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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

Hey there!

I'm Tina

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Blogging about lunch right after breakfast worked so well yesterday, I might start doing it from now on– during the work week, that is. I always pack my lunch the night before, so snapping a few photos and blogging in the morning should work pretty well with my schedule. Plus, you guys won’t have to wait until 4:30 to see what I had for lunch. It’s a win-win, right? 😉


For lunch today, I packed a very similar salad to the one I ate for dinner last night. If I’m going to cut up the veggies, I might as well throw together a lunch salad for today.

In the mix: romaine, grape tomatoes, cucumber, red and green bell peppers, crumbled Gorgonzola, and a chopped-up Quorn Turk’y Burger.


I also packed a yellow apple from my stash of reduced produce.


And, finally, I packed a Vega Whole Food Vibrancy Bar. Hopefully, the chocolate is better than the flavor that I ate the other day! 😕



Lose the Dough: What Are Your Goals?

Last night, I spent a good part of the evening thinking about my goals for Lose the Dough. With a long-term challenge like this, I’ve been tempted to make a whole slew of life-changing goals in order to “lose the dough.” But, trying to achieve these aspirations all at once might be a bit overwhelming for me– how and where would I focus my attention? Plus, if I don’t see results, I’ll probably get frustrated and want to quit. Instead, I’m planning to split my goals into two categories: measurable and non-measurable/lifestyle changes.

Measurable goals, like losing 5 pounds, are great and I understand why they are important. But, what about the goals that I want to incorporate into my lifestyle for good, like adding more veggies to my meals? Of course, I could put a number on this goal, like “eat X servings of vegetables everyday,” but I just don’t work that way. I have a much more laid-back approach to food! 😉

So, I came to this conclusion: if I am going to make long-lasting changes in my life, they need to make sense for my current lifestyle. I don’t want to totally change how I live. I just want to enhance my life by incorporating new healthy habits that work best for me. (I can always reassess my goals down the road.) I think some of my lifestyle goals will be just as (or even more) important to my success than the ones I can measure.

I’ll detail all of my goals (both measurable and non-measurable) as well as my game plan for the challenge on Monday morning. I just wanted to give those of you on board a heads-up to start thinking about what you want to achieve in the next 5 months. So, write ’em down or blog about them! 😉

Lose the Doughers: What are some of your goals?

My game plan for the rest of the afternoon:



  1. Is there a reason you choose romaine for your salads over anything else (spring mix, spinach)? I’m big into the most nutritional value for the least cost, so I was wondering if it had to do with romaine being the cheapest choice, etc.


  2. I think that is such a great idea with your goals!! Leaves alot less room for stressing and more for success!! 🙂

    Not really doing Lose the Dough, but planning on another fitness competition in Spring!

  3. Hi Tina, I’ve been thinking about your Lose The Dough plan and I think it is awesome that you are looking at it more as a lifestyle change than just some diet. Personally, like you, I hate diets! But, I also hate when I gain a few pounds :). I definitely do not think that people should say that they are going to eat X amount of vegetables and fruits for lunch, etc because then if you don’t eat them, you end up feeling bad about yourself. It makes eating harder, which isn’t good for anyone. One thing I was thinking, and is something that I do (and I know that you do it to – but, just something else to think about) is I buy a few extra veggies and cut them up when I get home from store and keep them in my fridge. That way, when I find myself getting home late and ravenous before dinner…i’ll have a quick healthy snack that I can chew on while i cook. I don’t know, it works for me :)…

  4. I think you have a great outlook on goals and healthy changes. Love it! 😀

    One of my “long-term goals” is to complete my first half marathon this year. A “shorter” goal is to give up afternoon coffee since it’s going to *have* to happen before school starts anyway. 😉

  5. as a lose a dough’er, this is the motivation I need! I’ve got goals set — i am definitely not a dieter by any means, in fact, I suffer greatly when i have to eliminate something that i like. I am however, going to get real about having to have dessert every single night. it’s usually ice cream or cookies, or M & M’s. so i have to find several different options that work for me. Not to say I can’t have dessert every now and then, just not every night. And i totally want buff arms. I already do strength training, but i really want my arms to be sculpted!

  6. I want to incorporate more protein into my diet (especially at lunch and dinner) to help me stay satisfied. I also want to cut down on my night time sweet tooth attacks – a piece of dark chocolate is fine, but 6 or 7 pieces is not (at least every day…)!

  7. I think the most important thing you said in your post was this: “I can always reassess my goals down the road.” I think that’s so important! Our lives are constantly changing, so even though it is important to try to stick to our original goals, it’s equally important to recognize that they might need some adjusting. Being open-minded and adaptable is a necessary ingredient for success! 🙂

  8. Ugh, I always have trouble filtering down my goals. I want to do everything, and do it now!! I think I will shoot for 3 measurable and 3 non measurable. Can’t wait to start!!

  9. My goals for this challenge is just to work out (cardio) CONSISTENTLY, four or more days per week,eat less junk food!, and do more yoga. Those were also my new years resolutions but I don’t want to call them that since I never actually accomplish them.. haha this challenge will definitely help me remember my goals for this year every day. Thanks tina!

  10. Cheese 101 sounds amazing!! I would like to be consistent with working out and eating a balanced diet. Unfortunately, my schedule is busy and everchanging which makes any goal hard to stick to. I do the best I can!

  11. I really like the idea of measurable and non-measurable goals. For example, I’d really like to lose 10 lbs. That’s measurable. But more importantly, I’d like to learn more about nutrition and exercise in terms of my body – and gain the inspiration and willpower to do something about it. Non-measurable, right?

  12. Good luck hashing out your goals! I try to take the same approach. In my opinion, goals are only helpful if they are reasonable and relevant to your current lifestyle. Also, I think they need to be flexible. I could never say I had to eat x servings of veggies each day. But aiming to eat more overall makes it more doable. Looking forward to hearing about your goals on Monday 😉

  13. Because I can’t always hit the gym at the same time I’m going to plan my exercise a week in advance to include both cario and strength. And add yoga in at home when I can. I also want to focus on more real foods and less prepackaged that I got back to during the holidays.

  14. your salad + choccie lunch looks so delish! perfect components I’d say 🙂

    I completely agree with making goals that make sense for your current lifestyle – I have to remind myself too that I actually do like my life, I like having fun and eating yummy things… the X servings of fruits & veggies and workouts should only serve to enhance the experience 😉

  15. I LOVE the concept of “lose the dough” — what a holistic approach to keeping healthy and happy!

    Interestingly, I’m also really trying to increase my strength this year. I tend to focus a lot on my running, and am often just too pressed for time to really channel my energy into strength training. My goal isn’t really to firm up or change my physical appearance, but *I* want to know I’m the strongest I can be. I guess that is a non-measurable goal, since I’d like for it to be a life-long process.

    One of my recent discoveries is that while I don’t like to use machines, I do in fact LOVE free weights and lifting! I think this realization will be critical in helping me stick to my goal.

  16. Hey, Tina…I’m so interested to follow your Lose the Dough progress. I find it fascinating that you, even as a healthy eater already, still seek a refinement of your healthy lifestyle. I’m the same way, and you are an inspiration. I’m sure you will be giving us a lot of food for thought (literally) over the next five months. Thanks!

  17. My top priority right now is actually to stop eating things that make me sick. I’ve gotten really good at anticipating what will, but I keep going for them anyway! Last night I drank soda and was curled up in bed for an hour wimpering and intermittently sleeping until the pangs subsided. So stupid!

  18. I don’t think that I’ve ever said this, but I LOVE how honest you are with yourself. I think that’s been one of my major problems! I’m trying to do the same, and I think I’ve pinpointed an issue that I’ve ignored until now (and has probably resulted in my struggle to lose “the last 15 pounds”): I watch entirely too much TV. I love TV so much I could watch it for hours upon hours! But this also results in me laying in my bed or on the couch, and ingesting numerous “mindless” calories to the point that I eat when I’m not even hungry. So, I’ve made a goal that I think is relatively measurable.

    I will not watch more than two hours of TV at a time. I think that two hours of TV is a lot, and I don’t think it will be unrealistic for me to find “something else to do” for two hours until I can watch TV again. To add some “extra insurance” to this goal, I canceled my cable. I’m pretty excited about it, because not only will it force me to watch less mindless TV, but it will also cut my cable bill in half! I’ll be saving $60 a month, or $720 a year! That’s HUGE! I also realized that my free time is critical. There are so many other things I can do. Worst case scenario I don’t lose weight but become a more interesting person. Works for me!

  19. Hey Tina, I ran out my last splenda packet this morning and decided instead of buying more that I would try Agave Nectar. Can you tell me about how much you use in your coffee? Thanks!

  20. i like goals to be a good mix of measurable and non-measurable too 🙂 for measurable, i would like to fit into my wedding gown again by September, which basically means a weight loss of about 20 pounds. Non-measurable, I want to find a way to incorporate more fruits + veggies into my meals (like you) and start taking my vitamins again 🙂

  21. I am embarking on a health quest (ha!) to get healthier and lose some weight before I get surgery this year. My measurable goal is to lose at least 10 pounds. My not-so-measurable goal is to rely mostly on the produce section for my meals. That’s a tough one, though.

  22. One of my biggest goals right now is to go to the gym BEFORE work at least three times a week. I’m not a morning person, but I’ve found that getting it out of the way early on puts me in a much better mood. Plus, it’s already crossed off my “to do” list and not hanging over my head all day!

  23. I tried those Vibrancy bars yesterday (my boyfriend put a few in my stocking at Christmas). Yeah, the one I tried? Not a fan… 🙁

  24. My biggest fitness goal is to develop a variety of workouts that will keep me excited and not bored for months and months. Plus, it makes exercising feel less of a “chore” and more of something as truly part of my lifestyle, even when I’m not training for anything! 🙂 I’m also still trying to learn to balance my meals and make sure I get all the nutrients I should be getting daily.

  25. I so wanna try those vega bars not seen them in the uk though. My goal is to loose the 14 pounds I’ve put on over the past year and 1/2 its time to say goodbye to the roll! x

  26. Once again your mindset towards Lose the Dough is so inspiring to me. I’m the measuring type for sure…majorly. I’ve just always been that way with *everything,* so it’s no different when it comes to shaping up and getting healthy. It’s a constant goal of mine to become more laid back about food choices like you are, and I refuse to give up! Life is too short to be measuring and counting every single thing I put in my mouth.

    So, I guess you could say that’s my first goal. Same thing goes for “counting” exercise calories. I’m at the point where I *know* my body well enough to know if I’m getting a sufficient workout, you know?

    My other goals are to eat more veggies (which I’ve been doing surprisingly well with, actually!), stay away from artificial sweeteners, cut back on packages foods, and stop feeding my emotions with food. I’m planning on combating that last one by journaling once a day. Oh, and finally, I recently created my own challenge to become a *runner,* which I’ve been wanting to do for years. It’s call the “I Dream of Running” challenge 🙂 I just wrote out my plans/goals for that this morning, actually.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what your goals are! It’s pretty cool that your comment page will turn into a message board of sorts! I’m in, for sure =)

  27. I really, really love the idea of “non measureable goals”. I’m the same way and get frustrated when I don’t see results, but as you said, those non measurables are JUST, or more, important than the measureables. Great insight!

  28. I’m so ready to do this with you…I have some goals that I have started to implement already. They are next to my bed so I see them every night…I should look at them every morning too…anyway, I will bring them to work tomorrow and let you all know what my goals are for the year 🙂 I really love that there are so many of us doing it 🙂

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