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I did a little decorating today!


But, first, let’s talk about some eats!

Apparently, I’m on a yogurt kick lately””but not Greek yogurt like everyone else is eating (right? Do people still eat regular yogurt?) I’m loving straight-up, non-fat Stonyfield yogurt, and I can’t get enough of it lately.

First breakfast

When I woke up this morning, I ate a container of blueberry yogurt with vanilla Chex, sliced banana, and fresh raspberries.

IMG_7845 (600x450)

Second breakfast

A couple of hours later, I ate another container of yogurt (this time peach mango) with fresh raspberries. So delicious!

IMG_7850 (600x450)

Ok, now onto the decorating!

So, the other day, Mal sort of got on my case about decorating the house””in a joking way, of course, but he still made it known he wished there were some fall decorations around our house.

Mal is a decent decorator, but I don’t always love what he buys, so he leaves this task to me, which is totally cool because I typically enjoy it. It’s just been a busy fall and not a top priority for me, so I haven’t gotten around to it. Long story short, Mal said something along the lines of “you don’t love our house” (because it wasn’t decorated for fall), which made me feel bad for slacking on my decorating duties. Of course, Mal said it all sad and dramatic to me, so I decided to go shopping today for some decorations. Way to guilt me into decorating our house, Mal. Jeez.

Ok, Mal was right. Our house needed some fall love in a major way. I mean, check out my decorating efforts so far (it’s okay, you can laugh):

IMG_7806 (600x450)

Obviously, I was all over the decorating this year!

IMG_7807 (600x450)

Oh, wait, I hung a fall wreath over the fireplace mantel too. Clearly, I’m a decorating goddess.

IMG_7809 (600x450)

So, off to Marshalls I went this morning. I bought a whole cart full of decorations and then headed home to test them out.

IMG_7804 (450x600)

Most of them I liked, but I decided to return a couple of things and then go to HomeGoods to finish the project.

IMG_7853 (600x450)

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out at HomeGoods because there was Christmas stuff everywhere!

IMG_7855 (450x600)

Everywhere! Hello, it’s not even November 1st yet. We still have Halloween and Thanksgiving to celebrate. People still need fall decorations!

IMG_7857 (450x600)

Anyway, I hit up Target and Michaels too, but I didn’t have any luck finding cute fall décor there either. Although, I found mugs with little cable-knit sweaters (adorable).

IMG_7852 (600x450)

And a “no tweeting while we’re eating” stuffed turkey that made me smile. Thanksgiving dinner is a no phone zone!

IMG_7858 (450x600)

Ok, ready for the final product?

BEFORE (just in case you forgot about my amazing decorating skills):

IMG_7809 (600x450)


IMG_7861 (600x450)

IMG_7860 (600x450)

IMG_7865 (600x450)

IMG_7863 (600x450)


IMG_7806 (600x450)


photo (14)

photo (12)

Quite the improvement, right? I hope Mal likes it!

Questions of the Day

Did you decorate your home for fall this year?

Where is your favorite place to buy decorations for the home?

Is it too early for Christmas decorations?



  1. Looks great! Fall colors are always pretty 🙂 I think my apartment could use a little more fall cheer…right now my decorations consist of one lace-wrapped pumpkin and one pumpkin candle. Haha 😛
    As for Christmas decorations, I’ve already started putting together my Christmas shopping list, so I’m in the spirit! Besides, we’ve already had our first snow here in Cleveland, so winter is essentially here to stay. :/

  2. Oooooh!!! I LOVE the The Sweet Stripe Full Zip and the Sweet Petal Bra!! This giveaway timing couldn’t be any better – I’m about to give birth to my first child, and having a new piece of workout clothing would give me the extra motivation I’ll need during the holidays to lose the baby weight!!

  3. Very cute! I don’t usually decorate for fall, but since we’ve had kids, I try to do more. My efforts are not so great this year.. yet. I still have time ’til we host Thanksgiving!

    I buy a lot of our decor at Kirklands Home — they’re FULL of Christmas stuff already though. So annoying!

  4. I have been so unmotivated this year. I didn’t decorate for Halloween so maybe I still have time to decorate the house for fall. I’m loving that chevron table runner. Great job!

  5. You have inspired me. I decorated our front porch Saturday, and didn’t even think about the house. That changes this Friday.

  6. I haven’t been motivated either this year, I just put stuff up for Halloween yesterday… and it’s way too early for Christmas decor.

  7. I haven’t decorated yet this year and didn’t think I was going to. Now that I have seen a few people post their fall decorations, I think I’m getting the decorating bug. I might have to dig mine out!
    It’s definitely too early for Christmas stuff. Over the weekend some people posted on Instagram that both Walmart and Target have all of their Christmas stuff out. Yuck!

  8. I love the decorations on the mantle. Super cute!

    I swear they put out Christmas decorations earlier & earlier each year. Christmas is great, but fall is better!

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