a Christmas movie,” so Mal and I put on our “movie suits,” cozied up on the couch, and watched Elf last night.


Growing up, my family and I watched two Christmas movies every year, but nowadays I love Elf. I honestly laugh out loud while watching it and recite lines from it all year long. When I visit Theodora in NYC, I often tell her “watch out, the yellow ones don’t stop” when we’re crossing the street together. (She always laughs.) And, of course, I love: “I just like to smile, smiling’s my favorite.” Murphy likes that quote too. He uses it a lot since he smiles so much.

My favorite scene from Elf:

Gimbel’s Manager: Okay, people, tomorrow morning, 10 a.m., Santa’s coming to town.


Oh my gosh, I lose it every time! Haha!

Mal loves Elf too, so he was all about watching it last night, but when I asked him if it was his favorite Christmas movie, he said Home Alone was. We had a brief debate about which movie was the better pick, but we ultimately agreed to disagree. Obviously, they’re both great movies. Home Alone is actually the only movie I’ve ever seen more than once in a movie theater and, of course, the soundtrack is awesome. I can’t hear “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” without thinking about that scene from the movie.


While we watched Elf, we ate Hawaiian pizza, which was a little experiment to see how my digestive system would do. I’ve eaten gluten in small doses here and there with no issues, but never a lot at once, so I ate a few pieces of pizza to see what would happen. Sadly, it made me super gassy and then sent me straight to the bathroom. Boo. At least I know for sure now, right?


Question of the Day

Elf or Home Alone?



  1. I love the blog… I read it everyday… I have been Paleo for almost a year and I do the same thing, I eat gluten once in a while and then I am gassy and needing the restroom.

    I have found that Cauliflower crusts for pizza are super yummy and easy to make, just steam up some cauliflower and then mince it in the food processor, add an egg and a few handfuls of Parmesan Cheese, sprinkle of Garlic powder, salt and pepper, lay it out on a baking sheet and cook until brown then add toppings. The pizza is yummy and easy to make and leaves you with no gas or discomfort.

  2. I always think of Home Alone when I hear Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree 🙂 I would have to pick Home Alone over Elf, although my favorite Christmas movie is A Charlie Brown Christmas.

  3. Haha, I love that you & Mal have “movie suits”. 😀 Elf and Home Alone are two of the greatest Christmas movies ever, so I can see why there was some debate. Though, I think I’ve got to go with Elf, too. Sorry, Mal! 😉

  4. Not only is Home Alone the best Christmas movie, it’s the best movie EVER, of ALL TIME. I don’t get this obsession people have with Elf, I feel like I laughed twice in the entire movie. Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal!

  5. The 1st time I watched Elf I didn’t really like it but now it is definitely one of my faves. I just had to watch it a bunch of times.

  6. I love Elf! It’s my favorite Christmas movie. I watch it constantly during the holiday season and never get tired of it. The part that always cracks me up the most is the part when Walter unwraps the “for someone special” santa lingerie. It never gets old.

  7. Elf!! Oh my goodness I couldn’t agree more, that movie cracks me up every time I watch it! Home Alone is pretty good too, but just not as much of a feel good movie to me as Elf is.

  8. Sorry about glutonium! Thankfully there’s some really delicious GF options out there! Try chebe bread and pizza mix. It’s technically Paleo-ish because it’s made of almost 100% tapioca starch, but soooo tasty.

    Never saw Elf! Going to watch it this week I think.

  9. Home Alone will always be my favorite. I grew up just a few blocks from the Home Alone house and always took a weird sense of pride about that.

  10. Do you think it might have been the cheese and not the gluten? That’s how I react when I eat large amounts of cheese. Most people are actually lactose intolerant, but just don’t realize it because they eat cheese on a daily basis!

  11. When I was younger I loved Home Alone, but now I’ve seen it so many times that I’d definitely have to say Elf- even though I’ve seen that probably the same amount of times, but its still hilarious! My friends and I recite one liners from it year round too! “Byyyee Buddy, hope you find your dad!”

  12. Ive never been to the doctor to get checked out but when i used to eat sometimes I’d also end up running to the bathroom like you! I changed my diet completely a few months ago (cut out all processed foods) and thankfully havent had any issues since.

    Pizza is the thing I miss the absolute most. My boyfriend makes the best pizza from scratch 🙁

  13. There is a wonderful almond flour paleo cracker recipe that works perfectly for pizza crust. I’ve made it several times. Even my non vegan, non Paleo friends/family love it! Google vegan herb crackers and you’ll find it!

  14. “Elf”! For whatever reason, I never really watched “Home Alone” much when I was a kid, but I’m seen “Elf” more times than I could ever count. Also, I am now craving Hawaiian pizza. Maybe it’s because it’s not a typical winter-time meal…it sounds so good!

  15. I’ve substituted left over spaghetti squash (well drained) for the cauliflower in the gf pizza crust. I’m not GF, but I love the taste!

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  17. Between those two, I’d have to side with Mal and go with Home Alone. Elf is a great movie, but Home Alone is what our age grew up watching! But, I’d say neither are the best and opt for Christmas Story as “the” all time best!

    Of course, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation never gets old either.

    Man, I need to go watch some movies before it’s too late this year! Have a good one.

  18. Home Alone is my all time favorite Christmas movie! I think I will watch that this weekend! It just brings back so many childhood memories. Elf is a good movie too. I remember when the trailer was out & I would laugh so hard when I would see that scene you spoke about above “SANTA!!!”

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