Carrots ‘N’ Cake Fall Macro Challenge [FREE]

Hey, hey! 🙂 

I have something fun for you guys – a FREE fall challenge to give you a a taste of what macro tracking is all about. That’s right! I’ve received so many questions about macros from readers and followers, I thought you guys would really love an intro to macros via a tracking challenge. The challenge will also help you improve upon your meal prep skills as they are such an integral part of healthy eating.

Over the course of the 14-day challenge, you will receive a number of resources to help you along this journey, including how to calculate your own personal macro goals, quick tips for tracking, a sample meal plan, macro-friendly recipes, grocery list, and more! 

If you have friends or family that might be interested in this challenge, please share the link to sign up. Having support and extra accountability from a buddy or two will definitely help you go further with this challenge!

The deadline to register is Monday, October 8, 2018 (Columbus Day), so make sure you’re on the list. Sign up below! 



  1. Wow – thank you so much for offering this!!! I have tried to figure macros out after a friend had such great results with counting macros and it seems SO confusing and time-consuming to me!! I appreciate the opportunity to learn more about macros… especially since it is free!!!

  2. Hey Tina, I’m also doing WW Freestyle, but I am very curious about macros. Can I still sign up? Thanks! Katie

  3. Thanks so much for offering this! I tried macros a while ago and did see great results but need help working it into my busy life! I’m also looking to learn how to work in variety as the last time i did it I ate the same thing for weeks! I look forward to learning more.

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