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Hi, guys! Happy Hump Day!

So, I heard a rumor that you like to see what I eat in a day. And, truthfully, I also love to see what other people eat because it always gives me great ideas for my own food choices. And since macros are SO HOT right now, I wanted to share the macro breakdown of each of my meals and snacks. I don’t have any set number goals for them, but I try my best to make sure each is somewhat balanced between protein, carbs, and fat. I find those to be the most satisfying.

This particular day was this past Monday, so you’ll see lots of Thanksgiving leftovers and some extra chocolate because my blog was attacked by malware for the second time in one week. I was feeling stressed and frustrated, so I decided to, well, eat my feelings. I mean, hey, some days chocolate (and wine) are what get me though the day! 🙂

Post-Workout: Iced coffee with collagen, Maple Water, and half & half

Breakfast: Banana Protein Pudding (recipe below)

Lunch: Crockpot Turkey Chili (Designed to Fit Nutrition recipe)

Snack: Halos, UnReal PB Cups with Crispy Quinoa & Trader Joe’s Harvest Blend Herbal Tea

Dinner: Thanksgiving leftovers – roasted turkey, sweet potato casserole, carrots, and spinach

Dessert: Trader Joe’s Bamba

Totals: P 106 C 162 F 67 

Quick note about my macro totals: When planning my eats for the day, I keep a general macro range in mind, but I don’t make myself crazy trying to “hit my macros.” If I’m within 10g (over or under), I’m good. I try to stick to a 30/40/30 (P/C/F) breakdown during the week, but I rarely ever track my macros on the weekend because YOLO.

Banana Protein Pudding


  • 1 ripe banana
  • 2 scoops (20g) collagen (or protein powder)
  • 2 tbsp creamy nut butter (I think Teddie works best!)
  • 1 tbsp ground flaxseed
  • 3 tbsp unsweetened almond milk

Directions: Place ingredients in a microwave-safe bowl. Nuke for 45 seconds. Mix ingredient together until smooth. Eat!



    1. @Nicole @ Bento Momentos: I use MFP for calorie and/or macros. I agree it can be cumbersome in the beginning to enter everything, but I think that’s sort of any tracking site (absent getting DTFN to make you the plan in advance 😉 ). However, I have my staples, so my frequently tracked things are at very top of the list of things I can select to track. You can also copy a meal from a date, so if I know Fridays are “food truck Friday” in my office, I can copy last Friday’s meal without going through the task of tracking every single item again. Also you can import recipes from websites, and it will pull out all the ingredients. I suggest giving them another try! I like it more than I used to, too. 🙂 Good luck!

  1. love the what I eat in a day post. im still trying to find my balance with tracking/ not tracking. i like being in control so tracking during the week and not tracking on weekends sounds like a happy medium.
    thanks for this post

  2. Chili is my favorite meal this time of year. OK, any soup. But chili is my favorite to snuggle up with while watching a college football game on a Saturday afternoon. Perfection.

  3. I tried the banana protein pudding and it turned out very liquidy today, not anything like your pic! I used the measurements. …do you mash up the banana before microwaving it? Feel like I’m missing something here 🙂

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