2016 Gratitude Jar

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, friends!

Our friends gave us a Gratitude Jar at the beginning of 2016 as a way to remember the little things we are thankful for throughout the year. I figured the eve of Thanksgiving would be the perfect time to share what we’ve accumulated throughout the year. FYI: Some didn’t include dates on them, so I just listed them at the bottom of the list.


1/8: Podcasts

1/8: A job that gives me time with my family

1/9: How Quinn says “soy sauce”

1/11: Remicade

1/13: How Quinn says “hello”

1/19: Murphy <3

1/13: Parking in the garage when it snows!

1/21: Golden Grahams

1/21: Chocolate-covered cashews from CVS

1/23: Quinn’s running hugs

2/9: Really good hospitals in Boston

2/13: Good neighbors

2/19: School vacation!

2/20: New books

4/8: Wrestling on the couch and laughing!

4/15: School break!!

6/11: When Quinn eats broccoli

6/13: Reading books with Quinn

7/15: Entyvio

7/22: Air conditioning

7/23: Living on the South Shore

7/25: Beaches nearby

7/28: “procured cured meats”

8/23: Littleton friends

9/25: FORTS

10/1: Ice cream sandwiches from Hornstra

10/25: Alexa

11/1: “Just farts”

11/11: New convenience store

11/20: Our Friendsgiving tradition

Trader Joe’s almond croissants

Qman talking

Having Trader Joe’s so close

Delicious meal plans

Ladies’ hour at Salt Shack

New car

Working out with friends

M&T happy hour

Our donut tradition at Coffee Shack

Question of the Day

What “little thing” are you thankful for? 





  1. Just Farts – LOL! What a cute idea, I should do this in 2017! I’m grateful for hot showers, especially after having to take a luke warm shower and realizing after the fact that my toddler had left the hot water running in our other bathroom sink for over 2 hours…whomp whomp! #mommyoftheyear

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