Diggin’ It & Scary Movies

Hooray for fall!

I’m really diggin’ the beautiful autumn weather in New England lately. The leaves are finally starting to change color and the cool, crisp, sunny days are the best thing ever.


Speaking of diggin’ things, Dig Safe came by the other day to get us ready to pave our driveway next week. Woohoo!!!

IMG_4159 (750x563)

Ok, paving our driveway is probably not very exciting for you (at all), but Mal and I are PSYCHED! Our poor driveway needs help in a bad way!!


Besides fall, I’m also diggin’ this Sweet Breakfast Scramble. I have a bunch of canned pumpkin to use up, so it’s the perfect addition, especially with some pumpkin pie spice, a little bit of vanilla extract, and a scoop of Teddie peanut butter. Holy yum indeed!

IMG_4102 (750x563)_thumb

Mal finished off the last of the almond milk this morning, so I didn’t have my usual glass of Dandy Blend, but then I remembered I had a coupon code for a $1.00 off a beverage at Starbucks, so I headed out to treat myself.

IMG_4106 (750x563)_thumb

At Starbucks, I ordered an iced decaf pumpkin spice Americano, which was, of course, delicious, but a tad too sweet for my liking.

photo (1) (560x750)_thumb[1]

I think the barista missed the part about “1 pump of pumpkin spice,” so I watered it down with Dandy Blend and almond milk at home (I bought some at the grocery store when I was out) and saved the rest for tomorrow. Much better!

IMG_4113 (750x563)_thumb

When I was at Starbucks waiting for my drink, I stumbled upon a free episode of The Simpsons on iTunes. Mal loves The Simpsons, so I grab a card for him.

photo (2) (560x750)_thumb[1]

The “Treehouse of Horror” also reminded me that I need to find a scary movie for Mal and me to watch for tomorrow’s date night. We’re planning to get take-out for dinner, put on our sweats, and then watch a scary movie together. I’m generally not a fan of scary movies (The Ring scared the crap out of me, so I haven’t watched many since), but with Halloween coming up next week, I figured why not? Maybe it’ll be fun to get a little scared?

Questions of the Day

Do you like scary movies? If so, what is your favorite one? Any recommendations?

P.S. Local dog owners: The 2012 Doggy 5K Run/Walk is in just a few weeks!


  1. I’m an old schooler on scary movies. I like Nightmare on Elm Street(s), Friday the 13th and Halloween. Fright Night (the ORIGINAL) is a great one. Yes I even liked the original Scream but anything after, no thanks. I’m not a fan of Saw/Hostel, etc. The Paranormal Activities scared the poo outta me. (I literally woke up screaming after seeing the 2nd one in the theater…wimp)

    We like to rent old 80’s B horror movies if we can find them. Basket Case, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, The Entity, etc. All horrible but laughable which can make for a fun date night!

  2. My favorite horror movie is actually “The Omen” (New or old. I’m not picky) followed either very closely, or completely tied with “Carrie.” I don’t know what it is. I’ve even seen the campy sequels/remakes (The SyFy version of “Carrie” had a different ending, as they wanted to turn it into a TV show).

  3. Nice! A free sipmson episode card…i think i have to get to staryucks and grab me one! I hope they offer it in seattle…that would be a great episode to have for our cartoon collection

    I think paranormal activity is one of my favorite scarey movies…it is very realist which makes it that much more freaky and it deal with demons…which is even freakier…i havent seen the 2nd or 3rd yet, but i know that i must!

  4. oh my gosh, I HATE scary movies!!! I like older ones that are clearly not scary, but most of them I just consider a form of self-torture. I do like movies that are more of a mental game than necessarily scary, like I ended up loving Shutter Island even though I thought it would be super scary at first.

  5. Have you basically decided to give up the paleo challenge? I know you made a decision to eat to make yourself happy, so I was wondering if that meant less strict paleo eating. I’ve noticed peanut butter, wine, and such recently. Good for you to not feel pressured by the challenge. I know I would get stuck in the rules instead of just eating what I wan.t

    1. I’m still doing the Challenge (there’s more to it than just Paleo), but I’m not being super strict with the diet part. I never was, actually! 😉

  6. I used to be a huge scary movie fan but over the years have become less so. A few years ago, a bunch of my friends and I watched The Strangers. Talk about distrubing and scary! You may want to check it out.

  7. I went through a big scary movie phase at the beginning of high school, but I haven’t been much of a fan ever since. I do enjoy more suspense/thriller type movies, but the horror and gorry ones don’t do much for me. Sounds like a fun date night! Enjoy! 🙂

  8. I’ve been struggling with caffeine/coffee issues and digestion. I do drink dandy blend but was wondering if you find decaf coffee doesn’t affect you as much regular caffeinated coffee? Nothing beats the taste of coffee for me!

  9. I don’t really like scary movies that could actually happen in real life. If it’s something about a monster invading the world then that is fine because in reality that can’t happen. If it’s something like someone breaking in to my house or killing me or something to that effect then I don’t like it because then I get to thinking about how it could happen to me!

  10. Favorite: “Candyman.” Tony Todd might be the scariest human on the planet.

    But Paranormal Activity is without question the scariest movie I’ve ever seen.

  11. I’m not a big fan of scary movies. I recently saw the movie “Rest Stop”. It scared me so much I couldn’t continue to watch it!

  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE scary movies – I may or may not own the Nightmare on Elm St. box set (and all of the Halloween movies…and Paranormal Activity) – am a huge dork with scary movies.

    I’d second the Strangers – that was the scariest I’ve seen in a while. Funny story about it – I own it (dork) and I had a viewing with my cousin & his wife…we had all of the lights off and were super scared watching, and my little cat had jumped up and fallen asleep on top of the shelf where the TV is – I knew this, they didn’t (she sleeps up there all the time so I just didn’t think of it). So we’re watching and they’re terrified since they had never seen it before, and during a super scary scene my super cute (black) cat jumped down and onto the couch where we were sitting. I’m honestly surprised my neighbors didn’t call the police, given how loud they screamed – my cousin’s wife had nightmares about it for weeks and is still really scared of my cat.

    So – yes – Strangers, Pet Semetary is a good one, The Others is good, too – more of a cool freaky story, not much of a “boo!” type though. Shining is good and classic too.

  13. I LOVEEE scary movies! Many have mentioned Paranormal Activity which I love but it is something that will make you sleep with one eye open for a while.

    The Woman in Black (with Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter) was really good. It was a little historical (takes place in the early 20th century in England) but had a creepy story and lots of scary parts to make you jump which was fun!

  14. I’m so sad that we moved away from Boston. I loved the Doggy 5k last year (my husband and short little dog came in just under 30 minutes).

    And I am NOT a scary movie person at all. After I saw “Scream” back in high school, I couldn’t sleep without the light on.

  15. i’m also a big baby about scary movies! i’ve always been fascinated (like hate it but can’t look away fascinated) by the original OMEN trilogy. i remember my dad used to let me watch them when i was way too little! LOL.

    side note that only makes sense if you’ve seen the omen – my daughter was very naughty as a little girl and i used to say i was getting out the flashlight and checking her scalp for the 6’s! mean mom.

  16. I love old Hammer Horror films, spooky and ambient.
    Like the first commenter the original “Fright Night” is a lot of fun for the first half then goes full on scary for the second half.
    Love Kathryn Biglow’s vampire movie “Near Dark”.
    And “Let the Right One In” is a terrific Swedish vampire movie.
    And, if you can find it, there’s a Canadian independent thriller called “The Wild Hunt”, set in an medieval reenactment village, it’s a visual feast, funny and scary.

  17. OMG- the Ring still gives me nightmares! I slept with the light on and the tv covered up for a whole month after seeing it! And recently, the Paranormal Activity commercials even scare me. I think the Ring ruined me for life.

  18. American Horror Story on FX! Season 2 just started last night, but go back and watch the first season, super scary but awesome.

  19. I love scary movies. I don’t really find many scary though, I usually think they are funny because they are so corny and unbelievable! The one’s that scare me the most are filmed in a documentary style, so it feels like it’s actually real footage. I also really want to try your sweet breakfast scramble! I have oats almost every morning and want something new in the rotation.

  20. Do have Netflicks streaming? We recently bought and loved “The Innkeepers” and its on there now. Good ole fashioned thriller/scary movie. We also watched “Them” on it, and didn’t love it as much. OH also “Insidious” is on there and super scary! But I’m kind of a wuss, so who knows.

  21. Some movies that are thrilling but not terrifying include: The Orphanage, Fallen, and Primal Fear. They are all totally different, but I’d consider them all to be creepy/suspenseful rather than gory.

  22. I’d also suggest a random Disney (believe it or not) old ’80’s movie called Watcher in the Woods. No one has ever heard of it (except Seth Macfarland! He tweeted about it once) – but my sister and I were OBSESSED with it growing up – we’d literally rent it at least 3x/month from the video store (I’m old and this was pre-buying movies). Am pretty sure it’s the reason I love scary movies – our Friday night ritual was hit up the local video store (pre Blockbuster!), run right over to grab it, make popcorn (on the stove! Am old!), get in pj’s and get the f*ck scared out of us. I watched it again a few years ago and – seriously – it was one of the scariest movies, to this day. Plus – it’s kind of fun ’80’s AND if you’re a Housewives fan – Kyle Richards from Beverly Hills is in it!

  23. AHH! I hate scary movies. I have a very WILD imagination and won’t sleep at all if I watch a scary movie. Haha anyways, just found your blog and LOVE IT! Keep up the good work.

    – Jenn


  24. Tina, I’ve tried making the sweet scramble twice this week (once with pumpkin and another time with squash) and thought it was pretty good, but find that mine get a little…watery? Do yours get like this? They look so thick and awesome in the photo, perhaps I’m not making them correctly. Any tips? I’m new to these “scrambles” that have been popping up lately. Thanks!

    1. You might need another egg or egg white to get it more firm. I used pumpkin today and it was a little watery, so I threw in some extra egg whites. A regular mashed banana (instead of frozen) might help too!

  25. LOVE scary movies. Halloween is a favorite and Trick R Treat. Our nephew Drew Moerlein was just in an independent horror flick V/H/S. Happy Halloween!

  26. Season One of American Horror Story is awesome. We were planning on watching a few episodes a week until Halloween …… but it looks like we are going to finish a LOT earlier. The show is creepy as hell, and very addicting!

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