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I was all about the “step-up” for my second attempt at Open WOD 13.2. (Thank you for all of your helpful suggestions, by the way!) I did it right from the beginning of the workout, and it definitely proved to be a smart strategy for me.

step up 13.2 (429x640)


Open WOD 13.2Photo credit: Sean Burns

During 13.2, I learned a couple of “interesting” things about myself.

CF Open 13.2 (640x429)

The first: I make a lot of weird faces when I work out.

shoulder to overhead CrossFit Open (429x640)

What is that lip thing?!?

shoulder to overhead CF Open (429x640)

deadlifts 13.2 (640x429)


shoulder to overhead 13.2 (429x640)

As Mal says: “No one looks good when they work out.” Clearly.

step up (640x429)

P.S. Those “step-ups” were so much easier than the box jumps, but they still sucked, yo! My quads burned so bad at the end!

The second thing I learned: CrossFit gets me really fired up! I’m typically super easygoing, and it takes a lot to get me riled up, but CrossFit definitely brings out a different side of me””a crazy, competitive side”” and I guess I was especially in the zone with 13.2!

CrossFit 13.2 (429x640)

Growing up, I played all sorts of sports and never got fired up like I do at CrossFit””even when my team lost a big soccer game or I missed an important shot in tennis. Even running and racing over the past few years never really got me super riled up, but, apparently, I’ve found something I’m passionate about in CrossFit. (Maybe it’s because I’m getting older?)

During the WOD yesterday, I got a tad… ok, a lot riled up over a no-rep call by my husband, who was judging me during 13.2. My little outburst actually happened after the second time of being no-reped on the Shoulder to overheads. On the previous round, Mal no-reped me for not getting my head all the way through on the final rep. No big deal. I picked up the bar and did another one.

On the next round, I was being super deliberate with each of the Shoulder to overheads because I didn’t want to get no-reped again, but, apparently, I didn’t get my head all the way through once again on the last yep. I was exhausted and obviously fired up, so I didn’t agree with Mal and, um, let him know that. I may have used the word “bullshit” to express my dissatisfaction.

no rep

My head was through, damnit! Haha!

head through (429x640)

Thankfully, Mal didn’t care at all about my choice of words directed at him. He does CrossFit; he gets it, so we had a good laugh about it after the fact. He was a great judge and coach, and he definitely pushed me to get through that WOD. I couldn’t have done it without him, so I’m especially appreciative of him keeping his cool when I got all riled up. I improved my score my 34 reps (263) on 13.2 yesterday, so it was worth it!

I’m not sure if you noticed my new kicks in the photos above, but they’re the Women’s SubLite Train 1.0 from Reebok. Reebok sent them to me (as part of a blogger program with Fitfluential) at the end of last week, so I was excited to wear them for 13.2 yesterday. These sneakers actually remind me a lot of the Nanos because they’re lightweight with a firm, stable sole, and they’re awesome for CrossFit workouts””sturdy and supportive while being responsive and flexible at the same time. I also liked that the soles had a good “grip” on them, so I didn’t have to worry about slipping on the box during the step-ups. And, obviously, I love the colors of these sneakers. Black + bright, happy colors = love.

Reebok SubLite Train 1.0

A huge THANKS to Mama Donnie for taking these photos and getting my CrossFit “passion” on camera! Haha!

Question of the Day

What gets you fired up?

P.S. Check out my springtime smoothie recipe over on My Way Home! It includes strawberries and coconut milk!



  1. Awesome job! In terms of workouts, I get riled up when I hit the agility ladder during my at home Asylum workouts. It’s so frustrating because it messes with my momentum! But like you, I’m also thankful for those mess ups, since they help me improve.

  2. As your hubby said…no one looks good working out. If you do, you aren’t doing it right!

    I get riled up when something gets in the way of my workouts. I can play nice with others, until you take away my workout time…then a nasty beast arises 🙂

  3. I love this post 🙂 I love CrossFit! And I love all your workout faces!

    CrossFit gets me riled up! People struggling and then knocking it out the ballpark (box?) and succeeding get me riled up! (in a good way!)

    Woohoo, now I can’t wait to get off work and WOD today!!

  4. I also had similar pictures. I had the exact same faces but worse. I had shots with my tongue out. I also stepped up on the box. It was definitely the way to go. I am newer to crossfit so the 75 lbs was heavier for me than you. Congrats on your awesome number.

  5. Love these pics!! You’re not supposed to look camera ready when working out, so no worries! I use choice words while working out all the time!

  6. Oh my goodness, I loved this post! Those faces are priceless – but, man, you’re ripping through that work out. I have to say, I haven’t found that thing that gets me that fired up, exercise-wise (I’m looking, though), but I’m kind of like Rachel – I get SUPER fired up if someone tries to contradict me and I know I’m right. It’s not great, but it gets the temper flared for sure!

  7. Awesome score! Have you seen the youtube video/movie “Killing the Fat Man?” It’s a man’s journey of how Crossfit changed his life. It really does. I love it so much, and I love that you’re so passionate about it. It’s encouraging for beginners like me.

  8. wow good job, I want to do 13.2 again too with all step ups and see if i improve. I did the first round jumping and after that i did step ups! the 75 lb push press is soooo hard though! I need new crossfit shoes too, well a pair of cf shoes since i have none, so I will look into those!

  9. I mean this is in the nicest way possible: Girl you are an animal.
    I was so looking forward to a 13.2 redemption post. I love how Mal pushes you to do your best. He’s top shelf. I get fired up over a good/hard run.

  10. tina – what an amazing performance on 13.2! i am so impressed by your improvement over your first attempt. that 75# shoulder to overhead was so heavy. we all did the step ups over here too and they were serious quad burners. my booty is so sore today. congrats!

  11. I definitely think if you’re working as hard as you can, you won’t look awesome… that’s at least true for me. If someone looks fantastical during a workout, they probably aren’t giving it their all… that’s just how I justify my weird/uggo faces during races 😉

  12. Oh you make me miss CrossFit so much!! I have to scale so much now it doesn’t feel the same. Next year at this time, I’ll be sans belly and looking forward to the Open! I love the facial expressions–show’s you’re in it!

  13. I love the photos! Someone at my box is always there to take (and post) pictures and while I feel like a hot mama during the WOD I NEVER look like one 🙂 Step-Ups made my quads burn way more than the jumps, but they helped me to improve my score by 59 reps on my 2nd attempt! What is the rationale for stepping onto the corner of the box? Congrats on the improved score!

  14. Great post and fun to read! Way to rock the weights (and muscles!) and that’s a huge improvement on your 13.2 score from the first time you did it.
    This AM I did my first “real” CrossFit workout–after 6 sessions of on-ramp, this AM was the real deal. Holy smokes. I consider myself to be in good shape, but CrossFit shape is totally different.

  15. Oh my gosh, you are not the only one girl! Lol…i look like a crazy lunatic when i work out and when I run….omg, i look like I’m dying…which is not cool because I don’t feel like it! I wish we could all look super photogenic while working out.
    And once again, i love those shoes. I want some!

  16. Your faces are great! You’re totally doing the McKayla Maroney ‘not impressed’ face when you were no-repped. I make faces. And I may or may not grunt with anything overhead. {Hangs head — I’m not embarrassed}

    1. I do! I follow Courtney at The Petite Athlete, Jess at Blonde Ponytail, and Meghan at TheMegaMix. If anyone has more suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

  17. Those faces are priceless! Great job improving your reps too..and getting upset about the no reps from Mal is just more confirmation that you’ve found your passion…if you weren’t passionate about CrossFit those non-reps wouldn’t make you that mad…so it’s a good thing I’d say!

  18. I love all of these pictures. You can tell how much effort and thought you put into the WOD. I can totally see you getting mad and the ya’ll getting to laugh about it later. I was the person who took sports too serious in school. I would get so upset if I thought for one moment my teammates weren’t taking the game seriously.

  19. You look awesome and are in total BEAST MODE in these pics!! Such an inspiration. I did 13.2 twice too and got 62 more reps with step ups than box jumps. It’s crazy! Thank god we had that option in this wod, right? Any predictions for 13.3???

  20. Wow, so I’ve still not attempted CrossFit, but I agree with Melisa, Girl, you are an animal! Great job and it is great to see how Mal understands and pushes you. Great team there 🙂

  21. As I’m sitting here still in my pjs, I am trying to look at your muscles and avoid the pizza I want to order and workout instead. We all need the stay in pjs and eat days right? ;-). You look amazing!

    I get fired up when I don’t perform as well as I could. Whether it was a test score in school, the time of a race, or holding poses in Bikram yoga class.

  22. Nobody looks good working out!

    Running, racing in particular, gets me riled up!

    FYI, as I was reading your post my 6 year old daughter walked up and said “Is that in real life? WOW She’s strong!” 🙂

  23. I love the look on your face when you have the shits with Mal. I noticed there were no photos of his face. i bet he was struggling not to laugh when you went off at him.

  24. I know what you mean about Crossfit getting you fired up, it definitely did that for me too. Unfortunately all the competitiveness wasn’t good for my self esteem or mental health so I quit Crossfit after over a year to go back to distance running. It chills me out and relaxes me, and that’s what I really need and crave from my workouts 🙂

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