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Good morning!

I know I just wrote one of these Day In The Life posts last week, but I thought you guys might be interested in what our daycare days look like. We’re still kind of new to this whole daycare thing, so I’m still trying to figure out how to fit in work, errands, and appointments when Quinn is at daycare. I suppose this means I can’t really say what a “typically” daycare day looks like quite yet, but here’s a peek inside yesterday!

5:05 AM: I hear Quinn over the baby monitor. He’s ga-ga-ga-ing. I head in, say good morning, change his diaper, and get him dressed for the day.

5:15 AM: It’s breakfast time for Quinn! He has some formula and then broccoli, peas, and bananas.

5:50 AM: I change Quinn into outfit #2 of the day. (Breakfast was a lot messier than expected!)

6:00 AM: Quinn plays while I cook breakfast for myself, which is an egg scramble (1 egg + 2 egg whites) with chopped asparagus and crock pot steel cut oats with peanut butter. Macros: If I had added one more egg white to breakfast, the meal would have been a perfectly balanced 40/30/30. I love that I am already learning so much from this Fit For Life Challenge and thinking more about what I eat!

photo 3 (31) (800x800)photo 2 (451x800)

6:30 AM: I eat breakfast while playing with Quinn and watching the news.

6:45 AM: Mal leaves for school, so I get Quinn ready to go to daycare (i.e. make his bottles, pack an extra pair of clothing, etc.). I also change out of my PJs into workout clothes.

7:00 AM: I drive to daycare and say goodbye to Quinn. (I always get that sinking heart feeling when I leave him, but I know he’s in good hands and he loves daycare. Toys! Kids! Germs! Ok, well, he’s not excited about the germs, but, man, this kid’s immune system is getting a workout!)

7:15 AM: I swing by Marylou’s for an iced coffee. I am tempted by all sorts of fun, new flavors, but I go with an old favorite: White Chocolate Chip.

photo 4 (16) (800x600)

7:30 AM: I arrive home and immediately sit down to my laptop to start working.

9:15 AM: I leave for KFIT.

photo 1 (26) (640x640)

9:30 AM: I get my sweat on at KFIT. (I had planned to do my long run, but I had a massage on Sunday and my therapist suggested that I hold off until Tuesday. She was okay with me working out as long as I didn’t “kill it,” so I decided to go to KFIT and not go crazy with the workout.)

photo 4 (20) (600x800)

10:50 AM: I arrive home, mix a scoop of SFH Recovery protein powder with the rest of my iced coffee from the morning, chug it down, take a quick shower, and get dressed for the day.

photo 3 (32) (600x800)

11:30 AM: I get fitted for Invisalign, which is kind of a long story, but it basically comes down to a very expensive mistake that I made. I threw away my retainer and now my teeth are moving quite a bit. I didn’t want them to get any worse, so I decided to get Invisalign. I had my fitting (molds, xrays, etc.) for the aligners yesterday.

12:45 PM: I arrive home, bring in the trash cans (since it was trash day), and make lunch, which probably doesn’t look very pretty, but tasted delicious. In the mix: mashed potatoes and parsnips, roasted veggies, steamed asparagus, ground chorizo, and buffalo sauce (because I’m obsessed).

photo 2 (16) (800x600)

1:00 PM: I eat lunch while I work. I take a couple of quick breaks to unload the dishwasher, brew coffee, and put away Quinn’s laundry.

2:30 PM: Murphy alerts me that the mail has arrived (I’m pumped to check out Gina’s book), so I take a break and make a snack (Greek yogurt + melted almond butter and a mug of tea) and then I’m back to work.

photo 1 (23) (800x600)

4:00 PM: Mal comes home from school. We chat for awhile and then he goes to work out. I take Murphy for a walk.

4:30 PM: I drive to the post office to return some running tights that are too big.

4:45 PM: I pick up Quinn from daycare. The teachers tell me had a great day. He was in the mood for playing and really enjoyed looking at himself in the mirror. Haha!

5:00 PM: At home, I play with Quinn and make him crack up like crazy, which is the BEST. We play with toys, pat Murphy, read books, sing songs and laugh a whole lot. He’s in an awesome mood.

photo (11) (800x600)

5:45 PM: Mal and I tag team Quinn’s nighttime routine, which includes dinner (pieces of steamed carrot, formula, and pureed prunes), bath time, and pajamas.

6:45 PM: We put Quinn to bed and then throw together dinner, which is Italian sausage with roasted veggies and parsnip-potato mash with a little bit of buffalo sauce drizzled on top. I eat while working on a post for Wednesday. (I definitely planned too much into my day and didn’t get enough work done. Oops.)

7:00 PM: I eat part of a donut (from Donut King… OMG!) that was leftover from the weekend, which is technically not allowed on the Challenge, but perhaps it will count as a “cheat” for the week? Maybe? I dunno. I sit back down and continue to work. (I talked to Kerrie later in the night and asked her about the donut, and she told me to “get my head in the game.” It does not count as a cheat. Haha!)

8:30 PM: I stop working, put on my pajamas, and then join Mal on the couch while he watches the Oregon game. I cuddle with Murphy and flip through Gina’s book. (I love it so far!)

9:00 PM: I make a mug of tea and eat half of a Cliff Bar.

9:30 PM: I brush my teeth, finish this post from my iPhone, and then go to bed.

The end.



  1. Super interesting about your teeth! My teeth ended up moving so much during my pregnancy by the time I realized it, my retainer wouldn’t even fit! 🙁

  2. Invisalign is great. Michelle got it done and had great results, now I am going in here to get my teeth looked at so I can start! I am exciting because like you my teeth have moved so much!

  3. Curious to hear about your invisalign experience. I am picking up my trays on Saturday! Nice to hear I am not the only one!

  4. damn those iced coffee flavors sound fantaaaastic! (even in this freezing cold!) if only there were marylou’s south of new england….

  5. I work full time and my son goes to day care 5 days a week from 7 to 4. I find it helpful to pack his bag and make the bottles the night before. This way I can just get myself ready in the morning and he’s all ready to go. Try the Dr. Brown’s Formula pitcher. You can make the whole days worth of formula at once.

  6. How do you calculate your macros? The default ratios on My Fitness Pal seem too carb-heavy. I’m trying to figure out the ideal macros for weight loss. Any tips?

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