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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, guys!

So, you know how magazines, like US Weekly, give you an “exclusive” look inside the handbag of various celebrities? I love these kinds of features because they let you peek inside the celebrity’s life and see what it’s all about. And they look really fun, right? But, of course, we all know these photos are likely “enhanced” to look a certain way for a magazine spread. I’m not saying the featured celebrity doesn’t carry these things around on a regular basis, but I’m sure a stylist/photographer made the contents of the bag look all hip and cool and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Even still, I love these types of features (they’re especially great for discovering new products), so I thought it would be fun to give you guys a look inside my bag. But I didn’t edit its contents in any way, so you’ll see the good, the bad, and the ugly. My bag goes everywhere with me, so, as you can imagine, it gathers a lot of random stuff inside it.

SAM_2458 (800x533)

Ok, here we go. No editing. I just dumped everything out onto our living room chair– trash, sand (how does it get in there?) and all!


It’s quite the pile of stuff, huh?

SAM_2461 (800x533)

Since I planned to document what was inside, I took it as an opportunity to clean out the junk in my bag. Right off the bat, I removed the trash and items that really didn’t belong in there (i.e. headphones + SPIbelt).

SAM_2477 (800x533)

Then, I went through and removed the items that I thought would lighten my load. Unfortunately (fortunately?), I use pretty much everything I had in my bag, so only one thing (my second wallet) was moved to my car’s glove box. (It has gift and reward cards inside, which I frequently use when I shop, but I don’t want them taking up space in my regular wallet, so keeping them in the glove box is a good option.)


Here’s what’s in my bag:

  • Sunglasses + case
  • CVS face & hand wipes – great for germs and boogers
  • Toys for Quinn – great for entertaining the little guy in public
  • Yes to Carrots lip balm 
  • SPF wipes – I’ve carried these wipes around with me for years now, thinking I’d need them as emergency sunblock when I forgot to bring it. They expire in August, and I still haven’t used them. I bet I’ll end up throwing them out. Ha!
  • Ricola® Revitalizing Herb Drops – great for allergies or when your breath needs a little boost
  • Wallet – It’s a fancy Coach one, but I got it for less than half price from

SAM_2470 (800x533)

  • Lots of reusable bags – I use them all the time. I’m kind of obsessed.


  • My coupon stash – I love coupons! The “movie night” sticker was given to Quinn during a recent trip to Trader Joe’s, but he wasn’t a fan (it weirded him out), so it ended up on my coupon baggie.
  • Pen


Did you happen to notice the naked baby in the photo above? Quinn’s daycare prints photos to share with parents and this one ended up at the bottom of my bag. (I usually stick them in his baby book, but I must have missed this one.) This pic is of him playing with water + friends + toys on a recent hot day.


Question of the Day

Your turn! Peak into your bag and share 3 random things inside! 


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  1. Haha… I recently bought a cute zip locker bag to make it easier to transfer all the things which I carry around with me to my various bags 😀
    Things I always carry with me are a small brush (I’ve only used it once or twice in five years), two mini hand balms (I want to use them up) and a lip balm. And probably 1013645613 other things 😀

  2. My bag/purse is always full of receipts, wrappers, forks (for food on the move, thought not plastic just ones from the kitchen!), facewipes, food…you never know what you’ll find in there but most probably nuts in food bags or little handy sachets of em!

  3. DAMN
    see? I NEED TO GET ME A BAG.
    Ive celebrated the sweet sweet freedom of the child having her OWN BAG long enough 🙂

  4. Currently I have a bag of Powerberries from Trader Joes (the perfect chocolate treat), Mitch’s baby sunglasses and a receipt from date night dinner with my husband!

  5. I recently switched from a huge purse to a tiny purse because I was having shoulder pain and it was recommended to me that I get that large load off my painful shoulder…and I admit…. I love it! I didn’t realize how much stuff I was carrying around that I BARELY used. So I removed all but the necessities (large wallet, work badge, coin purse, and chap stick) and that is all I carry with me anymore. However, I don’t have kids and I did put a lot of the other infrequently used items in a separate bag in my car for emergencies. It’s been several months and I have’t needed any of that other stuff once. Hope you are enjoying your vacation! 🙂

  6. 1) Eyeliner I’m returning today
    2) Bandaids (I walk EVERYWHERE, so I always make sure to have bandaids handy in case I get blisters!)
    3) Flashdrive. You never know when you’ll need one of these (and it’s nice to have a backup of your work with you at all times!)

    My concern now is that I only have 2 pens in my purse. I feel like I should probably double it. I have a weird thing about always needing to have plenty of pens on my person 🙂

  7. A pair of socks (My sister and I were going to go ice skating a few weeks back, but when we got there, the people behind the counter wouldn’t even look at us. Not sure what THAT was about, so we left), the current Jamberry Catalog (I’m a rep. Gotta keep pictures of pretty nails on me at all times!), and my old Samsung Galaxy S3. I just upgraded to the S6 this weekend, and haven’t removed the old one yet.

  8. 5 bottles of nail polish (WHY?!), 1 no show sock and 3 glass cleaning clothes. Complete mess. I definitely need to clean out my purse.

  9. EOS lipbalm always – I would die without some kind of chapstick on me at all times. Market Basket receipts (need to go into the trash, they take up so much space!), headphones for iPhone. My bag is pretty much a black hole, too!

  10. I also love looks inside people’s bags in magazines or their favorite products 🙂 I currently have a bunch of pink/nude lipsticks, a vanilla coconut perfume rollerball, and an old Vera Bradley wallet that I got as a gift in college almost a decade ago and is falling apart at the seams.

  11. The “Drink Wisconsinably” t-shirt I just bought (I have a huge purse and I hate all of the plastic shopping bags so if I buy just one or a couple of items I usually just stick them in my purse), a box of Advil Cold and Sinus, and a pair of socks (I always carry socks in my purse and running shoes in my car…you never know).

  12. My bag is ridiculous. Soccer shorts (in case I’m invited to an impromptu soccer game), Flip flops (in case I am out an decide to get a spur-of-the-moment pedicure after that impromptu soccer game I guess) and Toothbrush & toothpaste.

  13. 3 random things:
    1. “jello shot” container filled with squinkies to entertain the kiddos
    2. one happy hearts massager to get my quads when I have down time
    3. Eden’s Garden Breathe Easier essential oil blend

  14. Mini notebook with random writings or things I want/don’t want to forget to do. Bobby pins, hand sanitizer, chapstick and lipgloss.

  15. Loved the post! I always have my Kate Spade aviators, small toiletry bag FILLED with tiny randoms like Burts bees lip balm/lip stick/pens/highlighters and other tinys I don’t want floating around my bag, and my pepper spray gun (a girl’s gotta watch her own back!)

  16. Wow, I never ceases to amaze me how much stuff other woman carry in their bags (hello arm workout)! While I am usually not as prepared as you, a small peek in my bag reveals protein bar wrappers, receipts, and loose change. I know I know, veeerrry exciting ;).

  17. Hah! That’s awesome. My bag is a mess right now, but I think I may just write a post about all my stuff too….

    the big things right now are a nubby ball for rolling out my feet, a stretchy band, and xanax. HA!

  18. My three random things are (1) a coin that says “valar morghulis” a la Game of Thrones, (2) my new AAA membership cards/renewal form and (3) a physical copy of Wuthering Heights. I wish I could remember to throw a reusable bag in there, I feel like it would come in handy a lot!

  19. It is peek inside your bag, not “peak”. Unless you have a little mountain growing in there that we don’t know about!

  20. Lots of receipts, $5 Bed, Bath & Beyond coupon and hand sanitizer. Tina, I LOVE Yes to Carrots lip balm, it’s the best. Have you tried the blueberry? It’s awesome!

  21. I love getting a glimpse into other people’s bags! And yes, how do those bits of sand get in there!?

    FYI I’m not a big fan of sponsored posts. I know they help make the blog sustainable and that’s totally legit, but whenever I see one I’m typically like “meh” and gloss over the “commercial.”

  22. Eyelash curler
    Umbrella (it’s been raining a lot)
    Contact case with ear plugs and miscellaneous meds

  23. Hehe so funny to see what you all pack in your bag. It’s not often someone shares a glimp of their tote bag. I wonder if I can let people do the same for carry-on bags. Would be interesting I guess 🙂

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