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Hi, guys!

As you can see, CNC is up and running again. HOORAY! That was a rough few days, but I’m glad to be back in business again. In fact, I woke up in the middle of the night on Wednesday morning – my brain just wouldn’t shut off – and checked to see if my blog was working again (I know, I have issues…). It was working (!!), so I busted out 3 hours of work and went back to bed for about an hour. Middle-of-the-night work session for the win! Ha!

Anyway… our Thanksgiving was… fun. It wasn’t what we expected, but we made the best of it. It started out like our usual holidays when we travel out to see our families. (Mal and I grew up in the same hometown, so they only live a couple of miles from each other.)

We planned to have dinner at Papi’s house (Mal’s dad), so we stopped by my Grammie’s house in the morning to see my family. Grandma (my mom) was also there, and she brought Quinn (and Murphy) some prizes! 🙂

Quinn planned with Grammie’s toys (some of them are as old as me – how cool is that?) while we caught up with family.

My mom brought this fun veggie platter to Thanksgiving – cute, right!?

After spending some time with my family, we headed to Papi’s house to see Mal’s family.


Overall, Mal and I had a nice time – eating, drinking, and being merry – but Qman was just not having any of it. The day was filled with epic meltdowns. Ugh. And when it was time to sit down to Thankgiving dinner, Mal and I were dealing with another one. Everyone was waiting for us, but we had a screaming child upstairs. We knew Quinn’s tantrum wasn’t ending anytime soon and there was no way he’d sit at the table for dinner, so we decided to leave. If had been just Mal’s family at dinner, we wouldn’t have felt so bad (they have little kids too and totally get it), but Papi’s college friends and his girlfriends’ family were also there. We already felt bad about how the day went, so we didn’t want to ruin their Thanksgiving dinner too.

On the way home, Mal and I were feeling particularly HUNGRY and depressed about Thanksgiving, so we called a few restaurants around us, hoping one of them would offer some sort of traditional turkey dinner. We were in luck – Legal C Bar saved the day!

It was actually pretty good! Happy Thanksgiving!

Even though Thanksgiving was a bit of a bust, Mal and I had a wonderful time celebrating 14 years together at Novara.


We had heard great things about Novara, so we were really excited when they invited us for dinner. Jordan Knight of the New Kids on the Block is one of its owner, so, of course, I was especially psyched to visit. I was a huge fan back in the day. Haha! There was even a cocktail on the menu (I assumed) named in his honor:”New Fig on the Block.”

Novara was AWESOME – the bar area was absolutely gorgeous and the food was excellent. It’s definitely a place Mal and I would visit again and again!

We love hanging out at the bar when we’re on date nights, so Mal and I grabbed a drink before our reservation. I went with a dirty vodka martini.

A little while later, it was time to sit down to dinner, and I was so impressed with the menu at Novara – so many delicious options!

To start, Mal and I shared the Burrata (crostini, crisp parmesan, marinated tomatoes, aged balsamic, evoo), which our server highly recommended. It was fresh and flavorful – we gobbled it right up!

For my entree, I selected the Salmon Rosina, which was basically all of my favorite foods in one dish, and I absolutely loved it. Listen to this combo: grilled salmon with crispy pancetta mashed potato, basil marinated avocado, and pink grapefruit vinaigrette. Holy yum!

And, for dessert, we received a fun surprise to our table – Flourless Molten Cake with chocolate chip mascarpone and salted caramel whipped cream. It was incredible!

All in all, it was a wonderful (and delicious) way to celebrate 14 years!

Question of the Day

How was your Thanksgiving? Any highlights?

If your kid was acting terrible, what would you have done?



  1. oh man! Sounds like an eventful Thanksgiving. Glad you two had a night out!

    This was our first Thanksgiving away from family. My husband cooked the turkey with a Sous vide , SO GOOD. We had a few friends over to celebrate with.

  2. I think it was very considerate of you to leave (although I’m sure Papi would have been okay with you staying. )
    I had to leave gatherings early when my kids were over tired or stressed. The holidays can be overwhelming for them too and tantruming is the only was they can express themselves.

  3. Quinn is 3.5 years old right? I recently read children from ages 1-3 tend to go through times of “equilibrium” around whole years (1, 2, and 3) and “disequilibrium” around half-years (1.5, 2.5, and 3.5) according to the Gesell Institute. Maybe that explains it 🙂

  4. Toddlers are tough! I have 2 & 3-year-old boys and they are so unpredictable. Especially around holidays when naps are scant and the routine is off. It must have been a tough decision to leave-but I would have done the same thing. Hang in there, this too shall pass!

  5. I’m so sorry to hear about your Thanksgiving, but it seems as though you and Mal made the best of it! As a non-parent, I have no idea what I would have done, so props to you guys! A highlight from my Thanksgiving was drinking my weight in Pennsylvania Dutch eggnog (my FAVORITE), eating rum cake that I made myself (!!!) and spending lots of quality time with my boyfriend and our friends here in DC. We weren’t able to visit family this year, but December is mighty full of travel!

  6. From a non-parent, I think it was really considerate of you to leave. I have had so many dinners (mostly at restaurants) ruined by screaming children and inconsiderate parents. It’s not fun at all for anyone involved!

  7. you did not have a friends giving this year? I loved to read about it last year and loved the concept so much that I had my own friends giving party this year. And was hoping to read about your party updates here 🙁

  8. Our Thanksgiving was pretty great! We spent our second Thanksgiving in Hawaii at my sister-in-law’s home so it’s become a fun tradition for us. One couple did bring their toddler, and she did have a few meltdowns. I didn’t care much (I work with kids and have a million nieces and nephews, so I’m really good at ignoring major meltdowns, haha), but the parents were not happy with it. I can’t imagine what that’s like when it’s your own kid!

  9. Aww, we’ve been there! Three is SO MUCH FUN!!

    You guys seem like awesome parents – Q is a lucky little guy. Happy holidays!!

  10. Clicked here from 2018 and glad it was improved this year. My kids are now 7 and 8 and we are past that kind of difficulty. From the back end, it really is a short period of time! I know it is rough in the middle of it though.

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