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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Good morning! Happy Monday, friends!

If you’re just catching up, here are some posts from the weekend:


I bought a new jar of almond butter over the weekend, so, not surprisingly, I woke up with a serious craving for it. I swear, anytime almond butter is in my house, I just need to eat it. I even dream about it! It’s so darn delicious. I also drank an iced coffee with Silk Pure Coconut Milk, which blends in really well.

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“Superhuman” Skills

When I got lost on the way to Reebok the other day, I was annoyed with myself, but not all that surprised. I’ve always lacked the “direction gene,” and I constantly get lost, whether it’s driving somewhere, doing my long runs, or even walking places. (I may or may not have gotten lost in the Public Gardens on Thursday even though I’ve been there hundreds of times.) My sister, however, scored the “direction gene” when she was born. She rarely ever gets lost and she’s great with directions. In fact, she can drive somewhere one time and remember exactly how to get there the next time, even if it’s many months later.

My sister also has a “superhuman” skill of finding her way out of corn mazes. It’s totally random, but she’s really good at it. Growing up, my mom used to take us to corn mazes in the fall. We always had a lot fun, so we’ve kept up the tradition over the years. Nowadays, when we go to the corn maze, I get completely lost, my mom does pretty well finding her way out, and my sister blows through with virtually no mistakes. On more than one occasion, my sister has actually “rescued” me from the corn maze because I get so lost. Clearly, she has the “direction gene.” I do not.


My friend Katie has the “superhuman” skill of untangling necklaces. She’s really good at it and enjoys doing it. In college, she carefully and skillfully helped me untangle my mess of jewelry on more than one occasion.


Another friend is skilled at pouring Brita water into a glass in the dark. He doesn’t want to turn the lights on in the kitchen and wake his roommates, so he performs this “superhuman” skill quite frequently.


This morning over breakfast, Mal and I chatted about our “superhuman” skills. He claims he is a “jack of all trades, master of none,” so he didn’t think of any for himself, but he thought of a good one for me: making smoothies. I have to admit, I’m pretty good at whipping up some seriously delicious and nutritious concoctions. I love them, and Mal is always a fan. Here are some of my favorites:


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Question of the Day

What’s your “superhuman” skill?

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  1. I also am really good at directions!! When I was little my family and I would drive to ohio from massachusetts to visit our relatives and my dad would always get lost and my mom said when I was 5 or 6 I would tell my dad what exit he was supposed to get off, and i was always right! I also can go somewhere once and then know exactly how to get there next time! My boyfriend calls me a “Human GPS”

  2. hahaha

    I love those skills you mentioned, and I’d go for any of them

    I guess mine is that I can be focusing on one thing but totally aware of what else is going on, example I can be working away at my desk but see my bf out of the corner of my eye staring into the fridge wondering where I put his lunch and I don’t even turn around but yell to him “top shelf, back left” and he’ll say “how did you know I was looking for my lunch?”

  3. I have good spatial intelligence as well and always tended to be good with directions. When I was younger, there were many times I’d be traveling to soccer with my mother in the car – and I always was able to get us back ont rack if we took a wrong turn – even though I had never been there before!

    I am also the type of girl that if I go somewhere once.. I will know how to get there for the rest of my life. My fiance still can’t get to my parents house without a garmin though…

  4. I’m not a big fan of corn mazes, b/c I have gotten lost in them, but luckily I’ve been with people that have been able to help me! I don’t always have the best sense of direction either!

  5. I am the WORST with directions, but hey isn’t that what GPS’s and iPhone’s are for?? 😉

    I would have to say my “superhuman” skill is being able to laugh at myself. I tend to make a fool of myself on a daily basis, but I love the fact that I can laugh at myself when I fall down a flight of stairs in front of my new co-workers (true story.)

    Happy Monday!

  6. Hmmmm, I’d say mine is being really observant (I always remember weird, obscure things about people).. hmm, or tuning things out (i.e. as a kid I would have no problem working on math homework in the middle of super loud, crowded restaurant). If I was a superhero I’d rather be able to fly, but still.. 😉

  7. I totally know what you mean about craving what is in the house. I get so, so excited for the breakfast after the day I’ve been to the grocery store since it means options galore!

    I’d have to say my superhuman skill would be remembering people’s names. It’s rare that I forget…even if I’ve just met them briefly!

  8. This is going to sound weird. I always manage to get into a line (anywhere – Post Office, coffee shop, etc etc) right before the line gets long. I always seem to get to the front and turn around and the line is twice as long. Hopefully it’s not somehow me causing the back up!

  9. I definitely lack that direction gene too. I can get lost anywhere – it’s ridiculous! I don’t know how I lived before GPS.

    That said, my superhuman gene is being able to make others laugh when they’re down – and I love that trait! I’ve been blessed with a few friends who can do the same, and they make life so much more fun.

  10. I love questions like this – so much fun! I’m good at pouring water in the dark as well – I can hear how full it is. I can also usually tell almost exactly what time it is (give or take 5 minutes) by looking at the sky. An old friend used to call me Crocodile Dundee. 😉 However, I’d probably get lost in a corn maze. That gene skipped me too.

  11. My superhuman skill is my unbelievable sense of smell. Seriously, it’s on par with a dog’s 🙂 I can sniff things from miles away. Favorite party trick? Being able to easily identify what perfume someone’s wearing the second they walk in the room.

  12. Besides my ability to fly, I am also pretty good at finding good deals and making my outfits look like I spent more on them…I love a good bargain!

  13. Haha – I’m the SAME way with directions. I’ve given up getting frustrated with myself, I now just expect it and carry my phone (with GPS) EVERYWHERE I go 🙂

  14. This is hilarious but something that I think everyone can relate to. I swear no matter what everyone has some sort of superhuman skill that others gawk at. I have this superhuman skill of always waking up without an alarm when I need to. My sister has this super human skill of sleeping through over 5 alarms she sets. ha!

  15. The only thing that I am really good at is picking things up, and putting them down: 545# deadlift.

  16. I have an amazing ability to guess how heavy a piece of luggage is. Or how heavy anything around that weight is. I almost always guess the weight of my luggage within a lb. I even guessed the weight of my brother’s dog and I was only 2lbs short! Haha She looked confused when I picked her up… she’s a little big to be picked up anymore.

  17. I got the direction gene, but I have certainly gotten lost a time or two.

    I would say my “superhuman” skill is spotting wildlife. Whether we are out hiking or fishing on a lake, or just driving down the road, I am typically the first one to see an animal. Everyone counts on me to spot rare wild life when we are on vacation in Canada every year. It comes in handy when I am driving, too!

  18. I SUCK with directions and having awareness of where my body is in space. Even walking out of a store in the mall it takes me a solid amount of time to figure out which direction I had walked in from. I think men are born with more of an awareness than women in many cases for these kinds of things. Oh and I also suck at making smoothies, like really bad. I either make not enough, its too watery, I throw in way too many ingredients, or all I taste is spinach haha. I’ll have to think about my superhuman power.

  19. Haha these are great! I actually love and am great at untangling necklaces or getting tiny knots of out necklace chains. I don’t know if it’s because of my long nails or that I am patient and just enjoy the concentration of it or what!

  20. Hi Tina.. my superhuman skill would be my picture memory! I once taught a class of 9 and remembered everyone’s name after the first day because I could attach their name to the pictured memory of their face in my head. I didn’t know I could do this, lol!

  21. Hahaha! “Jack of all trades, master of none” – love it! I’d say my “superhuman skill” is being able to retain the most useless information. Seriously, I know all kinds of random information, most of which is totally pointless. What can you do though? 😉

  22. My superhuman skills are that I have perfect pitch (if you play any note on the piano, I can tell you what it is blindfolded). And I can bake cookies without setting a timer. Haha. I wish I had the direction one though. A little more useful in daily life. I get lost running a LOT. Haha.

  23. Hi Tina –
    What type of blender do you use to make your smoothies??
    I was thinking of investing in a magic bullet..

  24. Thanks so much for the list of smoothie recipes! This is at the top of my 12 year old son’s to do list as soon as school ends next week – learn how to make a smoothie! Just last night I was googling smoothie recipes. Search no more….they are here! They look great too! He is really becoming a health nut so he will appreciate these.

    As far as a superhuman skill, I think teaching first graders might qualify, at least on some days.

  25. I am also not that great at directions! I think it’s because I always panic if I get lost, so I’m paranoid about getting lost and don’t pay attention to where I am suppose to go.

    Not sure if I have a “super human” skill, but I am good at investigating problems!

  26. I’ve definitely got the direction thing down too! Once I’ve been somewhere once, I can almost always find it again. I can still navigate to this tiny pie shop on a rural road in Lancaster County, PA without looking at the directions. And my sense of direction really came in handy while I lived in NYC or I could have been in trouble!

  27. Like you, I am horrible at directions and constantly get lost. I hate it and get so frustrated with myself when it happens. However, I do have the ability to remember where things are in my house. For example, my husband will ask me where the bottle of Advil is (it moves around in our house) and I can tell him the exact drawer.

  28. I’m the same as your sister! I have great directional skills. My husband hates going in to Boston (or any city) if he has to drive. He’d rather have me behind the wheel because I can better navigate.

  29. Oh gosh, I am awful with directions too! I live in a big city so I always have some sort of GPS with me, lol! My husband is constantly making fun of my awful sense of direction.

    My super human skill would be retaining useless information! Not really a skill so much but I am REALLY good at it. I remember odd details that everyone else forgets. You would think it would make me GOOD at directions but not so much!!!

  30. I have really good directional skills if I’ve been somewhere before. However, if it’s somewhere new, even with a GPS I can still managed to get myself lost.

    In terms of superhuman skill, my fiance would probably say it’s my ability to remember completely useless and random facts. I always have a useless fact to fit any situation. I also can wiggle both of my ears, which I used to use when I played french horn in college in order to tune my instrument. When my horn teacher found out, he literally walked me around to every single music professor’s office and made me do it for them. Random fact (told you): Ear wiggling is apparently a genetic trait, although it is much more common in animals than in humans!

  31. I’d like to say my super human skill would be creativity. I channel it, work with it, do it, every day. I also feel like I’m good at staying positive and changing the plan frequently if need be. It comes in handy when teaching 3 and 4 year olds…yikes! 😉

  32. Oooh – superpowers! My best friend and I have had this conversation several times. Her superpower would be parallel parking. Mine would be finding the perfect restaurant for the situation, even in new cities. I will always get you fed and you will always think it is the best meal ever.

  33. Spatial intelligence for me (except for when I was pregnant).

    And, I really want to fall into the smoothie craze but I really don’t like the taste of bananas. Crazy I know…Any ideas what could be used as a replacement? Could I skip it all together or will that ruin the smoothie?

  34. If I could choose a superhuman skill, it would be direction smarts; however, I am constantly cementing where I am and where I’m going in my head so I can get home. The bane of my existence, really! (In fact, I refuse to drive to places I don’t know when there are lots of people in the car–it’s just too stressful!)

    Luckily, I did get the extraordinary powers of A. Knowing what time it is even if I haven’t looked in awhile and B. Finding missing things and C. Loading the dishwasher to fit maximum dishes (

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