Easter Weekend

A special someone had an AWESOME Easter weekend! Quinn had the opportunity to participate in 4 (!!) different egg hunts and, my gosh, he had a blast. Mal and I also liked to see his “competitive” side come out. Haha!

On Saturday, we attended a huge egg hunt that our town hosted at a local park. There must have been about 200 kids and, rumor has it, 5,000 plastic eggs with tiny toys inside. Quinn was definitely overwhelmed at first, but we explained how the egg hunt would work and he was all good. Then, he was excited and ALL BUSINESS!

When the horn sounded to officially kick off the Easter egg hunt, Quinn ran out and gathered a ton of eggs. He was so fast!! He was also really proud of himself. It was really cute! 🙂

After the egg hunt, we went out with some friends and their kids to Cask ‘N’ Flagon for an early dinner. I must have drank 3-4 glasses of wine between the restaurant and their house. Mal was on vacation last week, so I was basically on a booze and sugar bender between New York City and Easter. Holy cow, I embraced vacation to its fullest. More on this in a second.

On Easter morning, we did an egg hunt at our house. It started at Quinn’s bedroom and went outside into the backyard.

He had a great time and couldn’t believe how many jelly beans he got! 🙂

We had a low-key morning at home – complete with almond croissants and plenty of candy – and then drove out to my Grammie’s house to celebrate with my family. Quinn also got to do another Easter egg hunt with his cousins!

The cousins were also involved in some pool shenanigans, which was quite amusing since that’s exactly the type of stuff that I did with my cousins at Grammie’s house! 🙂

The dessert situation at my Grammie’s house was out of control delicious. I pretty much tried every kind of cake, cookie, and ice cream flavor. I usually just pick one or two options at events like this, but a week of vacation eating (and drinking) definitely rolled into Easter Day.

I actually had a few clients message me saying that they felt “off track” with their eating habits this past week, so I gave a little pep talk in our Nutrition & Accountability Group for moving forward – and then reminded myself of it last night when I was feeling kind of blah about my food choices. My advice:

* The past is in the past. Do not dwell on it. Move on.

* Make your NEXT meal healthy. Don’t wait until Monday!

* Don’t let a “bad” day or days (or whole week) derail you. One day, a few days, or a week won’t affect your overall progress. It’s really your habits and lifestyle over months and years that matter!

* Your goals don’t change, so don’t let any sort of negative momentum influence your choices. If you tripped going down a flight of stairs, you wouldn’t throw yourself down the rest of them, right?

* Make it a point to grocery shop and do some meal prep. Even a little is better than none!

Yesterday afternoon, Papi and his girlfriend stopped by our house and set up another Easter egg hunt for Quinn. Papi is “best friends” with the Easter Bunny, so Quinn got all sorts of goodies. It was quite the finish to a wonderful Easter weekend! 🙂

Question of the Day

How was your Easter? Did you eat ALLTHESUGAR like I did?


  1. Our Easter was good. We went to Santa Cruz for the weekend. We moved to California a year ago and try to do and see as much as we can before we move to another adventure. It was such a great family weekend, I do feel bad we didn’t do any sort of Easter egg hunt. Oh well!

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