5 Fun Things for Friday

Hello! Happy (almost) weekend, friends!

How about adding a little fun to your Friday today? Yes? YES! Here are 5 little things you can do today to make your Friday a great one!


Send a random text to a friend you haven’t talked to in awhile. Just say hi and tell them you were thinking about them. Your unexpected kindness will definitely brighten their day!

Make iced coffee cubes to put in your iced coffee. I always say I’m going to do this, but I never do. In the same boat? Just do it. I finally did, and the iced coffee cubes in my homemade Marylou’s changed my life.

Buy (or pick) fresh flowers for your home. Seeing that burst of color will instantly cheer you up!

Take a new route home from work or school today. See what new things you can discover in your town or neighborhood. Don’t be afraid to get a little lost!

Whip up one of these 3-ingredient smoothiesIn a matter of minutes (and with very little effort), you’ll have a creamy, nutritious snack in hand. It doesn’t get much easier than this! 

Question of the Day

What are you looking forward to today? 


  1. I need to make iced fruit cubes to put in my water! I’ve been meaning to do that for awhile.

    I’m looking forward to a nap after work because I didn’t sleep at all last night! Exciting Friday! Haha.

  2. Good ideas!

    I can’t really say there is one thing I’m looking forward too at the moment. Son is napping, watching the NEcrossfit regionals and life is just good right now. Pretty excited for my family reunion later this month. Everyone will get to meet our son!

  3. Yum!! Ive been wanting to try that coffee ice cube trick for so long! Also- freeing herbs in coconut oil to add to recipes later!

  4. I usually check your blog around 10 am, and when I didn’t see a new post I thought maybe you were busy–otherwise indisposed–and that we’d see a happy baby post this afternoon! D’oh! 🙂 I am psyched to make a 3-ingredient smoothie for dessert tonight! Happy Friday to you!

  5. The day is almost done so tomorrow I’m looking forward to a long training ride and run with my hubby! Love your 5 fun things for Friday especially texting a friend . . . I think I’ll do that now.

  6. Iced coffee cubes are great! Though, I would recommend designating an ice tray just for coffee, as it tends to stain them after awhile. Frozen grapes are also a nice way to keep wine cool in the summer without watering it down!

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