Build-Your-Own CAVA Bowl

It’s no secret that I love CAVA and would eat it everyday if I could. There’s just something about the variety of flavors and ingredients that satisfies the mind, body, and soul. The CAVA nutrition is especially great because you can totally customize your order to your individual taste and dietary preferences. If you love CAVA hummus, you can have it. If you’re all about the CAVA splendid greens or that funky CAVA green sauce, they’re yours to try. And, of course, you need some CAVA “Crazy Feta” in your bowl. Be sure to make THAT happen. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

What are the best CAVA combinations?

Long story short, my obsession with CAVA bowls has inspired many of my own meals at home lately. It’s so easy to throw together a CAVA-inspired bowl from whatever you have in your kitchen. Anything goes and the options are truly endless.

My advice: Pick a “base,” one or two carb options, a source of protein, and then switch up the sauces and toppings, so you creations never get boring. Right now, I’m digging mixed shredded kale, Brussels sprouts, and red cabbage with Instant Pot BBQ Lentils, roasted broccoli (or whatever other veggies I have prepped or in the freezer), and homemade peanut sauce. Mmm! The flavor and texture combination is incredible!

A CAVA-inspired bowl can really be anything that you want, so I hope this list below gives you lots of tasty ideas. Just pick from the ingredients below, add them to your grocery shopping list, and then grab-and-go through the week to make your own delicious creations! And, really, from week-to-week you can totally switch things up with regard to ingredients and flavors, but you always have a basic framework to guide you. I hope this post inspires lots of delicious meals for you, and please share what you come up with!



  1. We don’t have a CAVA here but I was recently in Austin for a conference. On the first morning there I went for a run and ran around UT’s campus. I was so excited to see a CAVA. I dashed out of the conference at lunch to go try it. I had it two days in a row. So good!

  2. While not sponsored by the restaurant, was it sponsored by Legacy Place? Did you receive anything from any business (cash or gift card) for posting this?

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