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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

Hey there!

I'm Tina

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Mal teaches a Psychology class, and, every year, he gives his students the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), which is a personality test of sorts. His students absolutely love it, so Mal thought I might too, so he took a copy of it home for me to take the other day. 

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The MBTI is based on four personality preferences:

  • E or I (Extraversion or Introversion)
  • S or N (Sensing or Intuition)
  • T or F (Thinking or Feeling)
  • J or P (Judgment or Perception)

After answering the questions on the test, your preferences are combined to give you your personality type. For example, having preferences for E and S and T and J gives a personality type of ESTJ. There are sixteen Myers Briggs personality types.

My preferences were for I, S, F, and J, so Introversion, Sensing, Feeling, and Judging. And, well, it described my personality really well. It was actually kind of freaky how accurate it was!

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Characteristics of ISFJs 

Myers-Briggs description:

According to Myers-Briggs, ISFJs are interested in maintaining order and harmony in every aspect of their lives. They are steadfast and meticulous in handling their responsibilities. Although quiet, they are people-oriented and very observant. Not only do they remember details about others, but they observe and respect others’ feelings. Friends and family are likely to describe them as thoughtful and trustworthy.

Keirsey description:

According to Keirsey, ISFJs, or “Protector Guardians”, are most concerned with taking care of people by keeping them safe and secure. They are modest caretakers who do not demand credit or thanks for their efforts. But while they are essentially compassionate””and in fact exercise more patience in dealing with people with disabilities than perhaps any other type””their shyness with strangers can lead others to misread them as standoffish. Only among friends and family may this quiet type feel comfortable speaking freely. ISFJs are serious people with a strong work ethic, not inclined to self-indulgence. They believe in being meticulous and thrifty. They work well alone. While they may enjoy taking care of others, they do not enjoy giving orders.


Kind of cool, right? I’m still surprised how well it described me.

If you want to take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator yourself, here’s a PDF of the test. Have fun!


Before bed last night, Mal said he wanted pancakes for breakfast in the morning. I’ve been eating “Oatmeal” Minus the Oats for days now, so I decided to whip up the batter for OMG! Pancakes last night in preparation for this morning. It took me 5 minutes to make the batter, and I stored it in the refrigerator overnight, so all I had to do was make the pancakes in the morning.

I layered sunflower butter in between and on top of my pancakes this morning.

IMG_1760 (900x675)

I also had half of a grapefruit on the side.

IMG_1762 (900x675)

And a glass of iced coffee.

IMG_1759 (900x675)

Question of the Day

Have you ever taken the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or another personality test? Was it accurate?



  1. I’m also an ISFJ, and it’s extremely accurate for me. I took it when DH was in the Navy in senior officer leadership training.

  2. We’ve done that test at work a bunch of times and use it with our staff. It actually does help in understanding how certain people react (or don’t) to certain things in a work environment. I’m an ESTJ, but I fell almost in the middle of all of those letters so I’m definitely not a strong representation of that “type”.

  3. I’ve taken the test a few times, most recently in a speech class my senior year of college. It’s pretty accurate! And I think quizzes like that are fun to take, my answers can’t be wrong! (unlike law school… haha)

  4. Ooh I like personality tests! I think I’ve done this one in the past but am going to save the PDF and try it again this weekend because it’s been forever!

  5. I work in a Career Services office at a University and we utilize the Myers-Briggs all the time (usually in conjunction with the Strong Interest Inventory and StrengthsQuest, which is also known as StrengthsFinder). We use the results to help students understand how they approach career planning (and surviving college in general) and how to deal with any potential obstacles. I’ve taken the MBTI a number of times. When I started college I was ENTJ, which made a lot of sense as I was gearing myself towards a career in business. More recently, I came up with ENFJ (I’ve been this for a while). I shifted towards a career in counseling and my MBTI results have reflected that as well. What is most interesting is the strength of my E. While in grad school, the strength of my E was quite high. Since I was in “student” mode, that made a lot of sense. Now that I’ve settled into what life is actually like, I walk a fine line between E and I. I like to say that I’m an extrovert with introverted tendencies. 🙂 Assessment results (and an appropriate interpretation) can provide so much insight. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I am ISTJ – I have taken it a few times and always get the same results.

    Another really cool personality assessment is the StrengthsQuest – I use it with my students and it is fantastic!

  7. We had to take the MBTI test in one of my classes freshman year. I’m an ISFP and it’s amazing how accurate the personality description is! We used our personality type to compare our ideal job/major to what jobs were recommended for our personality type and all the future jobs I was considering were listed for my personality type, crazy!

  8. I’ve taken the test before and found it was pretty accurate. I can’t remember the exact combination, but I’m going to retake it see if it reflects how I am now as opposed to when I took it and was ill.

  9. Our education professors in college made us take it, but I honestly don’t remember what my results were! I’ll have to give it another shot, I think.

  10. I’m surprised you’re an I! I love those tests, it’s always fun to find out things about yourself you wouldn’t expect. I’ve taken them a few times and I’m pretty sure I always come out the same: ISFJ!

    1. @kyla: I’m an ENFP, too! Very accurate for me. I was relieved when I read about my type because some of the stuff that annoys me is just so ENFP, I felt like I understood myself better.

  11. My grad school professor was obsessed with that test. He made us all take it, and then he assumed that based on our results, we were automatically going to be a certain way … he even told us that one of the temperaments is the “garbage man” temperament … which he did not mean as a good thing! Isn’t that horrible??

    But I do think the test itself has some great uses. I am the same as you, except I’m extraverted instead of intraverted. Evidently I have the “teacher temperament,” which is funny b/c I’m a school psychologist, so I work with teachers! 🙂

  12. I had to take this test for an english course once, and I thought it was pretty accurate. Though I feel like my results would change if I took it again.

  13. I had to take a 7 hour personality test before being hired at my first job, and the majority of it was Meyers Briggs. When we finally got our results back I was a little shocked, but it pegged me PERFECTLY. Creepy, but super helpful especially in the working world.

  14. I’ve always said I wish that we could wear our personality types on our foreheads- itt would make understanding and working with others so much easier! I’m an INSJ too. 🙂

  15. I’m cracking up — ISFJ’s attract ISFJ’s, I guess. *high five*! Here’s another one! 🙂 Yes, it’s VERY accurate for me, too — except, if that’s the one that said my “eye for detail said I could be a good decorator”… no. Just… no.

  16. I’ve taken it a few times and it’s very interesting how I’ve changed over the years! The first time I took it, I was an INTP, then I was an ENTP and I think now I would probably score differently again! I will have to take it again! 🙂

  17. YES, I’ve taken the test like, 3 times! haha. And I love it~it’s so interesting to see how accurate it really is. I’m an ENFP–basically–we’re the kinda people that like to go with the flowww….:D And your OMG pancakes sound fantastic! I just ate breakfast but I want these now.

  18. I took a Myers-Briggs in college but I forget the result, I remember it being fairly accurate, although there were a lot of questions that, had I answered differently, could have swung my results another way.

  19. I agree with the person above saying that we are changing over the years… It’s interesting, really!

    I guess that getting older, we tend to learn more about the “others sides”, the advantages of seeing things with different perceptions (than our own) and taking risks.

  20. Have you ever taken an enneagram test? If not, I recommend it especially if you like personality tests. Check it out. It’s kinda insightful and just plain fun to see what your personality type is.

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