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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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I'm Tina

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

I didn’t need to travel very far last night. I met up with Theodora at The Long Room for a drink, and then I walked down the street to meet the PR folks from California Grapes for dinner. It was just a short 5 minute walk between the two!

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At The Long Room, I enjoyed a Blue Pointe Toasted Lager””one of my favorite beers. Theordora and I chatted for about an hour before we both needed to head our separate ways. It was so great to see her! It had only been two months since we last got together, but it seemed like ages, so it was nice to spend some time together.

IMG_0003 (600x800)IMG_0004 (800x600)

Theodora and I said goodbye, and then I headed to dinner at db Bistro Moderne, a modern French-American restaurant.

Dinner started with fresh bread and sweet butter as well as breadsticks and a couple of dips””one of which was olive tapenade.

IMG_0005 (800x600)

For my entrée, I ordered the Wild Striped Bass, which came with parsnip puree, roasted figs (so, so, so good!), and Trumpet Royal mushrooms in a red wine butter. It was quite the mix of ingredients, and I absolutely loved it, especially the figs. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a plump, sweet figs in my whole life.

I also liked that this meal wasn’t super-sized. It ended up being just the right amount of food for me. I find that if I’m served a huge portion at a restaurant, I usually end up eating the majority of it and feeling stuffed afterward. This entrée was perfectly sized and filled me up without overdoing it.

IMG_0007 (800x600)

We also shared an order of Brussels sprouts among the table.

IMG_0006 (800x600)

As well as a dessert. We ordered the Chocolate Caramel Palet, which was rich and chocolaty, and the perfect way to end a meal. Surprisingly, I only needed a few bites to satisfy my sweet tooth.

IMG_0009 (800x600)

I have a full agenda today! Breakfast first!

Question of the Day

Do you find that you often overeat at restaurants? Is it because of the huge portion sizes or just because the food is so darn delicious? Do you have any strategies to prevent you from overdoing it?



  1. I always overeat if I don’t plan. It’s better when I plan to use part of it as leftovers for lunch the next day, then I seem to stop and portion out so I’ll have an ample lunch too. But portion sizes are out of control! Sometimes I wonder how people are supposed to finish that much food and I’m sure a lot goes to waste.

  2. Sad I couldn’t make it for a drink, looks like fun! I always overeat at restaurants. . . I think it is a combination of the food being good, the food being something I can’t/wouldn’t/don’t make at home and the food simply being there even after I “finished” eating.

  3. Great question!

    Sometimes I find myself getting caught up in the moment. The talking, the laughing, the eating. That’s when I mostly tend to overeat passed the point of feeling full, because I’m no longer in tune with how I’m actually feeling.

    Dessert can push me over the edge too, because I find it hard to resist one more bite. 😉 A strong cup of espresso slows me down though, and I love sharing desserts with the table.

    1. @Ashley @ Coffee Cake and Cardio: i love this idea…because sometimes it is so easy to indulge in a little bit of this (appetizer) then sip on that (drink) then indulge in a bit of sweet (dessert) without feeling intentional about what you are eating! thanks for the great tip!

  4. I have a problemto overeat at restaurants when we order family style! Because there is such a variety of dishes, I definitely eat more than I normally would so as to try everything!

  5. Your entree sounds fantastic!! I find that I don’t tend to walk away from restaurants feeling stuffed. Unless I’m exploring a new city, I often go to restaurants I’m familiar with and order my faves.

  6. those brussels sprouts look delicious!!

    i tend to eat the portion i am served at a restaurant, really regardless of size. this is definitely something i’m working on because, as we all know, the portions served at most restaurants are much more than any of us need!

  7. I tend to over eat quite a bit. Most of the time it is because of the large portions. My attempt to not over eat is to decide that half of it will be for lunch tomorrow. I think of all the free time I will have the next day if I didn’t have to make a meal.

    Other times I over eat because it’s a special occasion. If its mine or even someone else’s birthday :p I order appetizers, share entrees, and have dessert and drinks.

  8. Mmm I think it’s so cute when brussel sprouts come out in a little pot like that 🙂

    I love when restaurants have good sized portions. Otherwise I eat way more than I want to. Obviously at a place like Maggiano’s I wouldn’t be able to finish, but I have deep remnants of the clean plate club in my psyche.

  9. I am definitely one to overeat at restaurants. I think it is a combination of the fact that it is so delicious AND the generally large portion sizes. Some things that help me: unless it is a special occasion I don’t order dessert pretty much ever, I generally try to pick something that I know I would eat as leftovers that way I don’t feel bad about only eating part of it, I get to enjoy it again later! (although this is harder to do while travelling) It also sometimes helps me to think about the meal ahead of time – if I know I’m going to have a big, awesome, dinner out, I tend to eat much smaller meals the rest of the day so that I am less full to start with and can enjoy my awesome meal out more. 🙂

  10. i do usually find myself overeating at restaurants for a few reasons. for one, i do have a big appetite and can eat a lot if i really want to. for two, they often times do serve much larger portions. and lastly, yes, the food is often times so very good! something that i’ve done lately is making sure i slow down when i eat and listen to my body for when i’m full. if i see that it’s a huge portion to begin with, i know from the start that i should plan to take part of it home.

  11. Here’s my problem: if it is there, I will eat it. I HATE wasting food at a restaurant. 1) I paid for it, so why would I waste it and 2) there are starving people out there in the world…throwing food away seems irresponsible! So, if the portions are huge…I’m going to eat it!

    If they have a “smaller portion” menu, I’ll go with that. Or try to coherce my hubby to eat some of my food – which usually doesn’t take much effort.

  12. I overeat at restaurants that have huge portions or many courses. When the plates are humongous, i can eat and eat but the plate doesn’t seem any emptier than when I began. I think this can distort my mind into thinking I really haven’t ate that much. I try though to eyeball what a half or a third (if huge!) of the meal is before I begin so know what I started with. Also, multiple courses can be difficult to distinguish how much has been ate because by the time you get your entree, it’s hard to remember the glass of wine, bread basket, appetizers and salad!

  13. I def tend to overeat at reataurants usually just because the food is good! But both my fiancé and mom come from huge (7 siblings) families so they grew up with the mentality to finish what’s on your plate or someone else will eat it! You know what, I don’t eat out much so indulging in the whole portion won’t kill me! Have fun in NYC, it’s so nasty here today!

  14. I used to overeat, especially if the portions were huge, but I’ve started to get it under control much better this past year. Usually, if the portion is big, I cut it into half, and put the other half aside to take home as leftovers (or to let my boyfriend nibble from!) I hate feeling stuffed and uncomfortable, and I just remind myself of that as I’m eating. When I’m at home, I know I only need about a salad plate portion of food to fill me up—it should be no different when I go out to eat!

  15. I definitely used to overeat especially with traveling so much because its kind of like some one has cooked this delicious food and how could you miss that opportunity! But now I kind of try to look at it as, this isn’t a special occasion so just eat as you would normally eat dinner. Nothing crazy 🙂

  16. I often overeat at restaurants. I usually bring some of my meal home, but I find it hard to stop myself when I’m full because the food tastes so good! I always start by portioning off half, but then I keep taking bites after the half is gone. It’s definitely the portion sizes. I think it would feel satisfying to actually be able to finish my plate and then not feel sick afterwards!

  17. I started a “half” policy on eating out; whatever I have, I eat half of at the restaurant and get the rest packed up. If by the time I am home, I am still hungry, I can eat the rest, but most of the time I just stash it in the fridge for later.

    Seriously though, you almost have to spend more to get a proper portion in a restaurant. $10 meals are all huge and filled with starch.

  18. I usually eat more than i should at restaurants b/c 1) going out is usually a splurge and a treat for me, 2) the food is usually really good, 3) I can’t pass up yummy bread or chips on the table, 4) it usually is more expensive so I don’t want any to go to waste! Clean my plate!

  19. I tend to “splurge” when we eat out, as we usually only go to awesome spots. We always get different things (we = boyfriend and I) so we can share, but we usually end up taking stuff home. It’s hard when the food is so daggone good, you just want to inhale it all because it seems like a “waste” to take it home and it reheated.

  20. I do tend to overeat when I’m at restaurants…I think you’re right because the food is so good and its usually something different from what I would make at home. I just try to pick something fairly healthy, enjoy the bread (but try to stop myself!) but don’t usually get dessert or extra appetizers or anything.

  21. If I don’t pack up half of it immediately after it comes out, I ALWAYS overeat. My mom used to make the biggest fuss about wasting food as a kid, and I can’t seem to break from the habit. I’ve even resorted to dropping my silverware on the floor to make myself stop…pretty bad! Oh trumpet mushrooms, I had a black truffle and trumpet mushroom risotto with my NYE meal, and I almost died and went to foodie heaven.

  22. Yes, my lack of self-control at restaurants can definitely get the best of me. Sometimes I’ll order a salad or healthier appetizer to try to fill up and then I take the majority of my entree home. Or I’ll literally cut the food on my plate in half so I can ballpark how much I want to and should be eating before I even start.

  23. Sound like a great night in NYC. I have a question for ya… Do you ever feel uncomfortable at a business meeting, in a restaurant, taking pictures? I know you have been doing it for years, but I just wonder if it is ever awkward to snap pics while at a business or social dinner.

  24. I definitely overeat when the portions are bigger. Usually because it is good and because I’m cheap and think if I paid for it, I should eat it all. Although, last night I went out for sushi. I was full and had almost an entire roll left. I force fed it to my friend so it wouldn’t go to waste.

  25. If I know where I am going then I will try and figure out what I can eat before I go, but if I am not able to do that I will just try and pick the healthiest thing on the menu. And then there are those times that I will indulge 🙂 If the portion is huge, then I will cut it in half and box it on up for the next day!


  26. YES! I’d attribute my overeating when dining out to the fact that I usually order something that I don’t make at home or haven’t had in a while so I’m craving it 😛 It’s hard to stop eating when it tastes so good and your stomach hasn’t caught up! I guess I probably eat too fast then too [haha]…

  27. That looks delicious!!!

    I definitely tend to overeat…I think it does have something to do with the portion sizes! Lately I’ve been trying to avoid this by either dividing my food on the plate (for example, if it’s a burrito, I cut it in half) so that way I force myself to save enough for leftovers. Sometimes I get to the point where I feel like I don’t have enough to take home and I just finish what’s on my plate even if I’m full. Definitely trying to work on that, though!

  28. The biggest thing that helps me with over eating at restaurants is if the food is easily splitable–like a big sandwich–and I decide at the very beginning that I’m going to take the other half home. Otherwise, I try to share with someone because there is seriously almost always enough for two, and if it’s there and delicious, it will be gone before I realize how full I am!

  29. That looks sooo good! I have to visit this place, it’s sometimes really hard to find a decent spot in the theatre district…
    I do the same thing at restaurants…overeating that is. And I think it’s usually both, the big portions that just taste too good to be wasted. I know I could take the leftovers home but I often feel like if it’s not at least half the plate it seems ridiculous to have it packed up plus then I have to carry it around all night… so most of the time I opt for carrying it around in my belly 😉

  30. Bluepoint beer is the best! Have you tried Bluepoint blueberry? If you are ever in the East end of Long Island, stopping at the brewery is a must! It is such a fun local spot and you are allowed to bring dogs 🙂

  31. i have found that i do tend to overeat at a restaurant. i view dining out as an entire experience and want to maximize that time. i have tried recently to eat only half of my meal- making the meal “cheaper” since i am getting more bang for my buck and i will have the same tastiness the next day for lunch!

  32. I rarely overeat at restaurants. NOT because I am mindful of how full I am, but because I know if I keep half of my meal I will have a meal for the next day! Laziness at its finest!

  33. I do tend to eat more than I would at home if there is a big portion size. I’m not good about saving the rest for another meal because I usually eat about 3/4 to be satisfied, and then I think, well that last 1/4 isn’t enough for lunch! Haha I should work on this, good thing I rarely eat out!

  34. I find that I overeat everywhere. I met with a nutritionist today and one of my goals is portion control. She gave tips like measuring out snacks into ziplocs, sticking post-it’s on the dinner serving dishes to remind yourself of portion sizes, stuff like that.

  35. I don’t overdo it at restaurants as much as I used to. I actually find that avoiding meat on a menu really helps me pick healthier choices. Even if you eat a lot of salad or fish, at least you know they’re good for you! My splurges at restaurants are fried things since I never fry anything at home, but it’s easy to overdo anything fried, so it’s always best to share anything fried!

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