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Over the years, quite a few readers have asked me what type of sports bra I wear to exercise. I’ve answered on my FAQ page, but the sports bra question doesn’t always receive a straightforward answer from me. You see, I wear different sports bras (and sport bra combinations) depending on the workout type.

For most workouts, I wear two sports bras together for extra support. Usually, I wear a C9 Sports Bra from Target with a sports bra from Old Navy. I also like Under Armour’s HeatGear Shaper Bra and wear it with one from Target or Old Navy.

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When it comes to running or more vigorous activity, my sports bra secret is Lululemon’s TaTa Tamer.

As much I love the clothing at Lululemon, I can’t usually justify the price, except for their TaTa Tamer. (FYI: It goes on sale!) It is easily the best sports bra that I’ve found– and I’ve tested out A LOT of sports bras over the years! I wear the TaTa Tamer with a sports bra from Target or Old Navy over it. For me, the combination prevents just about any sort of movement! 😉 Even on long runs, I don’t experience any sort of chaffing or discomfort– no body glide required!

What’s your favorite sports bra? Do you have a sport bra secret?


For lunch this afternoon, I had a ham and cheddar cheese sandwich with a spinach salad, topped with Annie’s Goddess dressing, on the side.


After lunch, I satisfied my sweet tooth with some candy corn. Well, actually, I satisfied my sweet tooth with a lot of candy corn! 😉


I just finished eating lunch about an hour ago, but I’m already thinking about an afternoon snack. I’m craving something cold and creamy. Perhaps a banana smoothie? Mmm! I think it’s definitely going to happen! 😉

Feel Great Weight

Now that summer is officially over, it’s not as easy for me to stick to my workout schedule. Check out this week’s Feel Great Weight post: 5 Ways to Excuse-Proof Your Workout.

Taking the pug for a walk and then meeting friends for dinner and drinks.

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  1. I love Moving Comfort’s Fiona bra. I’m a 36DD (probably a DDD if I got properly sized–especially now that I lost a few more pounds and it wasn’t from my chest!) and REALLY need the extra support for spin class and running. It’s the first time I’ve had a sports bra that is uber-supportive AND comfortable.

  2. I recently found Lululemons 50 Reps Sports bra and it’s my new favorite. I don’t know how people wear two plus a shirt! Seems so uncomfortable. It’s a great shape in front and back and fits well with their tops or t-shirts, etc. Love the material too.

  3. I loooove candy corn! I especially love the candy pumpkins though but they are so hard to find.

    I need to invest in some new sports bras! I have one from Target that I use that is Champion but it’s not the greatest and I do get some chafing under the straps.

  4. I used to wear two sports bras, but my chest shrunk a lot when I lost weight. Now my bra of choice is the Champion reversible seamless sports bra. It is unbelievably supportive and comfortable, especially on long runs. I buy them at Ross for about $7, and I have a whole collection in lots of fun, bright colors. I pair the Champion bra with some Body Glide for my underarms, neck, and shoulders, and run chafe-free!

  5. I love your site. You sound just like me!! I too LOVE a little, lot, a bit of candy corn. And those Oroweat sandwich thins are to die for.

    As for me, when you have no boobs, you’re always looking for something that has a little extra padding to actually look like you have something. I haven’t found one that I actually like yet. The only nice thing is I can pretty well wear just about anything without any problems.

  6. well, since i’ve had breast surgery (went from non-existent to a c-cup), i have to wear a good sports bra. the one i can’t live without is moving comfort’s athena bra. it’s the best in my opinion.

  7. I rotate between two bras– Moving Comfort’s Fiona brand and the Lulu Ta-ta tamer. I’ve tried an insane amount over the years, I’ve even tripled up on a couple of occasions (totally don’t recommend that by the way!) and finally I’ve figured out that I might as well spend more on two bras that will last and keep me from giggling, than continually buying on sale shelf bras that do nothing for me!

    (although, if you check lulu’s website, they do put their bras on sale, and really, who cares if they are crazy colours, I’m putting a shirt on over top anyway! and, bonus, free shipping!)

  8. We don’t have a Lululemon nearby, but I’d love to try the Tata Tamer. I usually just wear one more “support” type sports bra with a basic no-cups sports bra over it. It’s kind of the only thing that keeps ’em down. I wish I didn’t have to wear two, but one never seems to work.

  9. Random question for Tina (or anyone else!) because I’m curious about this sports bra issue. I don’t mean to get too “personal”, but what does everyone think should be the bra size cutoff between wearing just one sports bra or two? I’m pretty average (34 C), and usually only wear one sports bra, but I want to be sure that I’m treating the girls right!! It’s probably just a personal preference, but thought I’d ask!

  10. It’s so hard to find a good supportive sports bra when you have an ample chest…it took me YEARS to find the moving comfort fiona bra and now I won’t use anything else. I’ve heard good things about the Enell bra, but it looks intimidating to me, as if I would need help just getting into it.

  11. I like Nike’s compression bra. It works to keep mine bounce free and I’m a 38C. Plus its only about $20 if you get it on sale.

  12. I’ve always sworn by the Under Armor sports bras.. Very comfortable, somewhat sweat resistant, and supportive!

  13. I don’t really have any boobage, but I still have a favorite brand. I really like adidas. They are soft, tight, but not too tight. I never have chafing with them (but i also use body glide) they also wash well.

    I totally wash the adidas ones 5 times more than the others because I favor them!

  14. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the TaTa Tamer but I don’t actually own one. Unlike many blessed ladies out there, my TaTa’s don’t require much taming! 😉 Most of my sports bras are Nike, Old Navy, Under Armour, and Champion.

  15. I’ve always worn the Champion sports bras and buy them at Target. Have them in almost every color! But I am not so ..endowed…so support isn’t a huge issue.

    And side note..I think Candy Corn is gross and tastes like rubber. I guess I’m weird.

  16. @claire!!: I think it’s a personal preference. It’s really hard for me to find sports bras that fit correctly– I have a small chest, but big cup size– so I opt for two sports bras instead of one.

  17. THANK YOU for this post! I am always struggling to find the best sports bra for my, shall we say, ample bosom. I have several of the C9 bras, and the Champion ones from Dick’s Sporting Goods are pretty good (they look similar to the Luluemon ones, but are a bit cheaper, at $29). I’ll have to check the Ta-Ta Tamer out…I’ve been saying that when I reach my “goal weight” I’ll splurge on some Lulu workout gear, so maybe I’ll add this to the mix 🙂

  18. i’ve never tried wearing 2 sports bra’s but to be honest i probably should cause my girls are on the larger size and could use some staying power. i’ll have to try this. thanks tina!

  19. My favorite sports bra is from Underarmor. It has fantstic support without squeezing the living bajeezes out of me. As for “secrets”, I’d say find something that doesnt leave you bouncing around..which seems obvious, but there are so many flimsy sports bras out there.

  20. My sister gave me a giftcard to Title Nine once, after I told her I was in need of athletic apparel. I highly checking them out!

    They are known for making amazing sports bras, especially for women with a lot of chest. (Not that I am one, but I can imagine the importance 🙂 They rank support on a barbell scale. More barbells, more support.

  21. I love candy corn!! I actually bought some for the boyfriend on his birthday, and then I went and ate most of it 🙂

    I usually pair up a target bra with a running tank that has a shelf bra. It’s not the ultimate combo for running, but it does the job.

  22. Well, after years and years of torture of peeling myself out of sweaty running bras, I only go with front zippers now! Wherever I can get them, Victoria Secret, Nike or latest the Under Armour section with great support for running etc.

  23. Nike pro makes some good sports bras. They normally are tight enough that you do not even have to worry about wearing two! They are a little pricey though and never seem to go on sale 🙁

  24. I must try this Ta Ta Tamer! I hate ANY movement in the chest area during exercise. I used to wear two sports bras, but then they started giving me chest cramps. There is a Nike sports bra that works fairly well for me I’ve been wearing lately.

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