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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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I was right! Our box did “Fran” last night!

The last time we did “Fran,” Mal and I had I just started CrossFit a few weeks before, so I used 35 pounds for Thrusters, a green band for the Pull-ups, and finished in 5:55. During “Fran,” I remembering gasping for air and taking a bunch of breaks trying to get through it.

IMG_2906 (750x642)

Last night, however, was a different story. I finished in 5:26, upped my Thruster weight to 45 pounds, used the same green band for the Pull-ups, and I didn’t feel like I was going to die during it. I actually wish I used more weight for the Thrusters since it wasn’t all that hard. Now I’m itching to do “Fran’” again because I know I can do more weight on those darn Thrusters. I actually had 55 pounds on my bar, but I took 10 pounds off before we started. I hate that I wussed out. Grrr! Next time for sure!

Knowing I could have challenged myself more, I can’t say that I’m super proud of my “Fran” time, but I’m proud of some other times in my life, including my 2k row time, my recent 10K PR (I shaved off more than 4 minutes), and my New York City Marathon time (I simply survived this race and took almost 5 minutes off my previous marathon time).


After CrossFit, Mal and I headed home for dinner. On the menu: Chicken & Black Bean Quesadillas. We had leftover wraps and salsa from last week’s quesadillas, so I planned them into our weekly meals again this week.

IMG_2907 (750x563)

I loaded up my quesadilla with cheddar cheese, chicken, black beans, salsa, tomatoes, and green bell pepper.

IMG_2910 (750x563)


IMG_2918 (750x563)

Of course, the entire time Mal and I were making our quesadillas, Murphy was (annoyingly) close by. When chicken is around, his brain (Murphy’s not Mal’s) can’t handle it, so we decided to have a little fun with him.

IMG_2908 (563x750)

We made Murphy “stay” in the kitchen while Mal hid a piece of chicken in a different part of the house. (We’re so mean.)

IMG_2920 (750x563)

As soon as I said “okay,” Murphy took off running! He was hauling-ass so fast, all we could hear were claws sliding across the hardwood floor. LOL!

IMG_2921 (563x750)

Not even ten seconds later, Murphy found Mal with the chicken in our bedroom. The pug is so smart (when it comes to chicken), and, of course, he came running back to the kitchen to see if there was anymore.

IMG_2922 (563x750)

For dessert, I enjoyed a piece of toast with peanut butter and butterscotch chips on top. I {heart} this treat.

IMG_2923 (750x563)

Question of the Day

What fitness-related time(s) are you most proud of? Feel free to brag! Smile



  1. I am most proud of running 2 half marathons 15 days apart.. and PRding by 5 minutes on the second one!!

    Loving those quesadillas! I have been eating them often.. chicken and mango have been my favorite!

  2. Hahahaha I love the chicken game! We do that with my brother’s dog, but one of us will hide in the apartment and everyone else will say, “go get her!” and she’ll run around looking until she finds the missing person! She’s too cute!

  3. haha your dog is hysterical! and congrats on fran! isn’t it amazing to see how much you can progress when you put in the hard work? it always makes me happy 🙂 i’m most proud of one of my 2ks as well..kind of…my rowing team used to do a workout 3x2k (death) and i remember when I shattered 8 on all three 2ks and how only a few years before that, breaking 8 on a single 2k was the hardest thing ever.. PROGRESS! love it haha

  4. Things I’ve done:
    6:54 2K Row
    3:37 CrossFit Baseline
    3:58 “Randy” (75, 75# Power Snatches)
    505# Deadlift (not a time, but still…)

    Things I want:
    Sub-3:00 “Grace”
    600# Deadlift (this might be too much)
    300# Clean
    Sub-5:30 Mile

  5. I’m most proud of my DC half marathon time from a few weeks ago. I’ve only run two half marathons, but I shaved over six minutes off my first time (I set a goal for two minutes). I felt freaking AWESOME when I saw the time on my Garmin!

  6. I could go for a quesadilla tonight, yours looks so yummy! My dog (a puggle) is also annoying around chicken! Or any meaty type food really! I think it’s so funny when I see my friends dogs not even make a peep when food is around, and my dog goes ballistic!

  7. I’ll go ahead and share my little time even though it never impresses anyone else:) I’m not a runner at all and have been working on it for some months now. Last year I couldn’t even really run a mile and this year I ran my first 5k in 31 minutes. Not great for some runners, but I’m super proud of it!:)

  8. Ie had some pretty fit guys take my group ex classes and tell me afterwards that it was hard! And I recently had one of my boyfriends friends (who is a cop and basically lives in the gym) say I have crazy intense workouts and he wants to throw up when he sees some of the stuff I do! THAT keeps me going!

  9. Time has always been my weakness. I LOVE watching my endurance go up, but my time is always secondary. I think training for my race this weekend, I’ve been SO focused on nailing a fast-for-me pace that I have stressed myself out way too much. I’m trying to ignore the time now and just get the distance taken care of…and since it’s my first race, it’ll automatically be a PR 😉

  10. Great job on Fran, it’s always nice to see results, especially when you devote so much time to something!

    I’m proud of my 10K PR, I never though it would be possible to average under a 7 minute mile for very long but I finished in 42:52 with a 6:53 min/mile!

  11. Last May I ran my first full marathon with a goal time of 4 hours, I smashed the goal and finished at 3:51 and felt pretty great after too! The down side, I still have not had the urge to run marathon #2 since I was so happy with my time. Whereas if I would not have met my goal, marathon #2 would been happening this year.

  12. I just recently ran my fastest 5k at 24:13. I know that’s not anything to really brag about, but it was awesome for me! I’m also really proud of myself that I’m half way through the 100 push-up challenge (google it!) and I can now do 35 consecutive push-ups!

  13. Last month I ran my first half marathon in 2:01:40! I was pretty proud of myself since when I first starting running a little over a year ago I never thought I would be able to run 5 miles, much less 13. Suffering through Couch to 5k for those first few weeks was worth it!

  14. what kind of bread is that?! what happened to the bagel/sandwich thins you used to go for?
    on the money end, i think buying a loaf of bread is way cheaper than buying a pack of sandwich thins or english muffins. this week i splurged on english muffins, though…something about the craters of butter just keep me coming back!

    1. @mary @ minutespermile: i looked at the label on those goldfish shaped sandwhich thins today, honey wheat flavor, and thought about getting them to enjoy with peanut butter! i first saw them last school year when lunch ladying in an elementary school. they’re adorable!

  15. That’s happened to me a few times at crossfit- last minute I chicken out and lighten up my bar and then I’m dissapointed in myself. It’s the times when you have a weight on the bar that sort of scares you, and after the first round you really question if you can keep going, but you do, and after you feel like you conquered the world! That feeling is a little better 🙂 But awesome work on the workout, regardless I’m sure it was tough one.

  16. So I’m not in Crossfit but I have to say your posts regarding pushing yourself inspire me in my simple workouts at home. I add extra reps or increase the weights…so THANKS!
    Also, I am floored how one quesadilla fills you up after such intense workouts. I would need at least 2!!!!

  17. I am most proud of my 5K PR, which is 19:43. Won’t see that for awhile though since my feet have decided that they hate me since having children and I seem to be unable to do much serious, consistent training. Oh well.

    And you are making me seriously tempted to try CrossFit, but I don’t think that will happen anytime soon since all my money is going to Bikram Choudhury at al. (Addicted to his yoga.)

  18. I’m proud of finishing a 5K pushing my three kids in a jogging stroller (about 160 lbs) in 34 minutes – slow to most but a HUGE accomplishment for me! I am totally switching tonight’s chicken tacos to quesdillas……

  19. Hey,
    What is the appliance you use for making paninis, quesadillas,…? It looks really versatile and handy. Can you cook veggies on there? Can you make it hot enough to simulate a grill?


  20. Row Resistence Question- When you use the rowing machine for CrossFit, what resistence level do you put it on? The rowing machine’s resistence level at my fitness center goes to 10; however, I heard that if you actually want to mimic rowing in open water, 6 is a sufficient level.

  21. I am definitely the most proud of my marathon 4:02 time. While I know I could have finished it faster I am just proud to have finished. That one is definitely the winner in my book 🙂

  22. I started a bootcamp last week with my little gym in South Boston. We meet 4X a week and we just started week#2 yesterday. We did our second timed mile this morning and I already improved my time by 30 seconds! I was pumped!

  23. I’m most proud of 4:19:56 at the NY Marathon, which I ran with some weird girl. I worked my ass off for that time and took 40 minutes off my previous marathon time!

  24. Great job with Fran!

    I’m most proud of running to the top of a steep, steep hill here without stopping. Took me a while to build up to that one!

  25. haha, i really think pets have alternative identities when it comes to food 🙂

    awesome job on your workout!
    i’m most proud of the second half marathon i run – i cut my time down by 13 minutes….which i definitely did not expect!!

  26. I’m about 6 weeks into a training program to help me run my first 5K. Over the weekend I did a 5K with my friend and we ran intervals. I finished in 40:20 which I was delighted with!! I can’t wait for my next race.

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