Cute Baby Shower Ideas

Good morning!

I just ordered the invitations for my sister’s baby shower!


Aren’t they cute? I bought them from, which has tons and tons of mostly adorable baby shower invites. There’s also a few, um, interesting ones.

On Sunday afternoon, my mom and my sister came over for lunch. I made chili and corn bread muffins. Chili in a crockpot = super easy and super tasty!


After lunch, I gave my sister a few presents for my new nephew, including a Batman shirt and some teeny-tiny socks with monkeys and dogs on them. Buying baby clothes is so fun.


Murphy also bought some poop bags for the new baby.


Don’t they look just like dog poop bags? Haha!

My mom had some fancy organic dog bones to give to Murphy, so we had a little fun with them him.




Eventually, my mom said “okay” and Murphy ate the piece of bone off of her knee. Haha!

A little while later, I made us some coffee and then we all relaxed on the couch. Murphy was exhausted.


Murphy’s life = so hard.


Hanging out and chatting eventually got us on the topic of my sister’s baby shower and soon we were in full planning mode. We decided on a date, place, and time, tentative menu, invitations, and a possible theme/color scheme. There’s still a lot to do, but we definitely made some progress.


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I love your recipes! So simple and so good. I make your sweet breakfast scramble, protein pancakes and paleo morning glory muffins all the time! Congrats on 5 years Tina!

Congrats, Christine! Please email me at with your full name and mailing address.

Question of the Day

What’s the best/cutest idea you’ve ever seen at a baby shower?

Here are some of the cute ideas I’ve found on Pinterest!

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  1. Aww isn’t Murphy just the perfect pug! My family had a pug, Reggie, who was incredibly adorable albeit lazy, and I just love how pugs are so gentle and non-aggressive. My inlaws have two pugalier puppies and the adorable factor is through the roof. It’s funny though because they definitely don’t look alike.

  2. Murphy is so funny!! I love how even in the last picture, with your computer, you can see him to the side, still looking up and hoping for more dog bones!

  3. Sorry if any of these are repeats but here’s what went over well at my shower –
    *bingo during present opening
    *Don’t Say ‘Baby’ – everyone gets a bead necklace, if I hear you say ‘baby’ I can take your necklace(s) – whoever winds up with the most necklaces (out of everyone or at each table depending on # of people) wins a prize

  4. Love the invitations! SO cute!
    My sister makes these “diaper cakes” for every baby shower she attends. Someone might have already mentioned this, as they’re all over Pinterest!

  5. A great idea I’ve seen is making a CD with a “baby” theme, meaning songs that include the words “baby.” Examples, “Be My Baby” by the Ronnettes, “Here Comes My Baby” by Cat Stevens, etc. You can also include lullabies, or songs that were important to the parents when they were kids. 🙂

  6. For my sister’s baby shower, I got a bunch of plain white onesies and some fabric paints and everyone decorated onesies for the baby. I got them in all sizes so that she would be able to use them for awhile. I told her to hang on to them as her son outgrew them so that I can use them to make a quilt for them! Everyone had a lot of fun decorating them too!

  7. Wow that baby shower invitation is definitely “interesting”! Pinterest is the new go to for any sort of event planning, having that handy tool in hand will make the creative process faster and smoother for planning the shower! Good luck!

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