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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The North Face for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.


Remember how I mentioned that I’ve had trouble making it to KFIT and CrossFit lately? Well, instead of missing these workouts all together, I started using The North Face Mountain Athletics app to make sure I stick with my training. The app is free for iOS and provides you access to 6-week training programs specific to outdoor sports including, running, skiing, climbing and mountaineering. It’s really cool and perfect for those of us with fitness goals and sometimes not a lot of time to train for them.

Download the Mountain Athletics App

Ok, let me tell you about the Mountain Athletics app! It’s all about training with a purpose. Whether you’re into rock climbing, ultra-running, or snowboarding, you’ll get a strength and conditioning program specific to your activity. The app includes tons of step-by-step training videos to make sure you have proper form and technique during your workouts. It also has a built-in timer that helps you make the most of your workout. I’m talking fast and sweaty! And as you progress through your program, you earn badges to keep you focused and motivated.

So, that’s the Mountain Athletics app in a nutshell, but now let me tell you why I like it so much. The obvious reason is that it gives me efficient and effective workouts to do while Quinn naps. He’ll typically snooze for 60-90 minutes, but some days it’s less (and I always have things to do around the house + endless work and emails to attend to), so I need to make sure that my time is well spent and my workouts get results. Additionally, the workouts remind me a lot of what we do at CrossFit/KFIT with similar exercises, rep schemes, and the intensity that I love so much. I definitely feel like I get a good workout!

IMG_2157 (450x800)

Even if you’re not familiar with CrossFit or just starting out with exercise, you will still benefit from this app because each workout is clearly explained with detailed descriptions and video demonstrations of each exercise.

IMG_2382 (450x800)

For instance, one workout that I did had an exercise called “Scotty Bobs” in it. Ummm… say what? I had never heard of this movement before, but it wasn’t an issue since I had a video demo to watch.

IMG_1795 (450x800)

The workout that I did the other day was an especially fun one:

IMG_1799 (450x800)

Check out the warm-up: 4 rounds of 5 Burpees, 8 Box Jumps, 8 Sit-Ups, and 3 sprints up and down my driveway (so I could check the baby monitor). It was basically a mini workout, and I was definitely warm after that!


My top is from Mountain Athletics from The North Face !


Now that the weather is nice, I love exercising outside in the sunshine!


SAM_1556 (800x533)

The actual workout was 8 minutes of Burpee Box Jumps + a sprint up and down the driveway. Again, the app clearly explained how to perform Burpee Box Jumps in case you had never done them before.

IMG_1800 (450x800)

I also love that the app gives you a preview of the upcoming sweat session in your program. After you finish a workout, you just click on “NEXT TIME” to see what’s coming up. That way, you can plan accordingly (i.e. when and where, equipment needed, etc.), so you don’t have an excuse to miss your next workout!

And, this is especially awesome: The North Face is holding FREE twice-weekly Mountain Athletic workouts in five cities across the country. Each session will be led by two The North Face trainers who will take you through workouts aimed to prepare you to achieve your outdoor goal. FYI: Boston is one of the participating cities. Details here:


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Questions of the Day

How often do you work out at home? If so, where do you typically get your workouts?

What are your favorite fitness apps?

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  1. Would love to refresh my workout wardrobe with a gift certificate. I love my North Face ski jacket!

  2. I bought an expensive jacket from The North Face this winter. Considering I’ve worn it basically everyday since, it was well worth the money! I love their products.

  3. This app sounds great! Workout programming is an art and I really like how they made it sport specific! I’ll need to give this a try!

  4. Thanks for the info! As a fellow mom, I appreciate any and all advice on workouts that are quick, effective, and easy to fit into our schedule!! 🙂

  5. I almost always work out at home and use a variety of sources for workouts; videos, blogs, pinterest, youtube or I make up my own.

    The only fitness app I use is Run Keeper for those few times the mood for a run hits me!

  6. Love the North Face products, and I just downloaded this awesome app! I am in grad school and working, so I have had to fit a lot of my workouts in at home recently. The app will help me stay on track.

  7. I need to squeeze in nap time workouts but I’m always exhausted from chasing my two kids! Who took your pictures during the workout? Or did you have a tripod set up?

  8. I’m grabbing my phone and iPad to download now! This is a great find! Thanks for sharing. I’m a skiing junkie, so any supplemental training (outside of CrossFit) that will improve my backcountry runs makes me a VERY happy girl!

    Cheers, Mads

  9. I never work out at home – I live in an apartment in NYC, I’d much rather work out with friends at my box! The only fitness app I use is Beyond the Whiteboard to track from CrossFit WODs.

  10. Downloaded the application. Love it so far, especially since there is a running program and a general fitness section!

  11. this app sounds great! I don’t have all that equipment at home though. I’m “shut down” from most everything but yoga and swimming (hate) per my p/t but will hopefully be able to pick it up again soon enough and would love to try this app!

  12. I really like the livestrong app to keep me accountable for my food and mapmyrun to keep track of runs or bike rides.

  13. I prefer to work out at the gym, but now that I have an 8 week old daughter, home is becoming more frequent!

  14. So far my fav North Face item has been a parka and also a vest. I’m outside all winter and North Face has the best, and attractive, too. I love the athletic gear, the WOMEN’S SUPREMA VEST, the ULTRA KILOWATT TRAINER and WOMEN’S DYNAMIX LEGGING – so motivating to have high quality! I used to work out at the gym, but wanted to do free weights, and didn’t want to do that at the gym. So I got a set and worked out with it at home, but I tore rotator cuff- I highly recommend working out with a trainer for free weights at the gym or a home gym. I’m finally better now and love to do planks, and other resistance workout, it will really strengthen your core and balance exercises, too, so good.

  15. I really enjoy using workout DVD’s at home and it’s been my main source of resistance training recently. I just keep a couple sets of weights, a resistance band and yoga mat. I would definitely like to check out this app and share it with others. Thank you! 🙂

  16. Just downloaded this app and did my first workout! Cute workout clothes. I am always in need of cool gear~

  17. Right now I don’t work out very much at home but I need to start, especially since sometimes by the time I get off work, I don’t really feel like going to the gym.

  18. Wow what a great app! I love Northface gear, now they have tons of workout stuff too in addition to their amazing winter gear, yay!

  19. It’s awesome that you are making your fitness work with your schedule. The workouts on the app look great!

  20. Ahh i would love to win. I need a new athletic wardrobe as i have changed alot in the past few months working out!

  21. Love the North face! will have to keep this app in mind for when I am on maternity leave in a couple months and getting back in shape.

  22. I workout at home a lot. I love going to the gym for classes, but with 3 active boys, I can’t always get there. I have lots of dvds at home and also have some workouts I got from a trainer.

    My most used fitness app is runkeeper. I’ve also used Workout Trainer. I’ll have to checkout the Northface app! Looks great.

  23. I just got one of their shirts at REI that says “Sweat Now, Summit Later” I love it! Seriously the most comfortable work out tank I have! Love the fabric. I’ll have to check out the app.

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