Day in the Life (Almost 2.9 Years Old)

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning!

So, I missed our Day in the Life post for last month (oops, again), so I figured I would write next month’s post a little early with another mid-month post to make up for it. I also wanted to make sure that I got in this month’s post because it marks such a significant age for our little guy. Our sweet boy turns 2.9 years old next week, which, in the school/daycare world, is a big, important age because it means Qman is old enough for preschool! (Where did my baby go!?) Just this week, his teachers let us know that he’ll start to transition to preschool, splitting time there and in his current toddler classroom. There are two other kids in his class, who are moving to preschool too, so, hopefully, having some buddies will help with the transition. Anyway, here’s a recap from a day in our life earlier this week!

4:01 AM: I wake up drenched in sweat (ugh, annoying), so I get out of bed and change my clothes. I climb back into bed.

4:21 AM: My mind is wandering to my To Do list for the day as well as random things like whether or not baby carrots will freeze well since we have a big bag in the fridge, and I don’t think we’ll eat them all. (Have I mentioned I have an obsession with wasting food!?) I eventually give up on sleep, find my slippers, and head downstairs.

4:23 AM: I break out my laptop, answer a few emails, approve and reply to comments on my blog and social media.

4:45 AM: I pour myself a half glass of iced coffee mixed with Dandy Blend, collagen, and coconut creamer. I read an interesting article about giving up coffee and how it can help improve your skin. Obviously, I have zero interest in giving up my beloved iced coffee, but I figured cutting back would probably help. At home, I typically drink 2-3 glasses of iced coffee per day, so now I’m drinking a 1/2 to 1 glass with Dandy Blend mixed in. It tastes similar to coffee without the caffeine or acidity, and, bonus, dandelion and roasted chicory root are actually really good for you!

IMG_2145 (576x1024)

4:46 AM: I get to work – busy week ahead!

5:20 AM: Mal comes downstairs, says good morning, and starts to make his breakfast.

5:30 AM: We hear Quinn wake up. He’s whining/crying. We give him a few minutes to settle himself down, but he’s just getting more and more upset. Mal heads upstairs to try to calm him down. (If I go into his room at this hour, he will for sure want to get up and start the day.) I finish making Mal’s breakfast for him.

5:39 AM: Mal doesn’t have any luck with Qman. They come downstairs and head into the living room. I stop working and follow them in, thinking I can score some early-morning toddler cuddles.

5:40 AM: Mal doesn’t turn on the lights in the living room and he’s whispering “lay down” to Quinn, so I assume they worked out some sort of deal that he’ll go back to sleep on the couch. (Qman likes being “downstairs” once he hears that we’re up for the day.)

5:42 AM: All is quiet in the living room, so Mal comes back into the kitchen to eat his breakfast, and I start to work again.

6:00 AM: Quinn starts crying. “Nap time” is over. He wants to watch a show, so I grab my iced coffee and snuggle with him on the couch. We watch Octonauts.

IMG_2150 (1024x1024)

6:19 AM: Quinn asks for a “bar, please,” which has become a morning ritual. He loves cereal bars and would eat them day and night if we let him. I know they have a lot of sugar, but he’s such a picky eater, we’re just happy he’s eating at all, and they’re not ALL bad. The PB& J Bars (gluten-free) as well as the Fig Cereal Bars from Trader Joe’s are actually semi-decent in the sugar department (11g, 13g) compared to other cereal bars, even the ones at Whole Foods (17-19g).

IMG_2146 (1024x1024)

6:22 AM: Qman is content eating his bar and watching TV, so I head upstairs to quickly get ready for the day.

6:35 AM: We say goodbye to Dada.

6:44 AM: I make Quinn and me breakfast. He has mini pancakes, mango, Greek yogurt, and milk for breakfast. I eat scrambled eggs and roasted sweet potatoes. Quinn eats three bites of yogurt and one pancake and says he’s all done. Well, ok then. He starts playing with his cars, so I finish my breakfast and then get him ready for the day.

IMG_2153 (1024x1024)

7:00 AM: Murphy’s all out of dog treats, so Quinn and I make him a batch!

IMG_2155 (1023x1024)

IMG_2156 (768x1024)

IMG_2164 (768x1024)

7:45 AM: I pop the dog treats in the oven and clean up the kitchen.

IMG_2168 (576x1024)

8:00 AM: I offer Quinn his breakfast again. He eats a couple more pancakes, a few more bites of yogurt, and finishes his milk. Woohoo!

8:15 AM: Time for our bi-weekly Early Intervention session. Things are wrapping up with his services (he’s made great strides and probably won’t qualify for another year), so we chat, fill out paperwork, and play LEGOS.

IMG_2191 (1024x576)

9:30 AM: EI ends. I’m pretty hungry, so I whip up a snack: Apple chunks nuked in microwave with cinnamon on top.

IMG_2175 (1024x1024)

9:39 AM: The doorbell rings, Murphy goes ballistic (the doorbell is his nemesis), and a special delivery arrives from my friends at General Mills...  just in time for National Cereal Day!

IMG_2172 (1024x768)

Inside the package is a personalized Carrots ‘N’ Cake spoon.

IMG_2177 (1024x768)

As well as all sorts of fun decorations and activities to celebrate National Cereal Day next Tuesday! FYI: If you follow CNC on Instagram, keep you eyes peeled for a special cereal giveaway! 🙂

IMG_2178 (768x1024)

10:25 AM: Qman tells me that he wants to “go in the car.” Well, ok then! 🙂 I suggest a few places to go, and he ultimately decides on the “cows,” but immediately clarifies what he really wants to see and says “cat.”

10:42 AM: We arrive at Hornstra Farm and, as soon as I park the car, Quinn’s cat friend approaches us. We follow him around the farm for a solid 20 minutes before briefly stopping to see the cows.

IMG_2213 (1024x1024)

11:06 AM: We head inside the farm store. We shop around for a little bit and ultimately decide to buy some Coffee Toffee ice cream. Great choice, Quinn! 🙂

IMG_2210 (1024x1024)

11:10 AM: We leave the store and look for Quinn’s cat friend to say goodbye, but he’s nowhere to be found.

IMG_2212 (678x1024)

11:30 AM: We arrive home. I make us lunch.

IMG_2223 (1024x1024)

12:15 PM: We finish eating lunch. Qman plays while I clean up.

12:45 PM: Nap time for Quinn.

1:00 PM: Workout time for Mumma!

IMG_2225 (1024x1024)

Wearing: Reebok Nano 7.0 <— super cute, right?

1:30 PM: I take a quick shower, get dressed, and then get to work.

2:45 PM: I’m starting to get hungry, so I break out an RXBAR. Delicious!

IMG_2226 (768x1024)

3:30 PM: The UPS guy rings our doorbell, Murphy goes ballistic, and wakes up Quinn. Ughhhh. I used to put a note on the front door asking delivery people not to ring the doorbell during nap time, but no one has rung it in ages, so I just stopped doing it. I guess we got a new doorbell-happy UPS man? Blah. #momfail.

IMG_2229 (676x1024)

3:33 PM: I wait a few minutes to see if Quinn will settle himself down, but he’s getting more and more upset, so I head upstairs to his bedroom. He’s really sad, so I bring him downstairs to the living room. We cuddle on the couch for quite awhile. I keep thinking he’s asleep, but every time I look down at him, his eyes are open. Ha!

3:53 PM: Qman is (suddenly) finished with cuddle time, so he slides off the couch and (literally) runs into his playroom. Such a goof. Apparently, he really wanted to play with his cars at that very moment! Haha!

3:59 PM: Mal arrives home. We catch up and then decide to take a family walk since it’s such a nice day.

4:15 PM: Family walk!

IMG_2232 (1024x768)

4:55 PM: We arrive home after our walk. The (human) boys add some air to the tires on our jogging stroller while Murphy and I head upstairs for dinner.

4:58 PM: Dinnertime for Murphy!

IMG_2236 (1024x768)

6:07 PM: Dinnertime for the humans!


6:45 PM: We finish eating dinner. Mal and I tag team the cleaning in the kitchen and then we all have some ice cream for dessert! 🙂

IMG_2206 (1024x1024)

7:00 PM: We watch a TV show with Quinn.

7:25 PM: Time to get Quinn ready for bed. Mal takes over pajamas, teeth, and books while I do a little work in my office. I check for “sugar bugs” after Quinn brushes his teeth and then join them for Qman’s favorite book of the moment.

7:55 PM: Bedtime for Quinn.

8:00 PM: Usually, Mal and I watch TV after we put Quinn to bed, but we’re both exhausted, so we get ready for bed ourselves, read for maybe 15 minutes, and then go to sleep.

8:30 PM: Lights out.

The end.



  1. I have a 3.5 year old and this schedule is sooo similar to ours, except my daughter only takes a 1-1.5 hour nap if I’m lucky. I work at home too, and so rely on that nap!

  2. Quinn is 2 years and 9 months, right? That makes him 2.75 years old, not 2.9 years old. There aren’t 10 months in a year! 🙂 Just reads a little confusing.

    1. It’s how daycare/preschools refer to the kids’ ages to make things easier (2 years + 9 months). It’s pretty common with younger kids.

      1. When we moved to MA – just from RI – I was pretty excited to see preschool starts at 2.9 here instead of 3. My son was coming from a home daycare and started right on the day he reached 2.9, it was perfect timing. We’ve loved preschool!

  3. This sounds so much like our days when I’m not working. It’s all scheduled by the tiny dictator!

  4. Have you ever tried moving Quinn’s bedtime up earlier to around 6:30? I wonder if he might sleep later in the morning if so. Might be worth a try! I know it sounds nuts but we hired a sleep consultant and turns out she was right that by moving bedtime up an hour, we now have closer to 7am wakeups instead of 5:30! It’s amazing!!! Doesn’t work every single day but overall I’m loving it! The bonus of more alone time in the evening is icing on the cake.

    1. We’ve tried moving his bedtime earlier a few times now, but he always wakes up at the same time. We could put him to bed at 6:30 or 8:30pm, and he’s still up between 5:30 -6:30am the next morning.

      1. @Tina:

        I would def encourage you to put him down earlier. Night sleep is much more restorative so if he sleeps 7-530 that’s much better than a long nap.

      2. My toddler (who is a couple weeks younger than Q) is the same way! We’ve tried putting him to bed at every time under the sun, and he still stubbornly wakes up between 515-600am. It’s pretty exhausting, but at least their consistent I guess? Mine has also decided naps are no longer for him, but I think I need to hang in there a little longer and try to change his mind. I had no idea kid sleep would be so confusing to figure out!

  5. Man it is tough with a toddler! I’m surprised you get anything done at all. I am always shocked you get so much blogging and social media done. How do you do it?

  6. Aw, I just love that Quinn is a cat AND dog person! We also have a pug and a Persian, and we’re like Quinn…we like all the animals! Cows, too!

  7. My son is a tiny bit older than Quinn and is obsessed with fig bars. Have you tried the Nature’s Bakery brand. I believe the sugar is around 12g.

  8. Wow!!! That’s such an early riser Mr Q-man! Have you ever heard of the okay to wake me clock? It literally is my favorite child item we own! My oldest had one in his room at 18 months and so on, and my youngest moved in with my oldest slightly after he turned 3.

    They know they are NOT allowed to get out of their bed till it turns green. You could set it for anytime you want. It’s nice knowing alright we have till this time till little rascals start running out of their room. I seriously love it!

  9. Hey Tina! How are you liking the Chico Tre stroller 3 years later…read your original review and we are thinking of getting this stroller (vs the Bob everyone is telling us to get) just wondering how it’s held up for you and if you still like it. Thanks!

    1. It’s awesome! We still use it a ton, and it was actually the first time in 3 years that we needed to add air to the tires.

    2. @Megan: We have the same stroller (bought it 2 years ago) and we love it and still love it! The only thing I wish it did have was a tray for my little guy (cup/snack holder), maybe they sell them and I just don’t know. lol But its so great for running with the adjustable handle, the locking wheel and the extended shade!

  10. I LOVE love love the personalized spoons.

    I need to bake some dog treat! Loki would love that.

    Also, I’ve heard that about coffee too. But there’s just no way I’m going to totally give it up. So I limit myself to 1 in the morning and MAYBE 1 in the afternoon, and then swap out for teas in between.

  11. My son is also obsessed with those Trader Joes cereal bars. I tried buying the Wegmans brand and he was not having it!

  12. Hey Tina – Have you heard of Headspace? I’ve been meaning to ask since I know you like the 10% Happier book; your morning mind wanderings reminded me… It’s a meditation app but the sessions are only 10 minutes. You can work on a series that focuses on all different areas related to health, sports, relationships and performance or there are one off sessions to do while you are walking, commuting, trying to sleep, etc. Anyway, it’s very cool and I thought you might like it – I love taking 10 minutes in the morning before I get started on my day. I love your blog, been reading for years!

  13. You should send your spoon to a friend of mine ~ have her flatten it out and make a necklace out of it. 🙂

    I think Q needs a kitty. 😉

  14. Day in the life posts are my favorite, both to read and to write!

    I don’t know if baby carrots freeze well, but you could definitely freeze them and use them to make vegetable broth. I read the tip to freeze extra veggies / scraps for broth over at and have been loving it! I hate wasting food too!

  15. My guy turns 2.9 in August and I’m only excited about this purely for the fact that the rates drastically decrease after he leaves the toddler room! yipee! But in the meantime I am dreading it, they are growing way too fast 🙁

  16. I’m glad I’m not the only one who goes to bed before 9pm ;-). Love it!
    The dark chocolate sea salt bar is definitely my favorite!

  17. Busy mama! I would second the commenters suggestion of trying an earlier bedtime – night sleep is so much more restorative and I found that the later wake ups did happen when we moved my 3 year olds bedtime closer to 6:30– but it took a solid 2 months or so. She also dropped her nap which was hard at first , but we are happier with more grown up time at night, a 7 am (not 6 am) wake up and a happier kid (she started being really cranky after nap time and fighting bedtime ).

  18. What do you feed Murphy? I have a pug so I’m just wondering 🙂

    They’re the best. Snorts, farts, shedding and all!

  19. Can I just say that I love that you went to bed at 8:30! I do that at least once a week! Usually when I am also up in the 4am hour. Ps. Murphy’s head tilt is awesome! Have a great weekend. 🙂

  20. My youngest will be 3 next month (holy hell, how did this happen so fast?!) and she is such a picky eater! I’ll have to try some of those bars for her, maybe they will make her list of worthy foods to eat 😉
    Have a great weekend!

  21. I always try to go to bed at 8:30-9, but end up watching tv or screwing around on the internet until 10 or so (and I wake up at 5). I need to just put my phone down! Good on you for actually going to bed when you need to!

  22. Woah you’re early risers and I thought my house was bad with no sleep after 6am! I love being productive first thing on a morning though! And so pleased in reading this I’ve discovered the link to your home made dog treats. My dog is currently suffering with allergies so home made treats might be the way to go. Thanks.

  23. My daughter is up with the sun too – no matter when she goes to bed. Thank heavens we have a morning tradition of watching Winnie the Pooh so I can drink my coffee and cuddle. She has shown interest in bars lately too so I went to Trader Joe’s today to get the two you suggested, can’t wait to see if she likes them!

  24. I love that spoon!! 🙂

    Oh, and I noticed at the beginning of your post you mentioned the night sweats. I can totally relate because after having my first baby a few years back it happened to me almost every night for the first two years of his life! It did eventually go away though and it didn’t happen after I had my second baby, so that was a bonus. Anyway, just wanted to let you know you are not alone in that regard! It was interesting for me to read that to also realize I’m not the only one! My medical checks didn’t pick up on anything (thyroid, etc) so I figured it was just hormones…

    Happy weekend! x

  25. Wow, cool blog. There’s not doubt that coffee can wreck your skin. Think about all the effects that it has on the hormones of the body, which causes a cascade effect throughout the body as a whole. So, it’s not simply a matter of skincare, but the body as a whole that’s effected.

    I know about all the studies and anti-oxidants it has, but given the mycotoxins and pesticides that so many brands seem to possibly have (even some great organic brands), we should all try to exercise caution–especially when using it as a facial scrub or applying it to any part of our skin, period.

    Thanks for the blog and keep up the awesome work!

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