6 Fun Things To Do With Your Running Buddy

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Hey, hey!

My friends at Brooks recently sent me a pair of their new running capris and (this is so cool) they sent the same pair to my running buddy, Kerrie! Isn’t that nice? (Brooks also sent us this tank top, so we’re super matchy-matchy.) Both of us really love these Infiniti Capri III. Of course, the funky pattern is fun and eye-catching, but they seriously fit SO WELL. They have a thick waistband, which is both comfy and flattering, and there’s a colorful drawstring and sticky stuff (sorry, I don’t know the technical name) on the inside at the inside bottom of each leg, so you don’t have to worry about them falling down or riding up while you work out. They are awesome. I highly recommend them.

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With Spring and running OUTSIDE just around the corner (it’s so close, I can taste it), here are some fun things to do with your running buddy!

Move your next run to the track – Track workouts are the best. Kerrie and I have done quite a few of them together over the years. She’s fast and I have a good endurance, so the combo really helps us push one another. Plus, track workouts are never boring. You can do all sorts of great interval workouts that really challenge you and, honestly, they kick your butt if you do them right!

Take turns telling each other a funny story – Did something crazy happen on Spring break back in college? Did you do something ridiculously embarrassing on a first date? Tell your buddy all of the hilarious details on your next run! Side note: The only reason I finished the New York City Marathon was because Theodora entertained me with stories for almost the entire second half of the race. I didn’t want to miss anything, so I just kept running along despite how much my body hurt.

Explore a new neighborhood or running path – Hop in your car and drive somewhere new to run. Hey, make a day of it! Explore via running. I love doing this when I visit a new city, so it’s definitely something you could do closer to home too!

Compete against each other in a running workout – Oh, how I love a little friendly competition. It always makes me work harder, which, of course, helps me become a better athlete. Mixing running with high-intensity, CrossFit-style workouts are truly my favorite way to stay fit, and they are a lot of fun to do with a workout buddy since you can really challenge one another. Check out some of these running workouts for some ideas: Run Burpee Run, 99, Mac & Cheese, Full Monty, Fueled By Granola, Hawk.

Create a stroller workout to do together (ok, this one is for the moms and dads) – Before the snow hit, Kerrie and I used to run a couple of times a week with Quinn in the jogging stroller. We’d take turns pushing him, so it was basically like an interval workout. I definitely want to do more of this once the snow melts. Running with a stroller + intervals = SUCH A GOOD WORKOUT! Here are a couple of stroller workouts that are really fun!

Run to food or another treat – This one is great when you’re out for a long run. I always think about what I’m going to eat or drink after a long run, so planning a little something with your buddy afterward is a great way to celebrate your hard work. Some favorites: brunch, Marylou’s iced coffee, fro-yo, and beers!

Questions of the Day

Who is your running buddy?

What’s your favorite fun thing to do with your running buddy?



  1. I LOVE those capris! I love the print and the teal colour!

    Oh my favourite is taking a new route or running to get tea at a coffee shop that’s about the run’s distance. It always amazes me how such a small change or challenge can make the run so much more enjoyable and it just flies by!

  2. I just started running with my fiance, and we have so much fun together on runs! One thing that he loves is to yell “STRIDE IT OUT” (it’s the only running phrase he knows) at random times, and then we basically race each other for about a minute until he gets tired out. It always makes me crack up because he’ll say it at completely random times! I also like to catch up on my day with him since we don’t get to see each other much during the week! I love these other suggestions (especially running to food!) 🙂

  3. I LOVEEEE those pants, especially the color that Kerrie is wearing! I never thought of Brooks as an apparel company but I’ll have to check them out 🙂 I love doing different workouts with running buddies – It is fun to break it up and do something new when you are just used to running!

  4. You guys look so cute! How nice of the Brooks people! And I run with my hubby sometimes, and talking certainly helps. Stadium or stair workouts are a great thing to do with friends too, because those really require extra motivation!

  5. I know this sounds bad but my running partner and I like to gossip about our coworkers. It’s like our safe zone when we rant and rave about people. We pretty much vent to each other about what’s going on at work. Now that I am moving though I am going to need a new running partner 🙁

  6. I love those capris! Also can you tell us what brand your sneakers are? I really like them and I’ve been trolling for a new pair for weeks! Thanks 🙂

  7. My running buddy and I are part of a half marathon training group that meets on Saturday mornings for distance runs, and afterwards we always go grab some breakfast! It’s a good way to discover new places AND refuel. And we are food motivated, for sure!

  8. Back when i used to have a running buddy, we would take turns leading a 5 minute kilometer pace, having the person behind chase the person in front until the person in front gets tired.

  9. Those capris are cute! I ended up buying that brooks tank and love it. I had been checking it out at my local running store and then you blogged about how great it was. So I knew I had to get it! Thanks for the info.

      1. @Tina: Me and my hubby watched and were rooting for her the entire time! She seems so far and her facial impressions are so cute. She always seemed surprised/so happy when she got the answer correct! Unfortunately, that woman Penny was REDICULOUS last night! Where did she come up with those answers!? Crazy

  10. We like to try new running routes and tell each other stories. One time while running through a neighborhood we picked which houses we wanted to live in and why, that was fun!

  11. those are cute pants!
    My running buddy is my husband. To motivate him to do longer runs, we decided to run to our favorite breakfast spot, so I would create the run to get to 10 miles at the end. It was so fun, and a nice earned treat at the end.

  12. Love the capris. I won a Brooks shirt and shorts at a race last year. It is my favorite summertime runner outfit. They fit perfectly. I will have to checkout some other items.

  13. So Tiny – What’s the Murphstir been up to? Life has taken you in many directions and your blog has a variety of interesting things – and it has some classics like Murphy? With the addition of Quinn we haven’t seen much of the old murphy and his excursions to help others……….

  14. I used to hate running with someone else, but once I tried it I loved it! I moved a couple months ago and lost my running partner so it has been harder to keep motivated for those long runs. Guess I will have to meet some new people!!

  15. Tina! You look stunning in green. Seriously, thank tank top does wonders for you! I have never done a track workout before, but I have always wanted to go to one. The one on my college’s campus has really strange hours that never coincide with when I actually want to run. Ah, maybe one day! I loved all of your tips, and I think it is so much more fun to run with a friend. It certainly helps pass the time.

  16. Exploring new area is really great. It makes the running more fun and exciting. I get bored really easily when I run the same path day in day out. I never thought about create a stroller workout. That I need to try. Thanks for the tips.

  17. My running buddy is my sister! We like to discuss funny stories, or things we see during work. Our current favorite is running memes and jokes! Once we get laughing, we forget how long we’ve been going!

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