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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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This morning, Mal and I headed back to our old stomping grounds in South Boston for our first long run with our Team In Training (TNT) team.


We met at the South Boston Running Emporium, which is located practically across the street from our old apartment. Wouldn’t that have been a nice commute!?


Mal and I are the only two people in the group who are training for the Honolulu Marathon, but we’ll be running with other TNT participants on Saturday mornings. The other people are training for different events, like the Disney Marathon and Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Marathon & 1/2 Marathon. Mal and I ran with about 12 other runners this morning.

Our first run was just 3 miles, but Mal and I killed it! We finished in 23:12 (7:44 pace), which was probably slow for my speed demon husband, but it was fast for me!


After everyone finished the 3-mile run around Southie, our coach, Christina, talked a little bit about pacing and the run-walk method. Her advice for long runs is to start out slow on the first half and leave “gas in your tank” for the end the run. She said this will be especially important on marathon day.

Christina also talked about the run-walk method, which is basically alternating running for 9 minutes with walking for 1 minute. But, instead of lazily walking during the 60 seconds, she suggested speed walking to keep up your pace while catching your breath and regrouping before running again. (Some people do this at water stations.) This method will help with one’s endurance when tackling longer distances.

Once we said goodbye to our team, Mal and I visited our favorite place for iced coffee in South Boston: P.S. Gourmet!


P.S. Gourmet offers so many yummy flavors of iced coffee!! I picked brown sugar with milk, which sort of tasted like maple brown sugar. Mal picked regular iced coffee. How boring! πŸ˜‰


Hooray for P.S. Gourmet! :mrgreen:

IMG_0016.JPG IMG_0017.JPG


Before running this morning, I ate a small-ish breakfast of whole wheat toast with cashew butter and sliced strawberries.


Christina suggested eating breakfast about 2 hours before our long runs. She also said to experiment with what we eat– some food combinations work better for some people than others.


I also drank a small glass of iced coffee with soy milk.


After our run, I ate a second piece of whole wheat toast with cashew butter.


Up next: shower, pool party, and a very special dinner! :mrgreen:

Enjoy your Saturday! 😎



  1. Wow you both ran super fast today! I am such a slow poke compared to you both!

    I’ve thought about training with a running group — it would be great to get advice, tips, etc from other people. Plus, when I run with a group (or a partner) I run much faster (kind of like you with Mal today!)

    Have fun at the pool party!

  2. You guys are too cute! Thanks for sharing all of the info you learned, it’s always good to learn more about running!

    I love coffee places that have all of the iced coffee flavors. The next time you are in the financial district you have to go by Olga’s I think it’s like 99 summer street in one of the office buildings. They have the best iced coffee flavors like coconut hazelnut, birthday cake and snickerdoodle!

  3. Wow, you guys did kill that 3 miles! Good for you! Holy goodness, all of those great Iced Coffee flavors! I would have gone for the Banana Hazelnut. Yummmm! Have a wonderful day Tina!

  4. Wow you are fast. Does running faster affect your hip more though? Those ice coffee flavors sound so great, I want to go to Boston just for that! I don’t know anywhere in NYC that has cool flavors like that.

  5. Wow, you guys are fast! Good job! My husband is a speed demon (20 min 5k) but he his going to pace me for a marathon. I’m built for endurance, not for speed, and I’m not sure if he can run that slowly.
    Enjoy your saturday!

  6. Wow you guys were FAST! I always hear to eat breakfast two hours before a run, but how many people actually do that? If you are going to run before the heat (and still have time for your day) you’d have to wake up SO early to eat breakfast. I never run that long so I either don’t eat, or eat something small and wait like 45 minutes at the most. I don’t know what I’d do it if I was doing really long runs!

  7. Those are great running tips! Thanks for sharing them. I know once I’m able to get back into running post baby I will be all about the run/walk methods. Saving energy for the end is vital. I hate crashing and burning in workouts.

  8. I want to add that the walk run method (sometimes known as the Galloway method) can include a variety of time intervals. For example, my running group does 2/1, meaning that we run 2 minutes and walk 1 minute. You can do any interval that works for you! Target sells watches that you can set to beep at certain intervals.

    Also, your coach is right about the walk pace. The walking intervals are still a very brisk pace!

  9. There are a few running clubs in Portland that I’ve been debating about joining. I like the concept and the idea of having some new friends to run with….but I am also nervous that I won’t be fast enough and can’t keep up with them!

  10. I love visiting my parents because they always have flavoured coffee – at the moment, Irish Cream, which is so good! I’d love to try toasted marshmallow though, yum! And it’s been far too long since I had cashew butter…

  11. Hey I’m from Hawaii! Let me know if you need any help with anything. Donated to your team good luck with training!

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