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Murphy and I both agree that “Yappier Hour” at the Liberty Hotel was an awesome way to celebrate our birthdays. We both had a fantastic time last night!

IMG_6649 (750x563)

Over breakfast yesterday morning, Mal and I played 20 Questions to guess what he had planned for my birthday. When I got to question #19 and still hadn’t guessed my birthday surprise, Mal offered to give me a clue. He said: “Everyone on your guest list is invited.”

I blankly stared at him.

What the heck did that mean?

And then he said it again: “Everyone on your guest list is invited. Everyone.”

Then, I remembered that I put Murphy on my guest list, which meant wherever we were going for my birthday, the pug was allowed”¦ Yappier Hour!!! I was so psyched! Murphy was too (once I told him)!

IMG_6613 (750x563)

Yappier Hour is held from 5:30 until 8:00 PM every Wednesday throughout the summer, so Mal, Murphy, and I drove into the city yesterday evening to see what it was all about.

IMG_6631 (750x563)

When we arrived at the Liberty Hotel, it was a little difficult finding Yappier Hour, but we saw another dog owner and they pointed us in the direction of The Yard, which was up an escalator and down a set of stairs. Murphy was not a fan of either of these “obstacles.”

IMG_6636 (563x750)

Murphy was afraid of the escalator and the stairs, so Mal had to carry him both times. LOL! It was quite the sight to see!


IMG_6635 (563x750)


Sixty second later, we all arrived at The Yard in one piece.

IMG_6637 (750x563)

The Yard is an enclosed courtyard where Yappier Hour takes place each week. All of the furniture (coaches, chairs, tables, etc.) and barware are made of plastic””in case of any doggie accidents.

IMG_6640 (750x563)

Yappier Hour has a swanky menu of cocktails and appetizers for the humans and doggie treats for the pups.

IMG_6643 (750x563)

Mom, Yappier Hour rules!

IMG_6645 (750x563)

At one point in the evening, Murphy parked himself right near the bar, which was, of course, right near the dog treats.

IMG_6661 (750x563)

Birthday cocktails! The first drink I ordered was called “Off Leash,” which was made with Ketal One vodka, agave, pear puree, and lemon juice. I liked it, but it definitely had too much lemon flavor, which kind of tasted like sour mix.

IMG_6647 (750x563)

My second drink of the evening was a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and then I also sampled a mini Belvedere Lemon Tea, which was fantastic. It didn’t taste boozy at all, which could be trouble!


While Mal and I sipped cocktails and hung out with our friends, Murphy made his rounds.

IMG_6651 (750x563)

IMG_6654 (750x511)

Pug Mayor in action!

IMG_6657 (750x563)

For dinner, Mal and I shared a White Pizza, which was basically four cheeses + dough, but it was awesome.

By the end of the evening, Yappier Hour was bumping! There were so many people and so many dogs. It was actually a little crazy””it was fun crazy, but still a bit hectic with so many pups playing and running around.

IMG_6664 (750x563)

Yappier Hour was SO FUN! I highly recommend it to the local dog owners. It was seriously a blast.

IMG_6670 (563x750)

Thanks, Mal, for the best birthday surprise ever! Year 32 is off to a great start!!!



  1. That looks like so much fun for the puppies & humans! I’m always looking for fun stuff around where I live to take my two dogs to, they’re such a huge part of my life I just want them everywhere with me!

  2. What an awesome idea…totally cracked me up! At least you know that they are well behaved dogs that go. I like how the pooches are just busy doing their own thing!

  3. Wow, that is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Haha, I want a pup SO bad, they bring so much joy and laughter to your life I don’t know how people can’t just love all of them. For now though, I don’t think I have the time to dedicate to an animal, but I can’t wait for the day when I can! The picture of Mal and Murphy on the elevator with his feet sticking in the air made me LOL!

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