Sweet Ending on Cape Cod

Wah. I’m so sad that our Cape vacation is over. The week went by much too quickly, but at least it had a sweet ending.

IMG_0008 (500x375)

Before Erin and Mike left to head home, we stopped by the Cape Cod Creamery for some ice cream. We treated the pugs to some soft serve, which seemed like an ice cream eating contest as soon as we gave it to them. They chowed it down like mad dogs.

IMG_0010 (500x375)

Surprisingly, Ping won. Who knew that little pug could house ice cream like that!?!

IMG_0013 (500x375)

Even though Murphy lost, he didn’t seem too upset. He acknowledged that met his eating match.

IMG_0016 (375x500)

I treated myself to a Cape Cod Kit Kat ice cream, which was chocolate ice cream with pieces of Kit Kat throughout. Holy yum.

IMG_0011 (500x375)

Once we finished eating our ice cream, we took advantage of the adorable Adirondack chairs outside the creamery to snap some family photos.

IMG_0014 (500x375)

IMG_0019 (500x375)

IMG_0020 (500x375)

The sweetest part (literally) about our vacation to Cape Cod was visiting PB Boulangerie in Wellfleet. If you visit the Cape, this is a must-do, especially for the dessert lovers.

IMG_0022 (500x375)

There was a huge line outside the bakery when we arrived, but the wait was well worth it. (By night, PB Boulangerie a bistro that serves dinner. Rumor has it that you need to make a reservation at least a week in advance to get a table!)

IMG_0023 (500x375)

IMG_0024 (500x375)

Mal and I shared a Croque Monsieur.

IMG_0028 (500x375)

And a Chocolate-Almond Croissant (AMAZING!!!) and a Raspberry Croissant.

IMG_0033 (500x375)

We pretty much stuffed our faces.

IMG_0035 (500x375)

I wish I could fully explain how amazing everything tasted at PB Boulangerie. As soon as Mal and I finished eating, we seriously considered getting back in line to buy more goodies to take home with us. It was that delicious.

IMG_0037 (500x375)

Seriously, if you’re on the Cape, make sure you visit PB Boulangerie. You won’t regret it.


  1. Looks like you guys had an amazing time! 🙂 I probably would have got in line a second time as well. 🙂 Have a safe trip home!

  2. I most def would have got in line a second time. It looks like my kinda place. You know … the dessert kind 🙂 Glad ya’ll had such a great time! Oh and I loved that line of Adirondack chairs. Very cute

  3. I visited Cape Cod last fall with my boyfriend and we rode our bikes on the bike trail right at PB Boulangerie. After biking, we stopped in and ate our faces off we were so hungry!!!!! There was even a long line in the fall. It was absolutely delicious though…definitely one of the best french pastry shops that I have ever been too. I can’t wait to go back!!!!!

  4. I ride my bike there on the rail trail from Eastham, stuff my face as well, and then ride back home feeling like the bike ride helps balance out the glorious gluttony.

    I haven’t eaten at the bistro yet but it is on my to-do list for the Fall when things chill a bit there.

    Glad you liked! I have yet to go Truro Vineyards, also on the to-do list!

  5. I was at the boulangerie in June and there was not a soul there! Look at that insane line, wow! I will say their bread is fantastic, I can imagine their treats are as well…

  6. Ah your vacation looks amazing! I really hope that I am able to get back down the Cape one more time before summer is over! It is nice that we are having a few hot days again, I was beginning to feel like Summer was behind us…

  7. i worked in a French bakery and the chocolate almond croissants were my family’s favorite…miss them ;( looks like an awesome end to the vacation!

  8. If you ever do the Dennis to Wellfleet bike trail ride (and back) the PB is a wonderful place to stop and buy an olive bread to fuel your ride back to Dennis. I did this ride (ended up being 49 miles) the day before my 39th birthday and the cappuncino and olive bread were the high light of the day.

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