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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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At the gym this morning, while peddling away on the elliptical before Body Pump class started, I stumbled upon this image in a magazine:

IMG_0005 (500x375)

Apparently, capes are this season’s must-have outerwear:

We love capes because they’re perfect for transitioning from relatively warm weather of early September to the cooler weather of late October. [source]

It’s an elegant alternative to a jacket. [source]

Less costume-y than its predecessors, this year’s cape has a coat-like silhouette. Fashionable enough to make a style statement, but functional enough to keep you warm. [source]

Capes?! Really?

I’m no fashionista, but I just can’t get behind the cape trend. I’m sorry, but when I think of capes, I think of this:


Anyone else?

Let’s just say, you won’t see me in a cape anytime soon.

What are your thoughts on the cape trend? Yay or nay?


I was never a huge fan of lunch. I mean, I like it just fine– I love to eat after all– but it’s not a meal that I necessarily look forward to, like I do with breakfast or even sometimes dinner. I usually think about what I want to eat for breakfast the night before! Anyway, lunch is moving up the ranks”” maybe because I’m actually whipping up tasty lunches nowadays?

_MG_3210 (500x317)

On today’s menu: scrambled egg whites with Garlic Gold Italian Herb Nuggets.

_MG_3215 (500x333)

Cherry tomatoes with crumbled feta + olive oil and a plum.


_MG_3229 (500x333)

I didn’t finish my iced coffee this morning, so I mixed the last of it with vanilla protein powder, soy milk, and a bunch of spices to”¦ um”¦ spice it up.


_MG_3234 (500x333)

Mal is hitting the outlets this afternoon to do his back-to-school shopping, so I’m going along for the ride.

See ya!

P.S. Kodiak Cakes are on sale in my OpenSky shop!



  1. That cape picture looks like it’s out of a magazine from the 50’s or something! Yikes… When you said, “Cape?! Really?” that was my thought exactly.

  2. I think the key to rocking a cape is to make sure it fits! If it’s too long (to the knees or below) or too voluminous for your build, it will look silly and costume-like. A cape in a neutral color, paired with slim pants and knee high boots with a HEEL is super cute for fall! I also looove to wear my poncho on long flights because it’s so cozy — sort of like a built-in blanket. 🙂

  3. Haha…some capes look silly and are probably one of those trends that are hard to pull off for some people. I have a thick, brown cape sweater with a turtleneck type neck that I got a few years ago and I LOVE it. It’s really comfy and warm, and is nice when you want something a bit more stylish than your everyday jacket. It’s also actually cute, unlike the one you saw in the magazine (at least in my opinion).

  4. hilarious LD vintage Seinfeld snap….he’s a riot. look at his stance hahah love him……..hate capes 🙂

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