“Close Enough” Macros + What I Ate [Timestamps]

Good morning! “Close enough” macros? I’ll tell ya all about it in a second! 🙂

We got back from Stowe yesterday afternoon – and, my gosh, we had a GREAT time!! The Lodge at Spruce Peak (formally Stowe Mountain Lodge) is truly one of our favorite places to visit. We look forward to this trip all year long, and I can’t wait to tell you guys all about it! I’m hoping to have a review on the blog (and Instagram) very soon.

I decided to “timestamp” our final morning in Stowe as well as our travels home to show you some of my eats for the day. As you’ll see, they’re definitely not perfect – far from actually. I like to call them: “Close enough macros.” I didn’t plan well and we had like zero fresh food when we got home. But this also demonstrates, that your eating, especially macro-wise doesn’t need to be on-point to live a healthy life or achieve your goals. If anything, consistency with your overall calorie goal and food choices (whole, high-quality, minimally processed) are even more important than “hitting your macros.”

I actually didn’t track my macros yesterday, but I’ve done it for so long, I have a good idea how they fell for the day (lots of carbs and fat), but I was likely within my calorie goal for the day. And, as I always say, “close enough.” Macros don’t need to be perfect to work! Ok, I’ve rambled on and on, soooo let’s get to it!

9:03 AM: Breakfast at Solstice with my boys! It was our last morning in Stowe, so we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast before hitting the road home.

9:11 AM: Breakfast is served! I ordered the the Whirlaway Bowl (minus the poached egg), which was brown rice, avocado, kale, roasted potatoes, chickpeas, and wild mushrooms. It was awesome and will definitely inspire some breakfasts at home in the future!

9:35 AM: Family photo! I actually think this was the only one we got during our visit!

9:50 AM: We check out the gym. We didn’t have time to work out, but we heard there were Peloton Bikes, so we wanted to see what they were all about. Random question: Has anyone ever used the Peloton app without the bike? It seems like they have some real great workouts! We have a Bowflex Max Trainer, so I thought maybe I could use them “together.”

10:31 AM: Time to head home. As we were leaving, Quinn says, ” Stowe, I will miss you and never forget you.”

12:13 PM: We had snacks in the car, so “lunch” for me was 2 Vermont-made Monkey Chew Granola Bars that I bought from the resort before we left. They were deeeelicious!!

1:03 PM: I also drank some kombucha with CBD.

2:53 PM: We finally arrive home – traffic, blah. Fortunately, our bi-monthly ButcherBox shipment is waiting on our front step. Perfect timing! We order a custom box of all chicken (~18 pounds), which typically lasts us 7-8 weeks. We only order chicken because we eat a lot of it, and the quality is really great. We still buy beef, pork, and fish at the grocery store, but we don’t eat it as often. Actually, I eat a decent amount of fish… maybe I should order from ButcherBox or Thrive Market again? It was super convenient the last time I did!

6:28 PM: Dinner time! Inspired by my breakfast, I made a rice bowl for sorts. In the mix: Brown rice, chicken breast, frozen chopped spinach, chickpeas, frozen broccoli florets, and homemade peanut sauce. I actually made a double-batch and packed away the leftovers for lunch today!

6:59 PM: Dessert time! Leftover gluten- and egg-free carrot cake from our time in Stowe. It was actually a much bigger piece before I snapped the photo. I guess I got a little too excited! 😉

Oldies But Goodies

Questions of the Day

Have you ever tried ButcherBox or Thrive Market? If so, what are your favorite items to purchase? 

P.S. Don’t forget to enter to win a pair of sunglasses from Kohv. We’re giving away 10 pairs!!


  1. I use the Peloton digital app and do not have a bike at home. I do go to the gym I belong to for the spin rides. At home I will use the yoga and meditation. I have used the boot camp class and I want to try the running classes too. I absolutely love the app. The classes and teachers are amazing. They continue to improve and upgrade the app. My favorite aspect are the spin/cycle classes. What I like most is the search feature is excellent and for example Ally Love is my favorite teacher if she taught three classes this am they would already be on the app. You can also participate in live classes but that rarely works with my schedule. I have used it while travelling. I just stream it on my iphone and have it in the drink holder of the bike and have my airpods in. It is so good! I am not sure how it would translate to other equipment since the cycle classes are cued for a bike workout but I cannot say enough good things. When I signed up I got three months for a super cheap price with no obligation. I think it is the best deal out there and the highest caliber. Also a total mental boost since the instructors are so motivating and positive.

  2. I always wondered how nutritiously OK is to have same protein or carb source too often. I know it’s better to have variety with veggies to get all the nutrients. But it’s similar with protein and carbs? Like eating mostly chicken and rice for both breakfast/lunch and dinner? Or oats every morning of the week? Personally I love switching foods quite often… but I always wondered…

  3. I have a peloton bike and have used the app while traveling. I would 100% recommend the bike over rigging up your own. First, the bike with the screen really is immersive and gives you a distraction free workout that I’ve found hard to accomplish at home without it. Secondly- the metrics are key especially when your working out at home to make sure that you’re putting in real effort. Most bikes have watts but it often toggles (which annoys the heck out of me) and they won’t record and store your output so you can track your progress, you would have to do that on your own. Also, gears can be tricky- the peloton goes from 1-100, whereas other bikes are all over the map and calibrating what a hill, climb, flat road should feel like would take time and you might not push yourself as hard. Finally, it is a beautiful machine. Even the carbon fiber Schwinn fancy boutique bikes feel like riding with a flat tire after riding a peloton.
    I know they are ridiculously expensive and it’s even more annoying because you pay $40 a month versus $15 for just the app, but it is the best money I’ve ever spent.

  4. You can’t just call something macros that have nothing to do with macros. macros are already a thing. Your taking places in my news feed that should be filled with real macros

  5. I have a spin bike (not the peloton bike) so I do their spin classes sometimes but primarily use their app for strength and yoga. I’ve found it’s also great when I am travelling and need body weight exercises. I love the app and would highly recommend it. I think they have a free trial.

    Looks like a fun vacay and thanks for sharing your day/eats! So helpful 🙂

  6. my in laws have the bike and I love using it when visiting. My husband and I both use the app at our own house without the bike for weights, yoga, core, meditation and there’s even running and walking workouts too. We love the app since there’s always new videos being added.

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