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An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Rise and shine! It’s running time! 😎

I woke up at 6:01 this morning to get my workout in before the hot weather hits. Rumor has it that temps will get close to 90 degrees today!

IMG_0223 (500x373)


As I mentioned yesterday, my new running program involves a lot of foam rolling, stretching, and strengthening, so today’s workout of “4 miles easy” included a lot more than just running four miles.

My workout started with 20-30 minutes of foam rolling, stretching (feet included), toe/shin walks (aka walking on my toes and heels), arm swings, and leg swings. Then, I warmed-up with 1-mile jog followed by more stretching and some running drills (buttkicks, heelkicks, highknees, long skipping, etc.). THEN, it was time to run those four miles, which were killer! I do not run well in heat and humidity. Blah. My lungs felt tight and my legs weighed a million pounds, but I managed to finish in 43:55 (8:43 pace).

Even though the run was really tough at times, I still enjoyed it, especially the calm, quiet morning. Hardly any cars were on the road this morning.

IMG_0228 (500x373)

I finished my workout with jumping jacks, single leg squats, and some more stretching.


When I returned home, I took the quickest shower ever, ate breakfast (Overnight Oats in a Jar), and now I’m chugging water and iced coffee.

IMG_0012 (500x375)

I’m off to a doctor’s appointment next!


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Questions of the Day

I saw this running Q & A on Becky‘s blog last week and thought it was fun! Feel free to play along in the comment section!

Favorite treadmill? Any treadmill near a TV with Ellen or Kelly & Regis on it.

Favorite shoes? Mizuno Wave Inspire 6.  I ran my first marathon in them. Best shoes ever.

Favorite running song? Right now, Adele, Citizen Cope, and My Chemical Romance are rocking my world.

Favorite running fuel? Vanilla Gu (preferably not warm and melted).

Favorite running accessory? My Spibelt. Sometimes I feel like a turd wearing it because it reminds me of a Fanny Pack, but it holds everything that I need for my long runs.

Favorite race distance? Half marathon. It’s a challenging distance, so I have to train for it, but not so tough that my body hates me after it. I want to break my half marathon PR so badly!

Favorite running memory? Too many to count! I have so many happy running memories, but my favorites are my first marathon, the Cape Relay, and Rugged Maniac 5K.

P.S. Boston folks: The Scooper Bowl starts today!!!



  1. I made tofu stir fry Sunday night too! But since Adam doesn’t eat tofu, I have been eating leftovers for 3 days and am now sick of it. I think my favorite ways is baked with buffalo sauce

  2. My favorite running songs are either just pop or hip hop music or some mindless techno (so many people disagree with me on this hahaha). I like it because it’s really repetitive so I can find a stride, and when it gets faster I usually get pumped up.

    I actually haven’t ran a race yet, but I’m training for my first 5k!

  3. Favorite treadmill: NONE…I have serious hatred with the treadmill which makes it pretty difficult for me to run with it’s raining sideways in Seattle.
    Favorite running shoes: Adidas Supernova Glide all the way, they were my first pair 4 years ago and I cheated on them once and learned my lesson.
    Favorite running song: Right now it’s Good Life by Good Republic
    Favorite running fuel: Sports Beans. Tried gu for the first time last week and nearly gagged…any tips for getting used to gu??
    Favorite running accessory: Can I pick 2…my garmin and ipod are glued to me during a run.
    Favorite race distance: I love a 10K! Not too difficult but challenging enough and it doesn’t make me exhausted for the rest of the day like a half marathon can.
    Favorite running memory: Recently, running the Big Sur 1/2 along the coast of California with the Sea Lions cheering me on!

    That was fun!

  4. I love this and may reapply it in my post today! Thanks for the idea 🙂 I also need to get better about warming up/etc. Also, did you inlude that mile in your 4 miles or no?

  5. Favorite treadmill? The treadmills at my school gym that you can plug your iPod into!

    Favorite shoes? Saucony Omni 8’s

    Favorite running song? “Harder, Better, Faster Stronger” by Daft Punk. It always makes me sprint!

    Favorite running fuel? Oatmeal

    Favorite running accessory? iPod, for sure. I can’t run without it!

    Favorite race distance? 5K… I’m scared to do anything more!

    Favorite running memory? Running a 5K Terry Fox run with my roommates

  6. Hi Tina,

    I have just run into a terrible case of ITBS (previously I had shin splints!). I have done a ton of research and also found that hip imblalances and weakness are the culprit, so I’ve also started a special strengthening program I found on strengthrunning.com. I have aslo been seriously researching the barefoot/minimalist movement and am thinking of trying it out. I haven’t done any running for a month and am anxious to start again by incorporating a minimalist shoe (previously I ran in shoes for over pronation), as well as vibram five fingers for walking. I’m curious as to whether anyone at the Boston Running Center has recommended going barefoot/minimal to help you and your injury?

  7. Favorite treadmill? Any treadmill near a TV with E! on it.

    Favorite shoes? I’m a Nike snob.

    Favorite running song? Pitbull’s Give Me Everything and Usher’s More
    Favorite running fuel? Clif Shot Blox

    Favorite running accessory? My Spibelt. – Same here!

    Favorite race distance? 10K

    Favorite running memory? Half marathon in January b/c I actually properly trained for it an did much better than my first, and the Warrior Dash in May cuz it was just so goofy and fun.

  8. Favorite treadmill? One on the end, so I only get one neighbor!

    Favorite shoes? Asics Gel Kayanos – the cheapest edition I can find in a size 10. I haven’t lost a toenail since I started wearing them 2 years ago (gross, I know!)

    Favorite running song? Bleed it Out by Linkin Park

    Favorite running fuel? Jet Blackberry GU.

    Favorite running accessory? Anything with pockets – I’m about to invest in a vest as a replacement to my windbreaker. Can’t wear that thing in this weather!

    Favorite race distance? Half marathon. I can still finish happy, and people still think I’m awesome for being able to do it.

    Favorite running memory? My first race that was longer than a 5k. It was only 4 miles (the Gobble Gobble Gobble Turkey Trot), but I teared up at the end. I never new I had it in me and now I’m hooked!

  9. Hi Tina –

    Sorry if this is a re-request, but if you don’t mind sharing, I’d love to hear more details on your foam roller/injury prevention program.


  10. love this little survey!
    1. NO treadmill, sorry but I just can’t do it, I have to run outside.

    2. I also love the mizuno waves, I did all my marathon training and first marathon in them with no injuries!

    3. Eminem’s- Till I Collapse. On repeat for the last hour of my marathon!

    4. Dates or vanilla GU

    5. Garmin and Ipod.

    6. I go through phases with distances. After just doing my first marathon and really appreciating the longer distances for so long I’m moving more into speed work and hope to get my 5k time down. So right now, shorter distances are fun for me.

    6. My first run after my marathon I will always remember. I didn’t care about time, distance, or splits… it was very freeing!

  11. It seems I can always check your blog to see what the weather in NY will be like the next day! We’re in the 90’s now (feels like 100* with the humidity!)

    I would play along with your questions but I’m not crazy (aka a “runner”) 😉

  12. Favorite treadmill? I’d rather be outside, love a good sunrise run. If I must run on the treadmill – gotta have some good jams on the ipod shuffle.

    Favorite shoes? Newtons – Lady Isaac’s

    Favorite running song? Far East Movement, Lil Wayne, Hip-Hop/Pop, anything that’s fast and keeps me going.

    Favorite running fuel? Clif Shot Blocks – Margarita flavor

    Favorite running accessory? Camelback handheld water bottle

    Favorite race distance? Half marathon. It’s a challenging distance, so I have to train for it, but not so tough that my body hates me after it. I want to break my half marathon PR so badly! <-totally agree

    Favorite running memory? Long training runs with my Luke’s Locker running buddies, Rock n Roll New Orleans Marathon (First marathon PR of 4 hours, & just being in an amazing fun city with so much history!), Chicago Marathon

  13. I know it changes all the time, but I think the current “wisdom” is to stretch and foam roll after working out, rather than before, because it makes your muscles weaker and less efficient. Even if I’m just doing some foam rolling, my trainer recommends that I do 5 minutes of cardio first to get the blood flowing. I don’t know what your coach thinks about all that, but it’s probably why your legs felt so heavy on your run (I’ve totally been there).

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